All About the Aries Solar Eclipse & Which Zodiac Sign is Going to Feel it the MOST

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The first Solar Eclipse for 2024 is coming on April 8th, 2024, and it’s in fiery Aries! This eclipse is extra strong because Mercury retrograde just began in Aries and lines up with this eclipse. Yowza!

A planet or body is called retrograde in astrology when it appears to be moving backward through the zodiac, and this tends to throw the energy of the body off since normal motion is usually forward.

Mercury retrograde is generally the most notorious because it occurs several times every year for a few weeks at a time, and with Mercury being a tech and communication ruler, it’s ripe for fights and tech disasters!

In Aries, we’re feeling easily irritated and frustrated, quick to argue, and provoked in nanoseconds. We really need to work on better control and having health outlets for aggravation.

But the good thing about this retrograde? The Solar Eclipse! Solar Eclipses occur with New Moons and are times of big new beginnings, embarking on a whole new journey in life and the start of something magical.

This Solar Eclipse in Aries means we’re high energy and ready to take the initiative for what we want. We’re excited and enthusiastic and can quickly jump for what we want and cut through any fear with ease.

But what does this mean, coupled with the Mercury retrograde? Since retrogrades are excellent periods for second chances (we do a lot of reflecting and revisiting of the past during Mercury retrograde), this Aries Solar Eclipse is a fan-freaking-tastic time for a second chance. 

Think about something you tried before and failed at and want to try again, or tried before but didn’t see it through and feel you can now, or got blocked from being able to get started and feel you have a clear path now.

Note that there was an Aries Solar Eclipse last year with Mercury retrograde as well, but that retrograde wasn’t conjunct with the Solar Eclipse since it was in Taurus. The energy with the eclipse this year is much, much bigger for second chances because of this.

Which Zodiac Sign Feels the Aries Solar Eclipse the Most?

Answer: Aries, of course!

Solar Eclipses in your sign are always going to be strong for you, and this is the second in this eclipse set. Eclipses occur in sets of opposing signs, and we’re in Aries and Libra right now.

You experienced one Aries Solar Eclipse last year and will get one more next year, so you’re in the middle with the Solar Eclipse now. What you focus on now, you might have started last year or somehow ties into what you were working on one year ago.

If you have already begun, then this period is building on what you’ve started, but in a different way than what you’ve been doing, thanks to the Mercury retrograde. You might look at it from a different angle, get news that shifts your attention, or redo some aspect of it you think you can do better now.

This is a huge second chance for energy for everyone, but especially you, Aries. It is one of the best times of your life for it. So, think about it carefully, then make the most of the energy and get moving.

If little things get in the way, don’t let that derail you. You have what you need to work through any little blips, so don’t let frustration take over. Keep going, and you’ll do great.

Make sure to use the free astrology calendar to keep track of all lunar events! And now, let’s review how the Aries Solar Eclipse impacts the rest of the zodiac signs.

Aries Solar Eclipse for the Zodiac Signs


You may focus on opportunities you have to work behind the scenes with the Aries Solar Eclipse and Taurus, and you can make great progress when working on your own. This can give you time to review, reflect, and revamp your plans.

Something from the past can come back up, but it can prove beneficial rather than something that throws you. See the ways you can maximize the knowledge you’ve gained and trust in your intuition.


The dreams you have for your future can get more attention with the Aries Solar Eclipse and Gemini, and you can come up with different ways of approaching what you want to achieve. You can review your ideas, and thinking outside the box can help.

There might be something that needs to be changed, and that change can lead to more doors opening for you. Stay focused, be willing to adapt quickly, and see what you can create.


This Aries Solar Eclipse can help you hit new heights, Cancer, and you can make progress with what you’ve been working on for some time and have been smart with. You might want to take a different approach now and work on reviewing what you’ve already done to see where you can make improvements.

An old goal could come to mind, and this can be a good time to give it another shot if you have a better sense of it now. Work responsibly, be smart, and see what you can do.


The desire to get more space can be strong with the Aries Solar Eclipse, Leo, and you can focus on trying to open up your life to new experiences. An experience you’ve had before that you’d like to try again might be a focus, and you can learn more than you did before.

This can be a good time to regain optimism and connect with the big picture, and you can be positive about what life has in store for you.


The Aries Solar Eclipse can be empowering for you, Virgo, and you can make the most of opportunities to take control and transform. Transforming can be a good use of the energy, and the Mercury retrograde might bring out some challenges to work through, but transforming can be the way out.

Something from the past that is on the serious side and that you may have tried to avoid before can become more important now, and you can face the issue head-on to solve it and move forward.


Your connections with others get more attention with this Aries Solar Eclipse, and you can focus on improving existing commitments, being more involved with those you care about, and strengthening emotional bonds. People from the past may come back into your life, which can be exciting.

But – do remember why they’re in the past in the first place. If reconnecting can be healthy and solid, then go for it, but make sure you’re being realistic. Emotions may be running high coming off of the Lunar Eclipse in your sign a few weeks ago, so keep that in mind, and don’t make a decision from a vulnerable place.


There can be opportunities to get work done with the Aries Solar Eclipse, Scorpio, and you can pick back up old work projects and work opportunities that you didn’t get to finish, see through, or maximize properly. This can be the time for you to do your best and see it pay off.

You may prioritize the projects that excite you and can work on quickly. You can funnel your energy and enthusiasm into what you do, and others can take notice.


Your heart grows with the Aries Solar Eclipse, Sagittarius, and you can enjoy spending more time with the people you love and doing what you love most. Creativity can be high, so it can be best to focus this on creative projects and ventures; otherwise, you may lack focus on anything mundane.

You may want to reconnect with a past love or rekindle the flame with a romantic partner. You can also pick back up an old hobby or take a different approach to a creative project.


Home and family matters can get more attention with the Aries Solar Eclipse, Capricorn, and you can spend more time making your home more comfortable, strengthen your support system, or give more support to those you think of as family. This can help settle you emotionally.

You can also focus on starting something from the ground up, and this might be something that you tried before but couldn’t get off of the ground. The energy can be there for you to get it going now.


Your mind can be of benefit to you with the Aries Solar Eclipse, Aquarius, and you can focus on utilizing your ideas and crafting short-term plans. An old idea might be on the brain, and you can feel you know what you need to do now to make it happen.

This can also be a good time to find new ways to express yourself and to experiment with different communication styles. You may also get some unexpected news, but it’s positive.


You may work on reconnecting with the moment and being more present with the Aries Solar Eclipse, Pisces. This can help you improve confidence, stability, and security, and you can move forward with greater awareness of your next steps.

You can also pick back up an old resource that was beneficial for you before and can be used again, and you can take a different approach to resources you already have. This helps you feel more abundant and in control.

Good Luck With the Solar Eclipse Energy

This is a strong Solar Eclipse thanks to the Mercury retrograde, so it packs a punch. Don’t be afraid of that, though. Go with it, and see what you can uncover.

We’re pulling away from the Libra Lunar Eclipse a couple of weeks ago, which gave more attention to our connections, and this Aries Solar Eclipse wants us to give more attention to ourselves. Rediscover yourself and get going.

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