The Inspiring Message You Need Most, Based on Your Moon Sign

Stressed, confused, or could use a bit of a pick-me-up?

Don’t fret — the stars have got your back.

When all seems to be going south, or the clouds won’t seem to stop fogging your vision, there is always astrology to light the path ahead. It doesn’t need to be particularly complicated, either! If it’s mostly your emotional state or intuition that’s causing you trouble, in particular, checking up on your Moon placement is always a good start.

Today, let’s speak directly to the heart and place some extra love and attention on what it is you need to hear based on your Moon sign.

If you aren’t sure where to find your Moon sign, use our free birth chart calculator to help you out before reading ahead!

The Inspiring Message You Need, Based on Your Moon Sign

Aries Moon

Aries Moons are no stranger to feeling things intensely, and this is especially true for right now when emotions run high overall.

You’re not one to shy away from acting with impulse and emotion, falling under the passionate element of Fire. At times like these, it is helpful to re-center and find some stable footing (as much as possible) no matter how tempting it is to search for a conclusion.

As a passionate initiator, you have the most potential when you know with complete certainty to direct your powerful emotions and energy.

Aries Moon Affirmation

I am present, I am grounded, and I am in control of what I say and do.

Taurus Moon

Stability, abundance, and all things beautiful are ultimately your territory, Taurus Moons!

When it comes to channeling this energy into your emotional state, it’s all about claiming, owning, and accepting what truly is yours. As abundant and beautiful as your emotional garden ultimately may be, you also tend to put up walls quite stubbornly — sometimes also preventing you from accepting good stuff from the outside.

Taurus Moon Affirmation

I am blessed and open to receiving what is rightfully mine.

Gemini Moon

It can be a little lonely to be an innovator and inventor.

Gemini Moons are gifted with active, intellectual, and incredibly interesting emotional landscapes but aren’t always given the proper outlet to thrive. If you lack the right person to bounce your eclectic ideas and emotions off of, or can’t seem to find a creative outlet that works for you, sometimes this bottles up to create quite the stir.

You must remember that what you feel and experience is valid, regardless of whether you can find it mirrored back to you externally.

Gemini Moon Affirmation

I am valid in what I feel and experience, with or without approval.

Cancer Moon

You can have the sweetest tendency to want to tend to others, Cancer Moon, but this is also easily your Achilles heel.

As a Water elemental, you feel deeply for others and strongly desire emotional connection, intimacy, and vulnerability. And as Cancer itself is ruled by the Moon, you’re right at home with this placement, thus making it one of great potential with how you connect with yourself and others.

However, there is a time and a place for extending your reach outwards to others, and at times you must remember to take care of yourself and your own heart first.

Gemini Moon Affirmation

I prioritize my health and emotions when necessary and forge healthy connections with others.

Leo Moon

Leo Moons are fierce lovers, fighters, and creatives but are also easily misunderstood.

Despite loving the spotlight to some degree, Leo Moons are anything but selfish. As a Fixed sign in an emotional placement, what you decide to devote your time and emotional energy to can be king. And as a passionate Leo specifically, there is nothing that you wouldn’t go down fighting for if it’s something that you truly love and care about.

Sometimes, all a Leo Moon needs is a little love and recognition for this kind of work and devotion!

Leo Moon Affirmation

I am a valued, important, and incredible friend, lover, and member of my social circles.

Virgo Moon

Perfectionist tendencies are present within all Virgo placements, but none will truly self-criticize like a Virgo Moon.

As a lover of organizing any emotional landscape (whether it’s someone else’s or your own), a Virgo Moon becomes any person’s best ally if they’re in need. If they’ve got problems, you’ve got solutions! However, you also have quite the knack for self-critique. At times, this desire to get to the nitty-gritty of your emotional state and understand everything leans into bullying or hyper-perfectionism.

Be kind to yourself, Virgo Moons, and remember that you don’t actually need to have all the answers.

Virgo Moon Affirmation

I am beautiful, smart, and important with all that I have in the here and now.

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Libra Moon

Libra Moons feel most at peace… when everyone else is.

As a mediator, you feel situations intensely when the peace isn’t being kept. Your desire to step in and make the world hold hands is very admirable. You’re probably the most adept for the job — being empathetic with Libra’s diplomatic qualities in the emotional Moon placement.

However, it’s important that you’re still able to keep your heart safe, secure, and prioritized even when you’re tempted to put others before yourself, Libra Moons.

Libra Moon Affirmation

I am balanced and resolute, and my good intentions always shine through.

Scorpio Moon

There are few that understand the emotional intensity of a Scorpio Moon — and sometimes, you don’t even understand it yourself!

Brooding, curious, mysterious, and deep, a Scorpio Moon is intuitive and experiences emotions in great highs and lows. Often, Scorpio Moons thrive in alone time and need a healthy dose of solitude in order to get all the ducks in the row. Despite being most familiar with profound emotional waters, however, sometimes a Scorpio Moon just needs to remember to come back down to earth.

You may wish to solve the mysteries of yourself and the world in one sitting, Scorpio Moon, but there is life waiting for you right in front of you as well.

Scorpio Moon Affirmation

I validate the intensity of my emotions, as well as put them to use in my day to day life.

Sagittarius Moon

You are bold, bright, and unique, Sagittarius Moon, but sometimes keeping the focus on the day-to-day parts of life is not easy for you.

The flighty, passionate, and excitable Sagittarian spirit creates a bubbly, fiery, and enthusiastic emotional landscape in the Moon placement. As someone who loves adventure and is capable of feeling it on a level others are not usually able to, a Sagittarius Moon is a blessing to travel with, converse with, and all around have a good time with. However, one of the greatest lessons a Sagittarius Moon must learn is how to find that same thrill in the more “mundane” parts of life, rather than chase the thrill elsewhere.

If you can find the fire that constantly burns from within, you won’t need to go seek it halfway across the world!

Sagittarius Moon Affirmation

I find interesting, dynamic, and thought-provoking situations in my day-to-day life and seek to find enjoyment even in routine.

Capricorn Moon

Behind some carefully constructed walls, Capricorn Moons do have profound insights about intuition and emotion to offer.

As a Capricorn Moon, you prefer to keep your emotions in check; there is often a rationale, rhyme, or reason behind everything you do — at least, that’s how you prefer things to be. Your wisdom and fortitude are definitely powerful, and there’s a unique charm to how Capricorn Moons prefer to carry their emotional state.

However, this is a place that very few are allowed to ever see, and at times you risk boxing yourself off from great opportunities because of this.

Capricorn Moon Affirmation

I feel safe and protected being emotionally vulnerable with people I care about, as I have great wisdom to offer.

Aquarius Moon

Vibrant and eclectic, Aquarius Moons are the life of the party when it comes to Moon placements!

As a natural humanitarian, Aquarius placements desire the best for the wider collective. As an Aquarius Moon, you feel most at peace when you feel like you contribute to something important.

A sense of community can feed the spirit of an Aquarius Moon, but it’s important that you don’t get lost in the sea of many faces; it’s easy for you to forget to settle down and have heart-to-hearts in more intimate settings as well.

Aquarius Moon Affirmation

I contribute valued input to my community and foster love and harmony in my interpersonal connections.

Pisces Moon

Pisces Moons feel everything deeply… everything.

As this is one of the more emotionally intense moon placements, you are likely to have a strong sense of empathy and a strong desire to communicate and cohabitate with others. Sometimes, this communication is much more intuitive, as you can pick up on what others are feeling.

However, it’s important that you set up strong boundaries so that you can best support yourself and others. You have a gift, so make sure to protect it wisely!

Pisces Moon Affirmation

I am safe, strong, and protected, and so are my emotions.

Reflecting on Your Moon Sign

If you find yourself still unsure as to where you want to go next, that is A-ok. We aren’t always meant to have all the answers, but spending some time nurturing your Moon sign can certainly open doors to some important ones.

When you take care of the placement that is often most close to your heart, you are better able to take care of yourself and others as well.

Whether it is through affirmations or gently validating what you know is to be true about your heart and soul, astrology can open the gateway to better understanding your true inner world!

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