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We’ve been dealing with Mercury retrograde for about three weeks now, and tomorrow (on the 20th of February), we’ll have Mercury direct in Aquarius. Huzzah! If you’ve been feeling off over the last few weeks, you’re not alone, and we’ve got all the details on what to expect next.

Mercury retrograde is notorious for causing all kinds of mayhem, from technological problems to travel issues, to miscommunications galore, and the past coming back to bite us. Just chalk it up to Mercury retrograde!

This Mercury retrograde came to us in Aquarius and paired with a group of planets in Aquarius (Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, although the Sun exited Aquarius on the 18th). It’s been big Aquarius energy.

Aquarius energy wants us to focus on the future, work on changes, be open to the unconventional, and embrace individuality. All of this may have been more difficult with Mercury retrograde in Aquarius since January 30th.

With Mercury direct in Aquarius, this starts to change. We can feel a shift in energy and can focus for good on working toward the future we want, creating positive change, being true to ourselves, and pushing outside of our comfort zones.

While Mercury direct in Aquarius begins on February 20th, it’s not like a switch that gets turned on and off. There is a little period where we’ll feel the shift happening, so it’s another week or two before we’re fully back.

Let’s explore more fully what this all means.

The Meaning of Mercury Direct in Aquarius

First, we need to review what retrograde means.

A planet is called retrograde when it appears to be moving backward through the zodiac from our view here on Earth. Normal motion for the planets is forward, so when retrograde, the energy gets thrown off.

A planet turns direct when it’s no longer moving backward and starts going forward again. It’s not usually moving forward right away and hovers in the same spot for a little while (called stationing), so there’s a period where the retrograde has ended. However, we’re still adjusting to this until movement forward picks up.

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Of the planets, Mercury retrograde occurs most often, spending about three weeks 3-4 times each year retrograde. With Mercury being one of the tech rulers and ruler of communication, this tends to have a big impact.

With Mercury direct, we can get our heads back on straight and mojo back. With Mercury direct in Aquarius, we can think about the future more clearly, get the information we need for change, and work more independently.

This is excellent energy for this year, which has a heavy emphasis on change.

We may have started 2021 incredibly focused on that, energized and ready, but the Mercury retrograde may have slowed us down for a little while. Now we can move forward again!

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Mercury Direct in Aquarius for Each Zodiac Sign

Now let’s get to the good stuff. Here is your Mercury direct in Aquarius horoscopes:


This Mercury retrograde may have kept you from being able to make changes you wanted to, and you may have felt more rebellious than usual, Aries. With the turn direct, you can find discipline again and get focused.

The pathway to the future you hope for can become clear, and you can be open to being more experimental with what you try to make progress, as long as it feels authentic for you.


The Aquarius Mercury retrograde probably made you feel more limited than usual and perhaps more frustrated by a lack of progress or too many responsibilities, Taurus. With the turn direct, you can focus on making sure you’re on the right path as you move forward.

Anything you need to make progress with your goals, you can start to grasp and make important decisions regarding what you manage.


This Mercury retrograde might have been a challenge for you to get the space you want, Gemini, and you may have had some issues with defending what you believe. With the turn direct, you can find the space and feel more comfortable with your ideals.

You may feel more open to opportunities and more willing to take action instead of just saying you’ll act and not doing anything productive.


The Aquarius Mercury retrograde may have brought out some intense energy for you, Cancer, which may have been hard to grasp. With the turn direct, solutions can become more obvious to you, and you can find a way out.

If it’s been a little dark over the last few weeks, you can start to bring in some light and turn your mood around.


This Mercury retrograde probably caused some major challenges in your dealings with others, Leo, and you found others to be incredibly frustrating. With the turn direct, you can focus on improving your connections and getting along better.

This can be a good time to compromise, find a middle ground, keep the peace, and restore balance.


The Aquarius Mercury retrograde might have made being more productive and efficient a challenge, Virgo, and there was probably a ton of work for you to tackle. With the turn direct, you can start to get the little things done and be more like your usual self.

If stress caught up to you over the last few weeks, you could take some time now to clear it out.

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This Mercury retrograde may have made it difficult for you to focus on anything serious, Libra, and you may have wanted extra time for fun but didn’t get as much as you craved. With the turn direct, you can find it easier to balance work and play.

You can use creative energy to help you be more productive with work and chores and still make time to enjoy yourself.


The Aquarius Mercury retrograde probably brought some emotional issues, Scorpio, and you may have been extra sensitive and in need of support. With the turn direct, you can find the emotional comfort and support you need to be more stable and secure.

If you’ve felt like you were brought down to the bottom in some ways, you can work on strengthening the foundation and rising upward again.


This Mercury retrograde might have made you more scattered than usual, Sagittarius, and there were challenges with focus and mental discipline. With the turn direct, you can work to get your mind focused where it needs to be and tackle mentally-challenging projects.

Seeing things through may have been a challenge, and you can work on being more thorough and persistent.


The Aquarius Mercury retrograde may have made you feel more stuck than usual, Capricorn, which was likely very frustrating. With the turn direct, you can find the motivation to move and not remain in the same place if you don’t want to be.

Movement forward is likely most important for you, but you can still take some time before making final decisions.


This Mercury retrograde probably hit you pretty hard since it was entirely in your sign, Aquarius, and anything and everything that had the potential to go wrong might have! With the turn direct, you can take back control and start getting everything right again.

Maintain patience with yourself and others, and maybe just laugh it off for now.


The Aquarius Mercury retrograde might have made you more drained than usual, Pisces, and you likely found others to suck your energy dry. With the turn direct, you can focus on regaining your energy and doing more.

You may still prefer to work on your own, but at least it’s not as draining, and you can trust your instincts to guide you to what needs to be finished.

Take Action With Mercury Direct

As we come out of Mercury retrograde, start making plans for what you’re going to do with this energy. Mercury remains in Aquarius until March 15th, so we’ll still have almost another month to work with the Aquarius energy.

Ask yourself:

  • What future dreams would you like to work on? It’s time to get serious about your dreams for the future and what you hope to achieve in your life, starting now.
  • What changes do you want to make? Work on plans for a change you want to work on, and gather information or advice you need to make the change real.
  • In what ways do you need to do things differently? The new and different may not have been as much of an option as of late, but now you can explore it.

Remember that it can take another week or two to get moving and momentum, so don’t worry about pushing things right at this moment. Make plans and be smart with your actions going forward.

A little patience, and then you’re off!

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