Mercury Retrograde In Taurus

This week, life enters the slow lane as we will have three planets in retrograde. Mercury retrograde in Taurus began on April 9, and will be in effect until April 20. At that point, Mercury retrograde will still be in play but will move into Aries.

Until then, however, with Mercury retrograde in Taurus, Venus retrograde until April 15, and Jupiter retrograde until June, the call from the Universe is to slow right down. With Mercury retrograde in Taurus, inaction in your life speaks louder than words. In other words, when you don’t know what to do during Mercury retrograde, sit still.

Have you ever heard the word “Mercurial”? Someone may say, “Oh that person is so mercurial.” This word has two meanings, a light side and a shadow side. On the shadow side, mercurial means someone is a little tricky, possibly even a little duplicitous. If you have ever watched the show “Survivor”, many players on the CBS Show are mercurial. They are always trying to outwit, outplay, and outlast their opponents.

That’s not always a bad thing if you want to win the game. Many of the most famous players of “Survivor” tried to win by being both tricky and honest. It can be done. That’s the light side of being mercurial. During any Mercury retrograde period, you need to be a little mercurial.

What that means is: think more than you speak. This is especially true with Mercury retrograde in Taurus, which is going to be a very slow motion retrograde, even slower than Mercury retrogrades in other signs. If you remember nothing else during Mercury retrograde in Taurus, remember this one thing, if you don’t know what to do, sit still. It can’t be said enough.

What is Mercury Retrograde in Taurus?

Mercury retrograde is about the planet Mercury slowing down and appearing to go backwards. So the themes that Mercury rules are also going to slow down, and appear to go backwards in life. That’s why inaction will speak louder than words. With Mercury retrograde happening in slow moving, Earth bound Taurus, slowing down of themes Mercury rules is going to be even more obvious.

Mercury rules transportation, short journeys, communication, and all of the gadgets that rule these elements in life. So that means almost everything you need to function. Your car, your computer, your phone, all of it. But don’t freak out. Wait it out.

Taurus is a financial zodiac sign that likes their pretty things. So Taurus is the real and grounded Venus ruled earth sign that has beauty around them, and works hard for it. This makes Taurus more practical and down to Earth, literally than other fiery signs like Aries or quick-witted airy signs like Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury.

Mercury retrograde will leave Taurus and enter Aries until May 3. Life will still be in the slow lane but will have a little fire under it with Aries in play. Until then, however, we will have two other retrogrades coinciding with Mercury: Venus, and Jupiter.

All of this energy is going to slow life down and lead to a lot of uncertainty. That uncertainty is going to be the biggest source of your stress. So again, when you don’t know what to do, sit still and be patient. Some of us get a little impulsive when we are feeling uncertain. Try not to go there. Instead: review, reflect, remember, and most importantly, relax.

This is not the best time to go into new financial endeavors, sign contracts, negotiate legal matters, or start new relationships. Although work on existing relationships is always beneficial. One beautiful thing about Mercury retrograde is that it has a tendency to bring back relationships into your life.

So if you have been agonizing over an ex, and the relationship is truly meant to be, they could come back into your life during Mercury retrograde. A word of caution, this should not be something you actively pursue. Remember, sit still, and Mercury retrograde sends you the answers.

The Good News About Mercury Retrograde and Relationships

There’s a lot of urban myths out there about Mercury retrograde in relationships, this is not something to fear! If you are taking the precautions of reflecting and moving slowly in life through this Mercury retrograde in Taurus transit, you will be just fine.

One thing retrogrades are really good for is blasts from the past, so don’t be surprised if old friends make an appearance. Don’t dismiss these experiences either, this is happening for a reason. It is even more true with karma driven Jupiter, and love planet Venus, also in retrograde during this time.

Fated things happen during Mercury retrograde. Yes, breakups do too, that’s because people act impulsively under uncertainty. We’ve already covered that, right? A general rule of thumb during Mercury retrograde for relationships is not react emotionally if your relationship suffers a fracture or two, or worse, ends, under this retrograde. Many relationships bounce back once Mercury goes direct again.

With that said, be careful in all communications with your lover, partner, spouse, or romantic affairs. Things will get misconstrued very easily, but this too shall pass. With Venus retrograde happening at the same time, you can use this valuable time from the Universe for real and grounded conversations with the people that you love.

Go down memory lane with them! Inject some nostalgia into the love affair, and you will reignite old sparks, and remind each other of why you are so crazy about each other. Nostalgia, if you are single, can also bring someone back. Meditation on memories is a great way to connect with twin flames, and Mercury retrograde is famous for that.


It can’t be said enough that under Mercury retrograde, inactions speak louder than words. If you must act, do so after a period of reflection, remembering, reviewing, and relaxing. Meditation is a very powerful tool during Mercury retrograde.

If communication wires are crossed, step back for a minute. Remember that not every experience is the end of the world. It may feel like that during Mercury retrograde, but it’s not. Everything is a lesson, which becomes a blessing if you are using this time right.

Everything you do under this period needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Don’t fall into the trap of acting impulsively on uncertainty. Just sit back, take it all in, and see what Mercury retrograde sends your way. This is true in work and love. Don’t start anything new, but review and reflect on the next chapter.

What blessings are you hoping for during Mercury retrograde?

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