EVERYTHING You Need to Know About the Upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra

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On October 14th, 2023, we’ll experience a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Libra! We’re finishing up the Taurus and Scorpio set of eclipses and moving into Aries and Libra. We already had an Aries Solar Eclipse earlier this year, so now it’s Libra’s turn.

A New Moon occurs when the transit (moving) Sun and Moon align in the zodiac. Solar Eclipses occur when New Moons are within 18 1/2 degrees of the Lunar Nodes (the points in the Moon’s orbit where the Moon crosses the ecliptic).

New Moons are times for new beginnings and have high energy and enthusiasm. Solar Eclipses amplify this energy, and their impact can last up to 6 months before and after. 

This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra can focus on Libra matters, which can include:

  • Anything dealing with relationships, partnerships, and alliances as this is primarily what Libra rules (so giving more attention to existing relationships, taking the next step, meeting new people, entering into new partnerships and alliances, etc.)
  • Anything where you’re making a compromise, negotiating, or mediating (this may be over contracts, legal matters, or just in general in life)
  • Anything that involves fairness or justice (this can mean legal matters or working in communities for greater equity)
  • Anything involving balance, peace, and harmony (there can be more peace talks in the world at large, and we can focus on bringing more balance to our lives)

We also have a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus coming on October 28th, 2023. That is the very last eclipse in Taurus or Scorpio, which have been the zodiac signs we’ve had eclipses in for the last few years.

This means that the Taurus Lunar Eclipse is filled with energy for endings. Meanwhile, the Libra Solar Eclipse is the first eclipse in Libra in a while, so it’s full of new beginning energy.

We’re finishing up one phase, one chapter, one journey, and we’re starting a whole new one. We can feel excited by this and ready for the change.

This Solar Eclipse in Libra is conjunct (aligned with) Mercury in Libra as well, and this can bring lots of new ideas and important news, open up our minds, and make us more expressive. We can also be extra busy, wanting to have plenty to do, and can be more engaging.

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Watch for Venus in Libra to stimulate the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra

The natural ruling planet for Libra is Venus, and Venus is in Virgo when the eclipse occurs (as of October 8th). Venus spent a long period in the sign of Leo thanks to retrograding entirely in Leo, and the movement into Virgo is a welcome change of pace and helps us pay closer attention to the eclipse.

Venus will move into Libra on November 8th until December 4th, 2023, the sign this eclipse occurs in, and will be a singleton, meaning it’ll be the only transit planet in an Air sign.

This supercharges the energy of Venus in Libra, and it can mean that we’re really feeling connected to the Solar Eclipse as a result. We’re extra focused on our connections, interactions, commitments, and compromises and strive for peace and fairness at all times.

This may come at the expense of something important, though, so we do need to be mindful of making sure we’re seeing everything in front of us. Tunnel vision just puts us in a bad position.

It’s excellent for Libra developments though, so we’re more likely to see major marriages and commitments, alliances and partnerships, peace and balance.

With this Libra energy, here’s a few things you can do to maximize it:

  • Focus on chaotic areas or relationships and determine if you should work to improve or need to walk away.
  • Affirm your commitment to people that bring peace to your life and projects that excite you.
  • Give more attention to areas of life, relationships, or projects you’ve been ignoring recently.
  • Prioritize peace and don’t give in to drama.
  • Ground yourself, which helps with the Solar Eclipse and prepares you for the Lunar Eclipse.

Make sure to use the free astrology calendar to keep track of the planets!

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio Horoscopes


The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra can bring you closer with those in your life, Aries, and you can work on forging strong connections and being a better partner personally and professionally. You can be open to new people, and these people may come with opportunities and benefits for you.

Whatever you pursue, try to take a thoughtful approach. Aries usually likes to run hard and fast, but being more deliberate and smart is likely to be of more help.


The Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse can bring a period of plentiful work opportunities, Taurus. You can pursue new work projects with zeal and be extra productive, efficient, and detailed with everything you do.

You can make improvements in your daily life as well, clearing out any clutter and making room for something new that gets you excited on a daily basis. You can focus on making small changes that end up making a big difference.


The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra can open up your heart, Gemini, and you can prioritize anything that makes you feel creative, inspired, and loving. You can pick up new hobbies, make more room for existing ones, plan for fun times with those you love, and bring more romance into your life.

Creative opportunities can come your way, and you may get some attention (even a lot) for what you can do. Bask in the praise and share the love.


The Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse can help you focus on home and family matters, Cancer, and you can work on plans for moving, renovating or remodeling, or spending time with those you think of as family. You can expand your support system and can feel more comfortable and emotionally positive.

There can also be an opportunity to strengthen the foundation of something in your life or to start something new from the ground up, and this may be something you work on for years to come.


The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra can bring opportunities for you to turn your ideas into something tangible, Leo. You can get excited about this and put your plans into action, making use of your knowledge and being willing to adapt along the way.

You can juggle multiple focuses with this eclipse and may find that you prefer to have a variety of projects to work on so you can stay busy and make the most of the mental energy you have.


The Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse can help you stabilize your life, Virgo, and you can pursue opportunities that eliminate chaos and bring more security. The more stable and secure you feel, the more abundant energy can find you.

You can improve your confidence as well and work on showing yourself more self-respect. This can lead to opportunities that naturally yield more respect for you.


The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs in your sign, Libra, which makes you the one who gets the biggest bang. Opportunities can be plentiful, and you can create any that you feel are missing on your own, so you don’t need permission from anyone and are ready to jump into something new.

This is likely an important period for a big new beginning, and this can be something that shapes your life for many years to come. Focus on what excites you and motivates you to take action.


This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra can present opportunities for you to do something on your own, Scorpio, and you may prefer it this way for now. You can set yourself up, work quickly, and feel that doing this alone allows you to get more done and not worry about others getting in the way.

This can also be a great time for clearing out your life, eliminating baggage, and coming to terms with issues from the past. You can be ready to move forward, healed and wise.


The dreams you have for your future can get attention with this Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse, Sagittarius, and you may have opportunities that put you on the path to achieving one or more of your dreams. You can be open to change, and this can be a big period for making changes that align with what you hope for.

You can also welcome new people in your social circle and can be more invested in your independence, individuality, and the causes you believe in.


There can be big opportunities for success with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra, Capricorn, and you can achieve, hit your stride, and reach new heights. Doing things the right way and for the right reasons can lead to great rewards that excite you and bring you recognition.

If you haven’t been working on anything or haven’t done things right, this eclipse may allow you to forge new goals and smarter long-term plans.


Opportunities to open up to new experiences can find you with the Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse Aquarius, and you can go to new places, meet new people, learn new things, and enrich your life in new ways. This can give you a new perspective and make you think bigger and brighter.

You can share what you’ve learned with others, be a great storyteller, and have a gregarious demeanor. 


Transformations can lead to new opportunities with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra, Pisces, and as you breathe new life into areas that have grown stale, you can feel renewed and revitalized. This can empower you and help you find more control.

There can also be opportunities for you that are mutually beneficial, and you can work well with a partner. You may want to share in many ways, personally and professionally, which can open you up even more.

Embrace the Start of a New Phase

This can be an exciting time for all of us as we focus on starting a new phase in our lives. We already had one Solar Eclipse earlier in the year in Aries, which was more supercharged than this eclipse. However, that may have come with frantic energy and was difficult to control.

This Solar Eclipse is in a much calmer sign, and the energy around it is easier, so we can focus on utilizing this eclipse without as much drama as we likely saw earlier in the year.

We can move now into changes and new beginnings with pleasant energy, a more chill approach, and demeanor, and don’t feel quite so stressed. Keep calm and embrace the Libra!

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