New Moon in Gemini Sparks Twin Flames: Plant Seeds of Change

It′s New Moon time again, and we have another exciting one upon us. With a New Moon in the zodiac sign of the Twins, Gemini, just around the corner, soulmate energy is everywhere. Literally.

If you’ve been feeling like you’ve been seeing signs of true love, it’s not just in your head. Prepare yourself for the New Moon period between June 11 and June 15 when the New Moon in Gemini arrives to help you plant the seeds of change with your special soul mate, even if you don’t know who that is yet!

Know that the possibilities and the energy to manifest those possibilities is just a few days away. On June 13, 2018, we have a gorgeous New Moon in Gemini. Gemini is symbolized by the Twins, and this means that this is the best New Moon this year that will help you plant seeds of change with your Twin Flame or soulmate. Are you ready for your life, or your love life, to take a new direction? Then follow these tips on how to plant the seeds of change with this month′s New Moon in Gemini!

New Moon in Gemini Themes

Here we have the New Moon in the zodiac sign of Gemini. This means this month′s New Moon will take on the qualities and themes of the Mutable Sign of the Air Sign Gemini.

  • The Twins. Gemini is symbolized by the Twins, and so the theme of twins, dualities, and synchronicities will be present. Also the theme of twin flames will be available in abundance. The Gemini symbol is the same symbol as the twin flame symbol, and both are ruled by the Lovers Card in Tarot.
  • Choices. Gemini has the quality of choices and flexibility as a Mutable Sign. Expect this theme to be present under this New Moon as well.
  • Dualities. From the peaceful nurturer to the destroyer of all life around you, Gemini energy often comes in extremes. When the extremes hit you, remember that as bad as things may get, that only means that intense good is the next stage of this particular experience. The Universe commands balance, so this New Moon will help prepare you for the dualities of experience that are coming your way, for all zodiac signs.

Here are some tips to help you with that!

1. Plant the seeds that you want.

During Full Moon phases, we experience illumination, as the light of the Full Moon shines on issues that brings them to a close. The Full Moon brings issues to completion, while the New Moon is just the opposite. It′s a darker phase that represents the beginning of something. It′s a time to lay down foundations and get the prep work done so you can reap the benefits later.

Don′t be upset if things don′t come up roses on the day of the New Moon. It′s seed planting time! Did you ever do an experiment in school where you planted a little bean seed and made note of what happened to it over the next few weeks? What did you have to do to it first? Bury it deep in the dark soil.

Think of the New Moon period as the dark soil in which to plant seeds. Plant the seeds that you want, tend to them with care, and leave them to take root on their own. You do this with introspection and reflection. During these darkened moments you find the space and the clarity to plant the right seeds and set that energy in motion. Now let them take on lives of their own in your life, and remember, you did that!

2. Communication takes life to the next level.

If there has been a mystery in your life lately, especially when it comes to soul mates and twin flames, you still may not be all there when it comes to getting what you want. Gemini can be a tricky one, talking out of both sides of the brain. You’ve probably felt a lot of this already the past few weeks.

The New Moon in Mutable sign Gemini can help you on the communication front. But remember, this is a time only about planting seeds. So start planting the seeds of communication with someone that you believe is your soul mate or twin flame. Or, just someone that you care about. Plant the seeds, be casual and breezy, and let them grow under the rich dark of this New Moon.

In two weeks when the Full Moon arrives, clarity is yours for the taking, and communication in key. Relationships will take on a life of their own. When you set the right intentions, this New Moon will unleash the portals that you can use to communicate the truth about who you are, and take your life to the next level. Be careful what you wish for, because you will get it.

3. Long term commitments are favored.

Dualities are key and so are partnerships during this New Moon in Gemini. The seeds that you plant in the way of successful commitments will spring to life for you within a few weeks time. Your relationship can experience sudden movement in the right direction if you are willing to plant the right seeds and own your place in the process. You may see a lot of back and forth with a lover or partner, and this may be frustrating. Stay true to your integrity and the New Moon will help you to attract better communication from your true love or twin flame.

Remember, the New Moon event is not about an event in your life actually happening. It′s about planting the seeds to make it happen. So if you are hoping to find a soul mate or twin flame commitment and it doesn′t happen on June 13, don′t say the New Moon didn′t work for you. Plant the right seeds and then wait for that flower to grow. Be patient!

4. Expect to hear from your twin flame or twin spirit.

If you want to hear from your twin flame, or even get messages about them from your angels and guides, expect that to happen during this New Moon. The New Moon in Gemini is symbolized by the Twin Flame symbol. You may see this symbol appearing around you more often. I saw a gas price once that was 111.1 for days when I was going through a synchronicity period. 11:11 is another common symbol you will see when you are getting messages from or about your twin flame.

Remember, these are fated events. You can′t intentionally drive by a gas station that you know has gas at that price just to see that price number and the 111.1 sign again. It has to happen to you organically, and you will get a lovely warm feeling when it happens. That′s how you’ll know it′s a fated event, sent by or about your twin flame.

Don′t question whether or not it will happen. It will, even if you don′t believe in twin flames. Now you will know what all of those little signs mean and why funny coincidences keep happening. When they do, thank the Universe and send the love back out to your twin flame in some way. Send them an actual message by text or email if you can, or just send a prayer to them or have a meditation “chat” with them and send your love that way. What you focus on grows, so use this lovely twin flame New Moon to make the most of this glorious energy.

5. What you focus on grows….

Remember that thoughts become things, and what you focus on grows. So your thoughts need to become good ones if you want to manifest good things in your life. This is the Law of Attraction. What you focus on grows. Literally.

So here you are planting the seeds of your life that you want to germinate in the darkness of the New Moon. Focus on planting good, healthy seeds. Don′t worry or complain about the “weather” that might damage your “crops”. Be positive, and nurture those dreams with love, joy, and gratitude. And what will happen? Your twin flame or soul mate will send you a message, somehow. This is true for all zodiac signs, you don’t need to be a Gemini to reap these blessings. Just remember, wait. Growth doesn’t happen overnight.

Concluding thoughts….

And there you have it. Everything you need to know about the New Moon in Gemini this June 13, 2018. If you want to plant the seeds of change in your love life and attract your twin flame and soul mate to you, start now. Then, between June 11 and June 15, really focus on sending and receiving communication from or about your twin flame. When you do, what you focus on grows.

Stay tuned to your Daily Horoscopes to find out how this New Moon in Gemini will impact you and your twin flame. What are your New Moon twin flame wishes?

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Christine Beswick

As a Scorpio, Christine Beswick is a natural empath, using her watery emotional side to bring you the astrology answers you need to find abundance. Christine’s favorite tools of choice are the stars, as it was her grandmother who first told her many moons ago that’s where all the answers were. Christine’s Scorpio side favors writing as her medium of choice to express those answers. When she’s not pondering life’s big questions, it is Christine’s dream to one day be the crazy cat lady on her street.
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