Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for April 8th – 14th, 2024

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If you have just one week to make April 2024 count, you’ll want to make it this one.

This week comes in hot with an Aries Solar eclipse on the 8th, pulling in high energy, enthusiasm, passion, and lots of potential for new beginnings.

Remember that Mercury retrograde (in the same sign as the bold and brave ram) is still underway, so you can also take this time as an opportunity to revisit old ideas or conversations you once had to drop or let go of.

With so much fresh, revitalizing energy on the table, we’ve consulted the Tarot to see how you can make the most of it this week!

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope


The Chariot (Reversed)

Aries isn’t making headway in the way that they’d like (but that doesn’t mean you have to stop in your tracks).

The Chariot reversed spotlights roadblocks and difficulties in your long-term goals and ambitions. Perhaps you’re just not where you thought you’d be at this point in your life.

That’s okay — this card is here to force you to re-examine who you are, what you want, and what it really takes to go after all of that.

Your vision for your present may not be crystal clear and desirable, but the future still awaits.


4 of Swords

Taurus, it’s time to rest, whether you want to or not.

The 4 of Swords is a call to let the mind and body take a break. You may need to heal from old wounds and serious difficulties, or maybe you’ve just been chugging along for too long without enough of a rest.

If you don’t rest here, you’ll probably find a much harder road up ahead later.

So, while it may feel inconvenient for now, consider this card a blessing in disguise.


Ace of Wands

Gemini, there’s a fire in your eyes and a spark in your path.

In other words, the Ace of Wands is saying that you have a lot of passion, positivity, new ideas, and fresh potential awaiting you this week.

Whether that passion and intrigue come from inside (an interesting idea or rejuvenated sense of ambition) or the outside (an opportunity or adventure), this card foretells some excitement no matter what.

How will you seize that fire?


8 of Wands (Reversed)

Cancer has a lot of exciting ideas and things to say, but it’s not all coming out easily.

The 8 of Wands reversed can feel like stunted passion, like the feeling of when you have words on the tip of your tongue that just won’t formulate properly.

For some Cancerians, this doesn’t have to be exactly about a specific idea that isn’t coming to light, but just a slower pace unfolding than you would like.

Although this can be a source of frustration for many, keep in mind that good things take time, and there are worse things than patience being a central obstacle.


Judgement (Reversed)

Uncertain about something, Leo?

Judgement reversed complicates your worldview, perspective of yourself, or how you relate to the outside world.

You may feel more foggy and clouded about your purpose in your current path or, in general, uncertain about relevant choices in the coming week. This can be disorienting, especially for a sign as typically confident as you, Leo.

However, this is also an opportunity for deeper self-reflection and contemplation. The answers may be unclear, but they are not necessarily far away.


The Hermit

Virgo, your very own card is on the table for you this week.

That’s right — you received The Hermit for your week ahead, which is actually the Tarot card associated with Virgos themselves.

As such, this is a time for contemplation, re-organizing, and coming into full contact with your authentic truths. Big decisions, plans, and understandings may come to fruition this week for you.

More than chasing any specific outcome, though, it’s important to use this time to attune to your instincts and celebrate who you are, Virgo.


7 of Swords (Reversed)

Libra received the 7 of Swords last week, but it’s sitting in a different context this time.

Although this card previously challenged your morality and sharp decision-making skills, it now faces you in reversed position, affirming that you can now put many of these difficulties behind you.

Some Libras may be feeling this as a need to heal from any wounds that you may have incurred over the past couple of weeks, and others will just take this time to reflect on any lessons learned.


Queen of Swords (Reversed)

Scorpio may be overthinking their way into a bind this week.

If you’re not careful, the Queen of Swords reversed can forecast cloudy weather inside your very own mind.

You want to make strides in decision-making and your understanding of yourself and the situations unfolding, but pushing forward when your mind actually needs a break will lead to nothing fruitful.

And if you don’t let yourself loosen the reins, you may find that the cloudiness will turn into a storm real quick.


3 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Sagittarius hasn’t found their flow lately when it comes to workplace settings.

The 3 of Pentacles reversed stirs up communication issues and spotlights different working styles, especially in typically stable group settings (like an office environment or a friend group that meets up frequently).

You may have trouble getting on the same page with people you want cooperation from (which makes progress on your goals more difficult, too).

Deep breaths, as this period of mismatched vibes and chemistry, will pass with time. Don’t rush to the finish line here.


4 of Pentacles

Capricorn, not everything needs to be understood and held immediately.

In other words, the 4 of Pentacles hints that you may be clinging onto something — answers and plans about your future (especially relating to career, material security, and labels or titles).

This is a very normal human instinct, but it may be born out of fear or anxiety (and making commitments or decisions from that kind of place can be dangerous).

Carefully evaluate how you attach yourself to people, labels, and commitments this week.


6 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Although Aquarius holds the reputation for being a humanitarian sign, this week is about giving back to yourself more than anything.

The 6 of Pentacles reversed asks you to pull back on where you might be giving resources away.

This doesn’t just have to be about money but also about more immaterial resources you offer up without thinking (like time, effort, and verbal commitments).

The person who might be needing the most help is actually you, Aquarius. So… how will you give back to yourself this week?


10 of Pentacles

Pisces has received an excellent omen for considering their long-term plans.

With the 10 of Pentacles, this week is great for looking ahead at the future, connecting with a clear vision for abundance, and very seriously considering the legacy you’d like to leave behind on this earth.

It’s important not to view this as a daunting task but instead an exciting one.

With such clear, focused, and expansive energy up your sleeve, you have a lot of wiggle room to make wonderful progress right now.

A Reminder About Your Tarotscope

Your Tarotscope has offered some essential guidance or perhaps a heads-up on what is to come this week (on a more personal level, at least).

After you’ve taken some time to reflect on how your card relates to your life in more intricate, personal ways (whether through meditation, journaling, or something else), you may also find that there were nuggets of wisdom in there that only you could see.

After all, the magic of the Tarot is that we don’t always understand how its messages will manifest for us until they unfold right in front of us or until we’ve contemplated a little further.

Make sure to try our instant Yes/No Tarot Reading to gain even more insights for this week!

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