5 Ways to Embrace Rebirth This Winter Solstice

Are you ready for the peak of transformation and rebirth this December? Get ready for the Winter Solstice!

On December 21st, 2020, this special time of year will occur, and this marks the beginning of long days and short nights as spring approaches. It is a time of rebirth, renewal, and transformation.

One reason it is so significant is that it also highlights rebirth that occurs within ourselves.

Have you noticed that the long nights often bring their own fair set of challenges with them? You may notice this being especially prevalent during Scorpio season, a season where death and rebirth are prominent themes. Darkness settles, not just over the skies, but within us too.

The Winter Solstice marks a time when we can take the lessons we learned during the long nights and transform them into something positive.

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What is the Winter Solstice?

Fresh starts, new ways of thinking, new beginnings. This is what the Winter Solstice brings us.

Think of how you want to blossom in your life come the spring. It would help if you did some preparations for that.

In winter, that means out with the old to make room for the new blossoms. The more light you have in your day, the more you can follow that light, grow your soul, and reach your soul’s purpose.

First, before you do that, you must get rid of what is no longer serving you.

This is the beauty of the Winter Solstice. Releasing what no longer serves us. Each year presents lessons and challenges, and by the end of the year, we can reflect on these challenges and see how they have shaped us, what we need to do moving forward, and, most importantly, what needs releasing.

Winter Solstice Astrology

Each Cardinal sign launches a season with a solstice or an equinox.

For Capricorn, it’s the Winter Solstice. This is an important time of year for your soul because, like all other living things on this planet, you undergo a period of rebirth and renewal during winter.

Think about the New Year’s resolutions we have in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s no coincidence this happens during the time of the Winter Solstice. We, the people of Earth, are ready to start afresh when January 1st arrives. This is precisely what the Winter Solstice is about, and the Cardinal Earth sign Capricorn is the pack leader.

It’s also no coincidence that an earth sign is the leader of the pack. Think of what happens to vegetation during the winter season.

It gets packed down, dampened, and left to cultivate until warmer weather can arrive.

When warmer weather arrives, and Cardinal sign Aries leads us into the Spring Equinox, blossoms appear soon after.

The Earth signs are our gardeners. Think of all the Earth signs you know; they likely have some connection to spring and summer gardening!

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The Solstice in Other Cultures


The Feast of Juul

Did you ever wonder what those Yule logs were about that you see around Christmas time? They’re not just there to look pretty! They have a purpose.

They are celebrating the feast of Juul (pronounced “Yule”).

The Feast of Juul is an ancient Scandinavian tradition where a log is put on the fire to symbolize the return of the Sun in the Winter Solstice. Fire represents light, and the Sun is fire.

The main log was brought in and celebrated with the Scandinavian god, Thor, being the god honored for the day. Thor’s duties included honoring the Sun and bringing it back to his people.

After the Juul log was burned, its ashes were taken and spread into the fields and farms that the farmers wanted to see abundance in.

The Feast of Saturnalia

Saturn is the planet that rules the Cardinal sign of the Earth signs, Capricorn. Saturnalia occurs around December 17th and lasts for a full week. It is a feast to celebrate Saturn, the god of harvest and time. It also honors discipline and order.

The theme of Saturnalia is about putting grudges behind you and working towards forgiveness.

In astrology, Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma. As you can imagine, reflecting on the year gone by will herald some karmic realizations in relationships, career, events, and your own personal growth.

The 12 Days of Christmas

Not many people are aware that the 12 days of Christmas are tied to the Ancient Egyptians!.

In ancient Egyptian times, the rebirth of the Sun was celebrated during the 12 days of Christmas. It is directly tied to the Winter Solstice. A 12-day festival would ensue, and each day would be themed by one of the 12 months of the year.

5 Winter Solstice Rituals to Embrace Rebirth

1. Do a New Year’s Ritual


We are all familiar with New Year’s resolutions, and how we spend New Year’s is an individual preference.

There is real magic on each New Year’s eve, and one way of embracing rebirth is to perform a New Year’s ritual.

This is unique to everyone, but to get you started, you could set yourself a quiet spot on New Year’s Eve, light a candle and ask the universe for something particular to help you with the forthcoming year.

Of course, you may have no idea what is in store; but go inwards and listen to your intuition. Your soul knows what is in store for you. Listen to the feelings you get; you may even receive images or messages. Go with your inner voice.

This ritual doesn’t have to be long, fancy, or elaborate. It could take between 10 minutes or two hours; it is entirely up to you and what feels right to you.

You can also use crystals associated with the Winter Solstice to aid you in these rituals as they draw upon the natural energies of the earth and empower your ritual even more.

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2. Take a Candlelit Bath

Baths are purifying. Water cleanses the mind, body, and soul, removing negative attachments or energies that have latched onto us throughout the year.

When you take a Winter Solstice bath, add light around you with candles. Imagine the water is purifying you. Go under the water as the plants go under the mulch, and rise out of it anew; if you make wishes or set intentions when you rise above, even better.

3. Declutter


Time to clean out those closets that are collecting things you no longer use. One of the great things about this particular Winter Solstice tradition (and it is for many, even if they don’t realize it!) is removing those things that have served you before but no longer have a purpose.

They are taking up space, and when space in your closet or home is used for things you no longer use, you disrupt your spiritual energy flow. That’s why you always feel better when you clean out your closet.

The energy is flowing again! Out with the old.

4. Set Intentions

This is similar to a New Year’s ritual, but this time you are setting specific intentions rather than asking for something from the Universe.

What can you do with all this powerful energy on the Winter Solstice? Allow yourself to sit in quiet meditation. Make it a special one with a new candle, a beautiful piece of music, and clean loose clothing so you can be comfortable.

Clear your thoughts by breathing slowly and deeply, and allow yourself to sense what your heart is nudging you to do in the coming year.

Write down whatever arises, and don’t be surprised if it’s actually really a great idea! Trust what comes to you now because this day is great for sensing a strong soul connection – it’s always there, but it’s much easier to find on days like this.

  • What is your soul asking of you?
  • Are you on your path?
  • Are you unapologetically listening to your heart, and where can you find inspiration daily?
  • Is there something your creative energy is pulled towards?

5. Celebrate Nature With a Christmas Tree


A Christmas tree is something many of us have in our homes to celebrate, and it also links to the Winter Solstice. We celebrate the Earth and Earth sign Capricorn by bringing in vegetation from the outside and then decorating it beautifully to celebrate.

Christmas trees bring great happiness, even just by looking at them!

Having one in your home is a reminder of the joy to be found in despair, the light to be found in the dark, and the rebirth and transformation that awaits after the challenges and lessons that have been learned.

How Will You Be Reborn?

The Winter Solstice marks a time of renewal and rejuvenation, which affects us all on individual levels.

This is no ordinary Winter Solstice either, as a Grand Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter will also occur this December 21st. This highlights an opportunity to start from scratch. We can expect to see plenty of changes, most likely of the shocking kind, and possibly restrictions, as Saturn dominates this conjunction.

However, great change never came easy, and that is one thing that this particularly challenging year of 2020 has taught us.

This Winter Solstice focus on your achievements, goals, and aspirations. What lessons have you learned? What areas do you wish to improve on? How can you become the brightest and best version of yourself as we move into 2021?

Embrace what is to come by trying out the suggestions above and go forward with hope, spirit, and strength in your heart.

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