A Self-Love Tarot Spread Inspired By Ceres

You may already be familiar with the planets and their role in the sky, but digging into asteroids can help you find deeper layers of meaning within your natal chart.

Rather than trying to analyze all of them at once, spending time with each asteroid individually may help you understand how they impact your chart and your personality more fully. And today, we’re going to start with Ceres.

An asteroid connected to familial love and Earth’s harvest, Ceres is another name for Demeter, the Greek and Roman goddess of grain, agriculture, health, and nourishment. Despite having plenty of her own myths and stories, Ceres is most often remembered for her role in the story of her daughter Persephone and their entanglements with Hades or Pluto, the god of the underworld.

While we tend to associate the goddess Demeter herself with protective instincts and personal loss, in astrology, Ceres is tied to the natural world, devotion, and deep, unconditional love.

By learning more about Ceres and digging into where it lands in our personal birth charts, we can understand more about the ways that we express love and the ways we want to be shown love in return.

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Ceres in the Birth Chart

In our natal birth charts, Ceres reveals how we demonstrate love and support to our blood family and our chosen family.

Think about your relationships with your parents, children if you have them, siblings and cousins, as well as those friends that play significant, long-term roles in your life.

How do you nurture others, and how do you like to be nurtured? In what ways do you extend comfort and care to those around you? Ceres is often specifically connected to motherhood, offering insights on how we relate to our own mothers and the ways we may turn that energy outward onto children in our lives or other people that we provide caretaking for.

But whether your mother’s relationship or identity is significant for you or not, what’s important to remember is that Ceres is action-oriented. This piece of our chart is about how we communicate our love through comfort and physical care.

While it may feel simpler to focus on how Ceres directs healing and generosity outwards, this asteroid can also help us understand how we care for and love ourselves.

Especially during stressful periods and difficult circumstances, we must understand how we can show ourselves kindness, generosity, and grace.

What do you believe about your own self-worth? How do you value yourself? In what ways, both physical and otherwise, do you attend to your personal needs? Are you willing to invest time, energy, resources into your own care?

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Ceres as Major Arcana Archetypes

After looking at where Ceres lands in your natal chart, you may find it helpful to study the Major Arcana archetype that corresponds to that sign.

Looking at both your Ceres astrological sign and the card that aligns with it can help you understand this placement through the lens of Tarot and may give you some additional insights into how your sense of care and nurturing manifests itself.

For example, Ceres in Virgo corresponds to the Hermit, indicating that someone with this placement might show care by encouraging independence, paying attention to important details, and offering space for deep personal reflection on ways to improve and grow.

On the other hand, Ceres in Gemini is associated with the Lovers. It may manifest as open communication, sharing information, checking in with those you love, and actively pursuing knowledge around specific interests or challenges.

The following Tarot spread for the asteroid Ceres is designed to help you explore your own relationship with self-care, honor the needs you may be avoiding or ignoring, and make space for new methods of showing yourself gentleness and nourishing love.

How do you nurture those you love, and how do you like to be nurtured by others? How can you apply those lessons to your own rituals of self-care and generosity?

Below, you can find a quick sample reading using the Next World Tarot to help you understand how to use this spread.

If you use this layout in your own work, I highly recommend pulling the Major Arcana archetype that corresponds with your Ceres natal placement out of your deck and reading with the other 77 cards, letting that archetype act a signifier for your reading.

A Self-Love Tarot Spread Inspired By Ceres

ceres self love tarot spread

Card One: A Personal Narrative or Belief to Release

Knight of Wands

Part of learning to care for ourselves is in letting go of the negative ideas that we may carry about who we are or what we are capable of.

The Knight of Wands is fiery and eager to prove themselves, bursting with charisma and independence but not always great at finishing all of the projects they start.

Do you feel like you always have to have a big idea, a fresh take, an exciting new adventure to pursue? Do you believe that you have to start every fire yourself and that only you can keep them burning brightly?

There may be opportunities for collaboration and creative cooperation that you’re missing, sparks from other people that might feed your own drives and ambitions. Knights usually ask us to pay attention to how we’re utilizing and balancing the element they represent, so consider how you’re using your natural fire, passion, and instincts.

How might you be isolating yourself within your creative drive?

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Card Two: A Way I Can Show Myself Kindness

8 of Swords

Sometimes it can be difficult to see our way out of messy situations or challenging circumstances. Still, with the 8 of Swords, we may be layering additional restrictions or expectations on ourselves that leave us with very few options.

This Tarot card speaks of mental traps, the ways that we limit our own perspective out of fear, guilt, or anger. And in this position, the 8 of Swords indicates that we may be cutting ourselves off from kindness or empathy, isolating ourselves in ways that don’t leave room for growth, connection, or evolution.

Are you so focused on protecting yourself that you aren’t giving yourself space to adapt? What paths forward are you immediately dismissing, and how could one of those possibilities offer more freedom than you realize?

Card Three: A Nurturing Practice to Remember

6 of Pentacles

Incorporating regular habits and practices into our lives can be a powerful part of self-care and nurturing our spirit. With the 6 of Pentacles, we are called to be attentive to how we give and receive resources, to our cycles of redistribution and reciprocity.

How are we generous with the things that we have? How do we ask for what we need, and how graciously do we accept those things? Nurturing the self and those around us can go hand in hand, so this card asks us to invest in our communities and elevate those that may have had their voices silenced or ignored.

What are you doing to care for those with less? And how does giving back to the community also strengthen your own ability to show empathy for yourself?

How Will You Embrace Self-Love?

As you connect more deeply with Ceres’s energy, give yourself space to explore different methods of showing care, empathy, and kindness. How deeply do you resonate with the archetype associated with your Ceres placement? What might this card have to teach you about ways that you can care for yourself?

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