Your Essential Horoscopes for Sagittarius Season

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Here comes Sagittarius season, earthlings! And that means it’s time for your Sagittarius season horoscopes.

Sagittarius season occurs when the Sun tours the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. If you’re wondering, “when is Sagittarius season?” the Sagittarius season dates for 2022 are November 22nd to December 21st.

Sagittarius season is traditionally a time for optimism, expansion, and enjoyment. We come out of Scorpio season, which is dark and serious, and we’re ready to shed that and be more open than we have been.

This Sagittarius season gets a surge of Sagittarius energy right off the bat thanks to Mercury entering Sagittarius on November 17th, Venus entering Sagittarius on November 16th, and a New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23rd.

Mercury helps us focus and think bigger, while Venus helps us work on getting along. The New Moon brings extra opportunities, and we can pursue new beginnings that open up new doors.

This is added to with Jupiter, the natural ruling planet of Sagittarius, ending its retrograde on November 23rd. Jupiter moving backward stifles some of the expansive energy of Sagittarius, so Jupiter moving forward soon helps to open up even more.

The problem during Sagittarius season? Mars retrograde, which is in effect for the entire season.

Mars is moving backward, which stirs up a lot of irritation, aggravation, and frustration. Mars is in Gemini, the sign directly opposite Sagittarius, so this can bring opposition that we’re not anticipating.

Sagittarius and Gemini are signs of communication, so we must be mindful of our words. Otherwise, we’re falling into fights pretty easily. Avoid a sharp tongue!

Try to focus on getting a little bit of space and not being too hard on yourself or others. Make the most of the surge in energy right at the start of the season so you have something positive to focus on.

Remember to use the free astrology calendar to keep track of the Sun and all of the planets!

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Traits

Sagittarius is a Fire sign. Hence it is considered a positive zodiac sign.

Sagittarius wants to enjoy itself, have some fun, and not be too serious, but it can still learn from everything it does, even if it’s not serious on the surface. Every experience is a learning experience for Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is also a Mutable sign, which constantly keeps Sagittarius on the go. Sagittarius doesn’t like standing still and can easily get bored, so it needs lots to do.

The natural ruling planet for Sagittarius is Jupiter, the happy, expansive planet of opportunity. This makes Sagittarius a sign that’s a little luckier than all of the others, and we can get a tiny shot of that luck during Sagittarius season.

The Sagittarius man is optimistic, magnetic, and always looking for new experiences. The Sagittarius woman is a free spirit, fun-loving, and adventurous.

Positive Sagittarius Traits

  • Sees opportunity everywhere
  • Focuses on the bright side of situations
  • An eternal student
  • Open to new experiences
  • Wise
  • Adventurous
  • Bold
  • Daring

Negative Sagittarius Traits

  • Non-committal
  • Self-absorbed
  • Preachy
  • Bends the truth
  • Doesn’t listen

Now that you’re all caught up on the basics of Sagittarius let’s get into the horoscopes for Sagittarius season for your zodiac sign!

Your Sagittarius Season Horoscopes


Expanding and exploring can be good for you during Sagittarius season, Aries, and this can be especially helpful with your ruler, Mars, retrograde. If you’re feeling frustrated and easily annoyed, expanding and exploring can help minimize that.

You may want to take a step back from everything and get a good look at the big picture. The details may be draining you, and taking it all in can help give you some perspective.


Passion and intensity may be strong during this Sagittarius season, Taurus, and you can use this to dig deeper into projects, ideas, plans, and people. This can help you find solutions, and you may embark on a transformation of some sort.

The Mars retrograde may have you feeling stuck and immovable, but this Sagittarius energy can help motivate you as needed. Focus this on the areas of life that need it most.


The people in your life may benefit you during Sagittarius season, Gemini, and this can be greatly helpful if you’re feeling out of sorts thanks to Mars retrograde in your sign. Avoid fighting with others, don’t let pride get in the way, and you can see how they can be of help.

Balance may be important for you now, so try to focus on areas you’ve been neglecting. Keep the peace, and don’t give in to little annoyances.


Sagittarius season can be a productive period for you, Cancer, and you can tackle as many of the little tasks, chores, and projects as possible. You may prefer to be on your own now, and you can use this time alone to get things done.

Make sure you don’t push yourself too hard and take on too much of the little things. This might drain you, so plan to get breaks and recharge.


Creativity can be high during Sagittarius season, Leo, and you can bring creative energy to anything and everything you do. This helps you enjoy even the most mundane tasks, and you can get attention for it.

Taking care of your heart can also be helpful, and you can listen to it carefully. This can help if you’ve had unexpected developments that have made you feel disconnected, and you can steady yourself again.


Taking care of your emotional needs can be a good thing during Sagittarius season, Virgo, and this can give you more security and stability. Throw aside the idea that Virgo can’t be emotional and let yourself get in tune with what you feel.

This can help you strengthen yourself internally, which can help if you’ve been feeling that your path has become shaky. A strong foundation can stabilize what you build externally.


An active mind can dominate your Sagittarius season, Libra, and you can use this to think your way out of challenging situations and find solutions. Your mind can be an asset, which can be a great advantage for you.

If others don’t jump on board right away, don’t immediately rush to defend and fight. Take a beat, and find another way to communicate your point, idea, or plan, which can help them understand.


Sagittarius season can bring opportunities to calm energy down for you, Scorpio, and you can infuse greater stability and security throughout your life. Getting grounded can help you soothe some of the intense, unrelenting energy that has likely persisted thanks to Mars retrograde.

Balancing that intense energy with some calm and stability can open up new options for you that would otherwise be closed off. Use passion when needed, and stay calm the rest of the time.


When it’s your season, this is traditionally a time to start something new, embark on new beginnings and ventures, and go for what you want, Sagittarius. Energy can be high, enthusiasm can overflow, and you can get excited.

Since Mars is retrograde, you likely need to balance this focus on yourself with a focus on others. The people in your life may require more attention, and this can be frustrating when you want to focus on yourself, but finding a middle ground can be the way to go.


Sagittarius season may demand you get more time alone, Capricorn, and this can help if you’ve been doing a lot of extra work lately. Tasks, chores, and projects may be taking up all your time and energy, which can drain your energy, so getting away from it can be beneficial.

Take the time to yourself to recharge, reflect, and review. This can lead to greater insights, making your intuition stronger and more reliable.


Focusing on your dreams can be important for you during Sagittarius season, Aquarius, and you can make changes that get you closer to where you hope to be in life. You can be open to stepping outside of your comfort zone and pursuing the unconventional to make it happen.

Doing things differently can help you get moving if you’ve struggled to have the motivation or questioned your desires recently. A new approach could be just what you need.


Pursuing opportunities to make progress with your goals can be a great focus for Sagittarius Season, Pisces, and you can get recognition, make important connections, or hit your stride. You can feel more ambitious and want to accomplish even more.

This can help you get out of your feelings, which may be extra strong now. Giving yourself an external focus can soothe some of the intense emotional energy.

Get Lucky During Sagittarius Season

If you need a little luck, Sagittarius is on your side, and you can focus on making your life better in any way you can. Pursue what inspires you and make you feel like everything is going to work out the way you want it to.

It’s in your hands!

Get Lucky During Sagittarius Season

Sagittarius is a sign of luck, and we’re definitely going to need it during this Sagittarius season! Try to take advantage of opportunities that connect with you and could turn your luck around.

If things don’t seem to be going quite right, and you can’t find the opportunities you want, consider making them on your own. You can be more powerful than you realize, and Sagittarius season is great for creating your own luck.

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