This is What Mars in Aries Means for Your Zodiac Sign’s Sex Life

mars in aries sex horoscopes

Brace yourself for a surge in energy! (And we’re not even talking retrograde or Eclipse season!

On April 30th, 2024, Mars, the planet of energy and drive, moves into its home sign, Aries, which will bring an abundance of energy. Energy may have been slow and sluggish lately, but that will all change with Mars in Aries.

What Does Mars in Aries Mean?

Mars is the planet of energy and drive, showing what kind of energy we have and what drives us to take action. In your birth chart, Mars shows how you act and what makes you want to.

Mars is desire and motivation and taking the initiative.

In transit, Mars shows how and where energy is currently focused. As Mars travels through the zodiac, this changes with each sign Mars is touring (and each house in your natal chart Mars is traveling through).

Mars in Aries brings Mars home. Mars is the natural ruling planet for this Fire sign, and this can bring some degree of comfort with the energy. It’s a little bit easier to make use of, and we could really use it now!

Tips to Tackle Mars in Aries

While Mars is in Aries, you want to:

  • Be passionate
  • Follow your instincts
  • Take the initiative
  • Control your temper (don’t let it control you)
  • Remember others (don’t be too selfish)

Since Mars and Aries are all about action, this can stimulate desire in a big way, and passion can be plentiful.

This can be great for taking the initiative in your love life, and you can work on channeling some of the excess energy that will be everywhere into love and passion. This can be a positive way to use it.

Since there is so much extra energy and passion, channeling it productively is crucial to manage it; otherwise, you may have to deal with extra frustration, annoyance, irritability, and lots of fights.

That’ll only make your relationships worse!

Sex Horoscopes for Your Sign

When it comes to sex, Mars is the planet that says a lot about us in this area! Our Mars sign can determine how we enjoy our bedroom romps, the type of person we are sexually attracted to, how we express our own sexuality, and anything else related to all the sexy things.

Mars in Aries is hot, passionate – smoking! So what does this transit mean for your zodiac sign? Read on to find out.


With Mars in your sign, passion is at its peak, Aries! You’re sexier than ever during this transit, and you’re not afraid to go for what you want.

Bedroom antics look set to spice up, so if things have been stagnant lately, you can look forward to some hot moments with another. Just be sure to take some time out to unwind during this transit because this powerful energy can quickly lead to burnout!


You’re the type who likes to take it slow in this area but during this transit, you may find things speeding up so fast that you don’t know what to do with yourself, Taurus.

Some unexpected encounters are likely. Chances are, you and an old flame may have some unfinished business. Don’t be surprised if a secret admirer is waiting in the wings. Just be sure to do things at your own pace, Taurus – don’t get swept up in the intensity!


Experiments are on the horizon with this transit, Gemini, and if there’s one thing you enjoy, it’s experimenting!

There may be an encounter with a sexy someone from abroad so be prepared for anything! Mars in Aries brings out your passionate side and you are more likely to try something you’ve never tried before – prepare for fun in the sun, Gemini!


If your relationship has been stale, Mars in Aries spices things up and brings some adventurous moments that can bring the fire and passion back!

Romantic nights in the hot tub, unwinding in front of the TV, getting a foot massage – these are the moments that bring passion and zest to you. Don’t be afraid to let loose.

If single, you may meet someone while engaging in a hobby or interest that you’ve taken up. Be open to meeting new people, Cancer. You may have been in your shell for a while, but it’s time to emerge!


Adventure and fun can be brought into your relationship while Mars is in Aries, Leo, and you can enjoy having new experiences with your partner. Those new experiences can help increase the passion between you and fuel your desire for them even more. It can also keep you from feeling like you’re being stifled.

If single, you may prefer to keep things light, wanting something that doesn’t have too many strings and focus more on the passion instead.


Intimacy can surge while Mars is in Aries for you, Virgo, and you can focus on trying to improve intimacy with your partner. You may want to feel much more connected to them and strengthen the emotional, spiritual, and physical bonds you have.

If single, this transit brings a greater awareness of sexual energy and you may find yourself drawn to partners that aren’t your usual type! Go with the flow and let this transit guide you.


Mars in Aries brings you intense sexual energy, Libra, and this is a time when you are oozing with confidence. Your natural charm is powerful and you are attracting so many admirers you’ll feel like you need to bat them away!

If single, your charm can ooze and bring new suitors to you, but you can keep it light until you find someone who takes commitment seriously. Ultimately, you will be looking for someone to pair off with, so while a bit of fun and frolicking is guaranteed under this transit, you may want to hold yourself back until someone serious comes along!


Mars is your traditional ruler, and therefore, his energy is affecting you with great strength, Scorpio. Already a very sexy sign, Mars in Aries enhances your sex appeal even more. You may find yourself attracting people in the most unlikely places but you may also find that someone you have known for a while suddenly holds a lot of interest for you.

If in a relationship, this transit brings out your kinky side – enjoy it, Scorpio!


Romance and sex are big on the agenda for you with this transit and you are likely feeling a little starry-eyed while Mars is in Aries, Sag!

You want to show just how much you love your partner, and this can mean making some big, grand gestures of romance, wanting to sweep them off of their feet.

If single, there will be several admirers to choose from but you may find some totally unexpected developments in this area. Go with the flow, Sag!


While Mars is in Aries, you don’t lose your craving for emotional intimacy and it is important for you to feel an emotional connection as well as a sexual one, Capricorn.

There may be some development through online dating or meeting someone through a friend. An instant attraction can lead to something more.

If in a relationship, you’ll feel keener to spice things up with your partner so a romantic getaway trip is definitely on the cards!


If there’s one thing to get your juices flowing, it’s a mental connection, Aquarius. There may be someone you’ve got your sights on and it’s not just about appearance or sexual chemistry with you – you’ve got to have that mental intimacy!

Expressing yourself and your passions is a powerful possibility under this transit. Let others know how you feel and it can lead to memorable times.

If in a relationship, you can spice things up with a romantic getaway or by setting time aside for some fun frolicking. Experiment, Aquarius; this energy encourages it!


Passion may be more of a slow burn for you while Mars is in Aries, Pisces. Connections may take time to form, though instant attraction is a definite possibility. You can take your time building up passion with your partner, but once you do, you can keep it going for a while. You can also be a lot more sensual, which can help with passion.

If single, you may want to consider your options. Just don’t be put off if there are one or two things you aren’t too keen on at first – remember, it can take time for new relationships to grow on us!

Your Checklist for Mars in Aries

  • DO: Follow your passions.
  • DON’T: Follow your temper.
  • DO: Follow your instinct.
  • DON’T: Be your own worst enemy.
  • DO: Lead with love.
  • DON’T: Ignore your passions.
  • DO: Take the lead.
  • DON’T: Be defeated.

Mars in Aries can help get things moving forward again, but this only happens if we use the energy the right way.

Don’t be all over the place, don’t be selfish, and don’t let tempers get in the way of connecting with others. Be passionate, with a focus!

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