You NEED These 7 Crystals to Get Through Mercury Retrograde

Mercury went retrograde on April 1st, 2024, but don’t worry: we’ve got you covered!

You probably know by now that in the astrology world, Mercury retrograde tends to have a pretty bad rep.

When the planet of communication appears to be going backward, it sets all the “normal” stuff in reverse: miscommunication, lack of understanding, technological glitches, anything and everything just going wrong.

However, this is just a little reminder that Mercury retrograde isn’t all bad.

If anything, it opens your eyes to just how prepared you are for the unexpected. No one can know what the unexpected is (of course!), but are you flexible, adaptable, and changeable? Mercury retrograde can be a wake-up call when we’ve become stuck in a rut or when we’ve allowed stubbornness to keep us tied to our comfort zone.

We could even say that Mercury retrograde has got a bit of that stern Saturn thing going on because it throws at us challenging situations and, the fact is, we have to sink or swim. As many of us would much prefer to swim, this is one article you need to keep to hand during Mercury retrograde this year.

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The Best Crystals for Mercury Retrograde

Your ultimate defense against the forces of Mercury, which threaten to push you into throwing your phone across the room while howling in frustration: crystals!

We’ve compiled a list of seven crystals to steer you through Mercury retrograde.

Carry at least one with you at all times; place another under your pillow; place two more as protective shields around your laptop and phone; don’t slack. The crystals will work for you so long as you let them.

Below are the seven Mercury retrograde crystals you need.

1. Fluorite

This Mercury retrograde crystal is a must-have.

Fluorite possesses the superpower of combatting electromagnetic waves that emit from phones and other electronic devices, and it may be able to stabilize energies that are going haywire. Fluorite is simply a terrific stone for mental clarity, excellent for memory, and can help remind you of little tasks you may have forgotten.

Keep a piece next to your electronics to help with any computer fatigue and help keep you on the ball.

2. Sodalite

A powerful crystal for communication, sodalite assists the Throat chakra and especially helps you find your voice. If you’re struggling with knowing what to say or the words just seem to come out wrong, sodalite can help you.

Wear a piece around your neck or carry it in your pocket for optimum effect.

3. Moonstone

You need to stay calm during Mercury retrograde, and moonstone does a wonderful job of this. The crystal most associated with the Moon is also great at regulating mood swings. If you feel frustrated or annoyed at any point, take time to sit and meditate with a piece of moonstone.

It helps you tap into your Yin and feminine energy and enables you to view things from a higher perspective, which is very handy when you get caught up in everyday life stresses.

4. Amazonite

This crystal helps you see all sides of the issue. It is also a great crystal of leadership too, so if you’re in a position of authority, you’ll appreciate amazonite’s calming and persevering effects if you’re struggling to pull everything together.

Amazonite is a must-have Mercury retrograde crystal as it helps you communicate your thoughts and feelings clearly and succinctly. Worn around the neck or carrying a piece in the pocket is very effective.

5. Citrine

You’ve got to keep your mood up! Enter citrine, the sunny crystal that brings sunshine everywhere it goes. If you were Snow White and the crystals were the dwarves. Citrine would be Happy.

Wearing a piece of citrine helps release negative energies, boost your moods, boost your motivation, and if you find yourself in despair at any point, meditating with a piece of it can help rebalance your energies and brighten up your mood.

All hail the sunny crystal!

6. Black Tourmaline

… and this crystal would be Grumpy, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

There’s no denying that black tourmaline is one of those crystals that tends to strike fear into everyone who claps eyes on it. Still, the almighty power of this crystal is phenomenal and will protect you during Mercury retrograde’s more challenging moments.

With the power to absorb any negative energy flung your way, black tourmaline is best carried in the pocket where it can work its magic from the hidden corners of your coat.

7. Septarian (Dragon Stone)

Last, but by no means least, we have the septarian. The dragon stone is the rarest of the seven crystals, but its power is potent, and if you have one or can get your hands on one, lucky you!

The dragon stone is excellent for grounding and stabilizing your energies, protecting you, and assisting with communication issues. It has many abilities, and you will feel the awesome power of this crystal as soon as you touch it. Wearing a piece of it around your neck is especially effective in helping with communication.

Which Mercury Retrograde Crystals Will You Use?

As always, the best way to deal with Mercury retrograde is to prepare for it. Aquarius energy makes it a little easier this time around, but that doesn’t mean we should get careless!

These Mercury retrograde crystals each have their own special abilities to help you with the three weeks Mercury appears to be going backward, so collecting a cluster of them and putting them together should see you through with minimal communication issues and an extra bout of vigilance reminding you to respond to that email!

What Mercury retrograde crystals do you have? Are all seven in your collection? Which one works best for you?


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