Uranus is Turning Retrograde in Taurus – Here Are Your Essential Horoscopes

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The planet of change and the unexpected, Uranus, will start a retrograde period on August 28th, 2023. This will last until early next year, January 27th, 2024, so about five months, and is entirely in Taurus.

Uranus has been in Taurus for about five years by now, and we’re halfway through this transit. This means we’re fairly used to the retrograde of Uranus in Taurus since it happens yearly.

One big difference with this one, though, is Jupiter is now in Taurus for the entire retrograde. This brings the planet of expansion along for the ride.

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About Uranus in Astrology

Uranus is the changemaker in astrology, the one who shakes things up and keeps us on our toes. Uranus doesn’t want us to become complacent or for life to become stale because Uranus knows we won’t reach our full potential if we’re not being challenged to go outside of our comfort zone.

In your natal chart, your approach to change can be found in the zodiac sign Uranus is in, and the house it’s located can show where you experience change throughout your life. Any aspects it makes to your other natal planets can impact how you receive change.

In transit, Uranus moves through the zodiac signs and brings changes for all of us with whatever sign it’s touring rules. The base energy for Uranus is change, so it doesn’t let things stay the same and instead pushes for things to be different (whether we want it or not!).

Uranus is also the ruler of independence, innovation, invention, rebellion, and individuality. This is a planet that won’t be boxed in, no matter what the circumstances.

Retrogrades in Astrology

A planet or body is called retrograde when it appears to be moving backward through the zodiac. This means the planet or body is operating in reverse since the normal motion is forward.

Retrogrades are associated with the re-’s: redo, revisit, reflect, revisit, recharge, rethink, revise, etc. Retrogrades tend to bring out reflection and introspection. They also have strong spiritual, subconscious, and karmic energy. 

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About Taurus in Astrology

Taurus is an Earth sign (along with Virgo and Capricorn), and these are the signs of the practical and professional. They are steady with what they focus on, get things done once they commit to it, and are associated with professional areas (Taurus = money, Virgo = work, Capricorn = career).

Taurus is also a Fixed sign (along with Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius), and the Fixed signs are stable and fixed in place. They don’t budge, they keep their positions, and they stick to things. The combination of Earth and Fixed makes Taurus the most grounded of the signs.

The natural ruling planet for Taurus is Venus, and Venus is the pleasant planet ruling love and money. Venus has sultry energy, making Taurus a sensual sign, and helps Taurus to attract what it wants. 

Taurus connects with the 2nd house, which is the house of money, values, and worth. It’s a house of stability and security and is connected to confidence and self-respect.

About Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

This period with Uranus in Taurus has brought about changes in our values, with what we need for stability and security, and with our resources. While retrograde, these changes slow down, and we can work to adjust to them.

Changes traditionally slow down with Uranus retrograde, and this can become frustrating when we don’t have the opportunity to make the changes we want. But this does have a purpose: to let us work with the changes that have already passed.

There is likely more that we need to understand and adapt to, and Uranus retrograde gives us a chance to do that. 

This can either be a lot easier or a lot harder, with Jupiter also in Taurus along with Uranus for Uranus retrograde. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, expanding on whatever it touches. This means Jupiter expands on the Uranus retrograde.

On the one hand, Jupiter is the happy planet that wants everything to go great, so this can make it much easier to deal with changes that have already occurred and not become frustrated by changes that are on hold for now.

On the other hand, since Jupiter’s base energy is to expand, we may become way more frustrated by what we can’t change right now and lazy with changes that have already come to fruition.

When we’re becoming more frustrated and lacking motivation, this is likely a sign that we need to address something underneath it all. Only one week after Uranus retrograde begins in Taurus, Jupiter retrograde will also begin in Taurus, and Jupiter retrograde stirs up karmic energy.

That means frustration and laziness likely links to something karmic or perhaps subconscious. If you can tackle that, you can manage the retrogrades of both well.

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus for the Zodiac Signs


Uranus retrograde in Taurus can bring frustrations over your resources and stability, Aries. If things haven’t gone how you’ve wanted them to, you may feel insecure and lie you don’t have enough, but you likely need to look at the situation differently.

Old baggage might be getting in the way of you feeling as secure and stable as you need, and this can be a target to focus on. What have you experienced that has attacked your sense of self-worth and self-respect?

Ultimately, work on grounding yourself and being in the moment more often. These can help.


Uranus has been in your sign for some time, Taurus, bringing about many changes across your life, and Uranus retrograde slows this down but amplifies your frustrations. You may need to work on core issues that the changes have opened up and allow yourself to deal with the unpleasant.

Jupiter, now in your sign, lends a helping hand, so once you get focused, it can become easier for you to deal with it. This may lead to more opportunities opening up for you down the line.

Try getting more time to yourself, to be independent, and to have a small adventure to help out.


Uranus retrograde in Taurus can slow your energy way down and prompt you to get more time to yourself, Gemini. Changes have likely drained you at times, which can take a toll, so the retrograde period can be a chance for you to replenish and revitalize.

Jupiter gives you some cover as you take more time to yourself, and it can be easier for you to stay out of the spotlight and avoid attention. This gives you time to work on yourself and do some major releasing.

Help yourself out by getting more rest, meditating, and experimenting with exercises to strengthen your intuition.


Uranus retrograde in Taurus can slow all changes in your life and give you a chance to catch your breath, Cancer. Uranus in Taurus has likely been a massive period for changes of all stripes, and you’ve embraced much of this, but Cancer needs some calm and stability sometimes too, and this can be the time for it.

With Jupiter in Taurus as well, changes have probably ramped up, but with Jupiter also retrograde, this can highlight any areas where you have baggage that is getting in the way of the best changes possible for you.

Spending time with friends or tending to one of your causes can help you feel more in control as you work through any blocks.


Uranus retrograde in Leo can slow changes with your goals and direction, Leo. Uranus in Taurus has likely brought changes so far that have put you on a different path from the one you thought you’d be on and made you embrace unconventional goals and methods for pursuing them, and this slows now.

Jupiter in Taurus has signaled a period of great success and heights, but with Jupiter also turning retrograde, you may need to give more attention to any blocks and issues that have come up to get them out of the way.

Take a closer look at your long-term plans, and see where you can make some changes and leave room for more flexibility.


Uranus retrograde in Taurus can pull back on new pursuits for new experiences, Virgo, which you’ve been more open to with Uranus in Taurus, but perhaps could use a break. This retrograde period can give you time to adjust to all of the new experiences you’ve had over the last year and work on making the most of them.

Jupiter, now also in Taurus, opens you up even more, but with Jupiter soon retrograde as well, you can take more time to decide what you want to pursue next and do more homework first.

Try sharing what you’ve learned along the way with others, and this can help you avoid frustration over not doing as much.


Uranus retrograde in Taurus can slow the major transformations you’ve been undergoing, Libra. Uranus in Taurus has brought unexpected transformations and unearthed some deeply-held issues out of the blue, so you’ve been going through a massive period of change that goes beyond the superficial.

Uranus retrograde allows you to adjust and implement the changes, especially now that Jupiter is also in Taurus and has brought out more. You can drill down and make it last.

Passion may still run high, but if you don’t have enough to focus it on, you may become frustrated, so try to keep in mind projects and healthy outlets to use it on.


Uranus retrograde in Taurus can slow changes in your relationships, Scorpio. New people, new compromises, new commitments, and new partnerships have likely been prominent with Uranus in Taurus, and the retrograde gives you a chance to adjust to the new connections.

Jupiter in Taurus has likely brought even more connections into your life. Jupiter retrograde and Uranus can bring out issues in relationships, with commitment or compromise, or where there hasn’t been mutual respect.

Bring more balance into your life, which can help you manage frustrations with others during these retrograde.


Uranus retrograde in Taurus can slow changes in your work and daily life, Sagittarius. Uranus in Taurus has been shaking things up for you in your daily life, with your routine and regimen, and throwing structure out the window, and the retrograde helps you get used to some of these changes, especially the bigger ones.

Jupiter in Taurus has likely added to these changes, and Jupiter retrograde and Uranus can bring attention to blocks that have kept you from fully implementing the necessary changes and being willing to take a chance on yourself.

Have healthy outlets for frustration. Otherwise, you may become unexpectedly sick and weak. Stress management is crucial for you now.


Uranus retrograde in Taurus can slow changes in love, Capricorn, and you can adjust to changes made with your loved ones and in those relationships. You can also work on adjusting to changes impacting your hobbies or creative energy.

Jupiter in Taurus has likely made you even more creative and loving. Still, Jupiter retrograde in Taurus can highlight blocks to fully connecting to your heart and old issues that keep you from fully embracing love.

Make time for little breaks and getaways when you’re frustrated to help you unwind.


Uranus retrograde in Taurus can slow down changes in your home and family life, Aquarius, which has likely undergone lots of changes in recent years. Moving, new living situations, new family members, and more have rocked your home and family life, and time to adjust can be welcome.

Jupiter in Taurus may have been helping make the changes more pleasant and can help with tackling internal emotional issues that might be getting in the way of feeling fully comfortable with your home and family life.

Strengthen yourself internally, and focus on potential cracks in the foundation of your life when you’re feeling frustrated to mitigate.


Uranus retrograde in Taurus can slow changes with your ideas and plans, Pisces, and you can give your mind a chance to adjust. You may voice frustrations if you feel stuck, but this only causes rifts, especially if you’re not choosing your words carefully.

Jupiter helps out by trying to get you to use the right words, and they can be received well, but with Jupiter retrograde also looming, you may need to work on communication issues and old mental blocks.

Keep your mind occupied with a variety of projects, and this can help keep frustrations from getting the better of you.

Embrace the Slowness With Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

This Uranus retrograde in Taurus helps us adjust to the changes we’ve been experiencing, which have likely only been amplified thanks to Jupiter now in Taurus as well.

Change can be a big deal, and it can be difficult to accept sometimes. The retrograde offers a chance to find acceptance and allow the changes to fully come into our lives.

Uranus is retrograde for the rest of this year, so we have lots of time to adjust. There is also more time for frustration, though, so we have to keep in mind healthy outlets to channel the energy.

Work on gathering information and crafting plans for changes to implement after the retrograde is over so you can hit the ground running in early 2024. 

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