Mercury in Scorpio 3-Card Tarot Spread

All hail the season of Libra – a time for justice, fairness, equality, beauty, and rearranging our lives and surroundings into harmonious balance. It’s time to ditch the misgivings, doubts, and boat-rocking and instead harness the potent powers of Libra which give us the opportunity to look beyond the cloudiness and fog and bring greater balance into our lives.

But what happens when Mercury enters Scorpio, as it does this coming October 3rd?

Mercury is the planet of intellect and communication, while Scorpio is the sign of transformation, secrecy, and all that is hidden. Therefore, be prepared for some explosive moments! In Scorpio, Mercury makes us more forceful and direct when it comes to disagreements. Scorpio doesn’t put up with nonsense, so don’t expect your mind to put up with any when it takes Mercury by the reins. During this time, you may find yourself with stronger opinions; everything becomes ‘all-or-nothing’ just as Scorpio is very much an ‘all-or-nothing-sign’.

Libra also the season of romance so be prepared for some hard conversations in the area of love and relationships during Mercury in Scorpio. Direct confrontation is inevitable; no more skidding around an issue here. The truth must be told and damn the consequences!

Mercury in Scorpio doesn’t just urge honest conversations with others, but also honest conversations with ourselves. Around this time, we may find ourselves shedding our skin and reaching beyond our own ego – we may discover some uncomfortable truths about ourselves that we would rather remain hidden. But it’s time to get things out in the open and we do a disservice to ourselves and the universal energies if we choose to sweep things under the rug.

A Tarot card reading can be very useful in helping us discover what it is we need to communicate with ourselves about. Checking your daily Tarot cards every day is, of course, very helpful, but doing specific spreads in conjunction with the planetary alignments can ease use through this process and help us deal with the discomforting aspect.

So, let’s do it. How can you make the most of Mercury in Scorpio? Remember, Scorpio is about bringing things into the light and this is particularly apt during the Libra season, for only by shedding light on what is hidden can we truly hope to achieve harmony and equilibrium. The Tarot spread below can be performed any time from or before October 3rd and is designed to help you understand what aspects of yourselves need focusing on.

3-Card Tarot Reading for Mercury in Scorpio:

Question: What is holding me back?

  • Card 1: What have you been hiding/holding back?
  • Card 2: Outcome of staying in your comfort zone
  • Card 3: Outcome of leaving your comfort zone

Shuffle the cards with the question in mind and then lay out three cards as above. Below is an example of a reading to give you an idea of to assess it:

Card 1:

King of Wands

The King of Wands is a negative in this position and smacks of ego. It seems my own ego and sense of self-importance is holding me back; perhaps I am too convinced of my own superiority or I am unwilling to yield to others; perhaps too demanding, too domineering, too considerate of others feelings or opinions. I may go to great lengths to hide this side of myself, but it may come out in flashes. This aspect of my ego is to my detriment and preventing me from reaching my full potential.

Card 2:

The Hermit

The first word I thought of was “Alone!” It seems my King of Wands ego is getting the better of me; if I choose to stay in my comfort zone and continue to act egotistical or intolerant of others, it will result in me being alone, possibly leading to loneliness.

But the King of Wands is a person of drive and verve. This is the master of the fire suit and he is not meant to be alone. He is meant to be out there in the world, spreading his fiery energy for the good of all. The reading clearly tells me that if I do not take control of this aspect of my shadow side, I am likely to stunt myself by going against the natural energies of the upright King of Wands and turning into a recluse, scaring away friends and supporters because of my behavior.

Card 3:

3 of Cups

Ah, this looks somewhat more positive! The 3 of Cups is about friendly, socializing, companionship and celebrations. If I choose to step outside of my comfort zone (or, in this case, tackle my ego and remember the value of humility) then I will find myself surrounded by others, who may look to me for leadership and guidance (as the King of Wands is famous for) without the dreary aspects of the ego, which can include bullying and intolerance.

The reading is clear. Mercury in Scorpio forces me to have an honest conversation with myself about my ego. Do I want to be the King of Wands in his most positive pole, a leader with vision and courage who others look up to and rally behind? Or do I wish to sink into my shadow self, a tyrannical bully who alienates others because of my own sense of self-importance?


Mercury in Scorpio may prompt some uncomfortable truths but ultimately they are for the greater good so we may become the best version of ourselves – and that is something we are all striving for on some level. Try the reading out for yourself with your own Tarot cards and see what it holds for you!

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