A New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries is Approaching – Here’s EXACTLY What That Means

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In just a few days, we’re going to have our first eclipse for 2023, a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries! This eclipse is a HUGE deal, so we need to pay close attention to it and use it immediately so we don’t miss out on this massive opportunity for action and advancement.

It won’t be in effect for too long, and it does come with some wonky energy at the same time that we need to be mindful of managing in a masterful way.

How can you do that?

What is a New Moon Solar Eclipse?

A New Moon occurs when the transit (moving) Sun and Moon are conjunct or aligned in the same spot in the zodiac. We have roughly one New Moon every four weeks, or about one each month, and 12-13 each year.

New Moons are times of new beginnings, high energy, and enthusiasm. This is the time of the month when we want to take charge and get going with new projects and ventures we can work on for the next month to a year.

A New Moon is a Solar Eclipse when the New Moon is close to the Lunar Nodes, which are the points in the Moon’s orbit where the Moon crosses the ecliptic. We usually have 2 Solar Eclipses each year, but sometimes there are 3-4. 2023 has two.

Solar Eclipses amplify the New Moon’s energy times ten. They are supercharged times of new beginnings, with extra high energy, and we’re excited to get moving with new ventures that can be a focus for the next few months to the next few years.

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About Aries in Astrology

Aries is the first zodiac sign, which is associated with new beginnings. It’s the leader, it’s the pioneer, it’s the one blazing new trails, and it’s enthusiastic about doing so.

Aries is a Fire sign, which gives it extra energy and enthusiasm. It’s also a Cardinal sign, which adds to its leadership abilities. Its natural ruling planet is Mars, adding to its zeal.

Aries has the most energy of all of the zodiac signs and wants to take action immediately. It’s independent, free-spirited, rash, impulsive, and impatient.

The 2023 New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries is Supercharged

The combination of a New Moon Solar Eclipse and the sign of Aries means that this is super energy for new beginnings, projects, ventures, and journeys in life.

We’re ready to go, and we can jump right in!

This eclipse is EVEN STRONGER, though, because it occurs at a position called the anaretic degree. Every zodiac sign is split into 30 degrees, and 29 degrees is the very last degree. This is called the anaretic degree.

The anaretic degree is supercharged energy. Put this together with Aries, an energetic sign on its own, and a Solar Eclipse, a time of high energy by itself, and holy cow; this eclipse is through the roof and to the stars with how much energy it’s packing!

We’re pushed in a huge way to take action with this eclipse. We can just sit back and wait. We’ve waited too long; we need to act immediately! (or at least that’s what we’re feeling)

Lucky planet Jupiter is adding to this right now as Jupiter is touring Aries and lights up this eclipse in a few weeks before moving into Taurus. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, expanding on whatever it touches, expanding on this supercharged energy.

Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16, and this energy may tamp down at that point, so we’ve got another month to use this eclipse before we don’t feel so pressed to get moving.

Don’t forget Mercury Retrograde!

This eclipse isn’t all sunshine and roses and unicorns, though, because the eclipse occurs in the wee hours of April 20th, and Mercury retrograde starts less than 28 hours later on April 21st. 

A planet is called retrograde in astrology when it appears to move backward through the zodiac. Mercury retrogrades for 2-3 weeks at a time 3-4 times yearly and is notorious for throwing everything off.

This means we must be mindful of Mercury retrograde as we maneuver through this vital eclipse energy. The Mercury retrograde occurs in Taurus, which is normally slow energy, and we don’t want to do much of anything, which is quite different from the supercharged eclipse.

Mercury retrogrades in Taurus can frustrate us if things aren’t moving as we’d like them, and this is the most likely scenario with the Solar Eclipse in Aries. We want to jump right in with what we want, but we likely can’t do that and need a little patience.

It’s easy to let the frustration derail us, but that would be a waste of this energy. Keep calm, stay focused, have healthy outlets for frustrations and aggravations, and keep pushing through.

This is amazing energy for pushing through a massive, major block in life and getting out of a rut we’ve been stuck in for a long time. We finally have what it takes to get out; there can be some relief.

Retrogrades are also associated with second chances, so this would be a great time to look back at something you’d like another shot at and do so now. Thanks to the retrograde, opportunities can be everywhere to make this happen, and progress can be made quickly thanks to the eclipse.

Also, note that the previous New Moon on March 21 also occurred in Aries, so if you got something started a month ago with that New Moon, this Solar Eclipse might help you get further along, and there can be culminations or results.

However, we may not see full results for another month when Jupiter lights up the eclipse right before exiting Aries. Have patience, and keep going!

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries for the Zodiac Signs


This eclipse occurs in your sign, Aries, which means you get the most significant impact – it’s your time to shine! You can personally feel the high energy, enthusiasm, and excitement and use this to your advantage.

The Mercury retrograde may remind you not to let impulsive behavior get in the way, strengthening your confidence in your pursuit. You may benefit from grounding yourself during this period so you’re not too caught up in the energy.


Pursuing opportunities that keep you in the background may be your preference with the Aries Solar Eclipse, Taurus. You may feel that you do your best on your own and not deal with demanding people, though you may also thrive when working behind someone else and get some recognition for that.

The Mercury retrograde in your sign might throw lots of little things in your way, and you have to make sure you’re giving yourself the time to work through them, not being hard on yourself for encountering blocks and making time to recharge so you don’t break.


The future and your dreams can be your main focus with the Aries Solar Eclipse and Gemini, and you can get excited by opportunities that bring you closer to achieving something you dream of. This may involve a significant change in your life, and you can be willing to step outside of your comfort zone to make it happen.

The Mercury retrograde may drain you at times, so it can be important that you take breaks and get plenty of rest right now. You may also embrace your independence and prefer doing things independently for now.


The Aries Solar Eclipse can bring great new heights for you, Cancer, and if you’ve been working hard and smart at something for some time, you can get some recognition, achieve success, and get further along your path now. You can be disciplined and enjoy reaping your rewards.

The Mercury retrograde may bring some reality into your dreams, but don’t let that make you pessimistic about what you can accomplish. Drill down on your long-term plans for your goals, and stick to them.


Being bold and adventurous can be what you crave most with the Aries Solar Eclipse, Leo, which can open up new doors for you. You can feel ready for new experiences and may want to get out and learn something new, share knowledge, or expand your life in some way.

The Mercury retrograde can make discipline a little tricky, and you may want to avoid responsibilities right now, but this likely isn’t intelligent. Try to find space in smart ways where you can, and make tweaks to your plans to give yourself more room for adventure.


A transformation for the better may lead to more power and control with the Aries Solar Eclipse, Virgo. You can feel stronger and more willful and may come back from something you didn’t think you’d be able to come back from, impressing yourself and others along the way and getting some attention.

The Mercury retrograde can help you get some space as you move along, and you can be reminded of the importance of balancing optimism with reality. You can reconnect with the big picture and stay on course.


Relationships and connections can benefit you in new ways with the Aries Solar Eclipse, Libra. You can pursue opportunities to do something with a partner, create new alliances and agreements, and meet new people who open more doors for you. You can take your commitments more seriously and show support to others as well.

The Mercury retrograde may want you to work on getting to the heart of something and not settle for the superficial. There may be some information underneath it all that helps you with what you’re pursuing.


Work opportunities can be plentiful with the Aries Solar Eclipse and Scorpio. You can focus on getting work done, starting new projects, and prioritizing the work and projects that excite you. You can get attention for some of your work, and there can be more opportunities for advancement.

The Mercury retrograde may urge you to maintain balance, so avoid being all work and no play. This can throw you off, so leave room in your schedule to get away from work and spend time with loved ones or relax.

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Creativity can be supercharged with the Aries Solar Eclipse and Sagittarius, and you can pursue opportunities for new creative projects. You may get extra attention for projects you’ve already been working on. You can also follow new hobbies and may turn a hobby into something more.

The Mercury retrograde may want you to pay attention to the details and not get too caught up in just the fun stuff. There are likely mundane tasks to tend to, so make sure you have some time for that, and then work on the fun ones.


Opportunities to work on something from the ground up can be your main focus with the Aries Solar Eclipse, Capricorn, which you may work on for some time. You can ensure it’s solid and strong now and move upward toward your goal, confident in your abilities and plans.

The Mercury retrograde may want you to take a creative approach with this opportunity and not get too wrapped up in the traditional ways of doing things. If you’re not enjoying it, you may not do much, so open up.


Your mind can be a big asset right now with the Aries Solar Eclipse Aquarius, and you may pursue opportunities to make one of your ideas a reality. You can get excited by what you come up with, use knowledge and advice, and express yourself more easily.

The Mercury retrograde may remind you to take care of your emotional needs and balance the mind with the heart, which can help you progress and feel more in control.


Building security and abundance can be your focus with the Aries Solar Eclipse, Pisces, and you can prioritize opportunities to do that. You want to feel your life is solid and stable in every way, and your ability to ensure that can be strong now, and you can utilize your resources well and bring more to you.

The Mercury retrograde can keep your mind active, and you can make use of lots of ideas and information available to you. Just make sure to ground your mind so you don’t have mental burnout.

Good luck With the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

There is so much energy available to us right now, so being smart with it can leap you ahead of everyone else. Set yourself apart from the rest and utilize this energy well.

There isn’t much time to do this, so don’t wait too long. Energy like this won’t be around again for a long time, so don’t miss it!

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