How Sodalite Increases Harmony in Relationships

Each crystal has unique properties, and many stones work tirelessly to promote positive energy and harmony.

But one crystal is so proficient, so incredible at promoting harmony that it has been nicknamed the Harmonizer, and that crystal is the one and only sodalite.

What Is Sodalite?

Sodalite typically comes in opaque shades of blue with inclusions of creamy whites—although it can also be found in variations of yellow, orange, purple, and grey—and its harmonious energy is palpable. Due to its appearance, sodalite is often confused with lapis lazuli. It is comprised of a combination of manganese and calcium, which work together to combat adrenal fatigue.

The name sodalite comes from the Greek words, soda, meaning salt, and lithos, meaning stone. Sodalite gets its name from its high salt content. Technically speaking, sodalite is a mineral and not a gemstone, although it still has healing properties.

Sodalite is a relatively young stone in the crystal community, as it wasn’t officially discovered until 1806 in Greenland. It did not become popular for nearly a century after that. Sodalite can also be found in Ontario, Canada; Brazil; India; Montana, U.S.; Russia; and Namibia.

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The Magic of Sodalite

Sodalite is a stone of balance. It helps you think objectively and logically. The vibrations of sodalite buzz with might, and it has deep connections with the psychic realm. Sodalite helps encourage and amplify intuition, allowing you to locate your innate internal wisdom. It is thought that sodalite may assist in the reading of Tarot or understanding of astrology.

Sodalite is perfect for teachers, students, and anyone who simply enjoys learning, as it promotes the acquisition of wisdom and knowledge. It can also assist with the confidence needed for public speaking—a common fear and an even more common activity in academic settings. Sodalite can help you more clearly understand philosophical concepts that can be abstract or hard to grasp. It is known for its ability to help one see the truth, which is especially useful when studying controversial subjects.

Sodalite promotes peaceful communication; it is a wonderful stone to use during a heated debate or confrontation. A piece of sodalite in your left pocket will help you maintain harmonious interactions throughout the day, and it can be perfect for tense or exciting family gatherings.

This crystal reduces negative energy while promoting positive energy. Its balancing effects are one of the reasons this stone is known for increasing harmony. You will be more likely to remain optimistic in the face of challenges when working with sodalite because it helps you see life through glasses with a very subtle, rosy hue. Sodalite doesn’t introduce grandiose or unrealistic optimism; it simply helps you release your naturally positive nature.


Sodalite enhances creativity and is sometimes referred to as the poet’s stone. Not only does the positive energy of this stone release certain creative blocks, its optimistic energy encourages confidence that allows creativity to flow freely. Sodalite stimulates mental energy and empowers those who work with it.


Sodalite stimulates the pituitary gland, opening your spirit and your aura and helping you more readily receive internal guidance. This stone releases emotional tension and helps alleviate fears, transforming these feelings into balanced emotions.

This stone works with the subconscious and allows you to access emotions and opinions that you may try to hide from yourself and others.

Sodalite is associated with the Throat chakra, healing any unbalanced energies in that area. The Throat chakra rules over communication, and a misaligned Throat chakra can make it feel exceedingly hard to express yourself verbally. 

Sodalite helps you not only access those deeper, perhaps hidden emotions, but it also helps you share those feelings in a harmonious, peaceful manner. Romantically, sodalite can help two partners share with each other more deeply and with more compassion.

Physically, sodalite can heal ailments of the heart, throat, blood pressure, metabolism, immune system, and calcium deficiency.

Emotionally, sodalite encourages peace within the spirit. It balances emotions and helps one feel stabilized. It can reduce anxiety and panic attacks, as well as oversensitivity.

Working with Sodalite

Sodalite can be utilized like any other crystal. You can carry a piece of sodalite in your left pocket or wear jewelry featuring this lovely stone. Place sodalite in your home or sacred space to promote harmony. Sodalite in the workplace encourages peaceful exchanges and interactions. You can also infuse your drinking water with sodalite by placing a clean piece in your glass for 30 minutes, or, try using sodalite during Moon rituals.

No matter how you decide to use this harmonizing crystal, you’ll be glad you’re working with it. Sodalite has such powerful balancing energies that it is a must-have for anyone interested in crystal healing.

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