5 Rituals for Releasing Love Karma

Love can be challenging in more ways than one, and you can have your fair share of baggage (even if you haven’t had many relationships). To help you with this, we’re going to explore five love karma rituals to help you have a better love life.

The first ritual includes using crystals.

It’s best if you use a crystal that has been cleansed energetically. You can do this by submerging it in sea salt for 24 hours, leaving it out under the light of the Sun and Moon for a day, or try one of these 7 ways for cleansing crystals.

#1 Love Karma Ritual: Eliminating Past Life Love Baggage

Maybe you carry some past life baggage that is related to love and relationships. This can weigh heavily on you and any potential relationships you may have, a weight that holds you back or keeps you from realizing the full potential of love in your life.

Pretty much all of us carry some past life baggage, impacting different parts of our lives. It may seem especially irksome when it affects your love life and relationships.

Outside of the ritual listed, some helpful things you can do would be paying attention to your dreams (which may contain messages for you about specific baggage that needs to be worked on) or undergoing past life regression therapy (with a professional).

This ritual helps clear out some of the weight on your heart. For this ritual, you’ll need:

Step 1

Find a quiet place you can lay down (couch, bed, floor). Take some deep breaths to get to a calm frame of mind.

Step 2

Lay down and place the black crystal on your chest over your heart. Envision the past life baggage as energy pouring out from your heart and being sucked into the crystal. Let your intuition tell you how long to do this for (when it feels like you’ve released enough).

Step 3

Put the crystal in the container.

Lay down again and put the clear quartz crystal in the same spot over your heart. Now envision soothing, pleasant, loving energy leaving the crystal and going into your heart. Again, let your intuition tell you how long to do this.

Step 4

Once done, put the container with the black crystal away somewhere you won’t see it. Keep the clear quartz around and hold it over your heart whenever you feel the need to.

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#2 Love Karma Ritual: Releasing a Toxic Karmic Relationship

Karmic relationships are tricky little devils. They’re most often confused with soul mate and twin flame relationships, but they’re not the same thing.

The purpose of a karmic relationship is usually to teach you. You and the other person made a deal before incarnating to come together at a certain point and provide lessons.

This often means karmic relationships are temporary, not meant to last, but it can be difficult to let them go. They can become addictive, consuming, frustrating, and cyclical – so it’s pretty easy for them to become toxic.

This ritual helps you with letting go of that toxic person. For this ritual, you’ll need:

  • 1 piece of paper
  • A black pen or marker
  • 1 black candle (a tea light might be best since it’ll burn out quickly)

Step 1

On the paper with the black pen/marker, write down the other person’s name and then your own. Then write, “I release this relationship with the highest good for all.”

Step 2

Light the candle and burn the paper. Let the candle burn out, then get rid of the paper ashes (flush it down the toilet or bury it outside).

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#3 Love Karma Ritual: Forgiving Betrayal

Cheating is almost as common as the cold, and there are all sorts of betrayals that don’t involve that. It can be difficult to let that go, but holding on to it only hurts you more and makes future relationships more challenging.

And remember, forgiving someone who betrayed you doesn’t mean you have to let them back into your life. Forgiveness is about permitting yourself to move on, not permitting them to have you back. It’s a-okay never to see, hear, or think of them again!

This ritual helps with putting the person in the past. For this ritual, you’ll need:

  • A picture of the person who betrayed you
  • A black candle
  • Some garlic (powder would be best, otherwise smash up a bulb)
  • Small container

Step 1

Burn the picture with the candle. As it burns, think about the betrayal, all of the hurt and anger, and envision it being burned with the picture.

Step 2

Mix the ashes of the picture with the garlic and put it in a small container. Bury the container outside.

A quick note: since the container has to be buried outside, make sure it’s biodegradable; you can also create an origami box with paper and use that instead.

#4 Love Karma Ritual: Letting Go of Rejection

Rejection happens to all of us, and it’s definitely not fun, but it’s sort of inevitable and doesn’t have to be a big deal. It turns bad when you can’t let go of the person who rejected you and turn it into a big drama.

Someone rejecting you doesn’t mean you’re horrible and no one will want you. It just wasn’t right with that person. You may have built it up in your head, and it just turned out not to be like that.

Still, it can leave you stung, so letting go of that rejection can be important to let you not be so afraid of it happening again.

This ritual helps you let go of the rejection you’ve been holding on to. For this ritual, you’ll need:

  • A notebook or several pieces of paper
  • Something to write with

Step 1

Write down the whole rejection like a story. Get it out on the paper and out of your head.

Step 2

Once done, write on a blank sheet of paper: I release this Then throw out the notebook/paper (or better yet, recycle it).

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#5 Love Karma Ritual: Overcoming Fear of Commitment

Maybe your love issue is you’re a commitment-phobe. This can stem from all sorts of issues, whether it be past life baggage, betrayal by an ex, or childhood trauma that causes you to be hesitant.

It’s natural to worry about being hurt by someone, but avoiding commitment can lead to challenges in all of your relationships over time. Getting over that fear is important.

This ritual helps you get rid of the fear. For this ritual, you’ll need:

  • A clear glass
  • Water (drinkable)
  • 2 pieces of paper
  • A black pen or marker
  • Something to burn the paper (candle, match, lighter, etc.)

Step 1

This ritual is to be done at night (when the Moon is out). Take one piece of paper and write down, “fear of commitment.” This is what you want to release.

Step 2

Burn the paper and get rid of the ashes (flush down the toilet or bury outside). Take the second piece of paper and write the affirmation, “I am open and receptive to healthy and positive commitment.”

Step 3

Fill the glass with water. Fold up the paper and put the glass on top of it. Make sure you leave this out under the light of the Moon (say on a windowsill) for 1 hour.

Step 4

Drink the water and put the paper away somewhere you won’t see it. Say the affirmation daily.

Release That Love Karma!

A Full Moon in Libra is coming up in a few days, and since Full Moons are good times to release, and Libra is the sign of relationships, this is a great time to do any of these rituals (or come up with some of your own).

Love should be a positive force in your life. You deserve that!

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