Make Love & Romance Sizzle with Passionate Venus in Virgo

On July 21st, 2021, Venus enters earthy and practical Virgo, which takes us down a notch from the wild passions of Leo and provides us a little more clear-thinking in the realm of romance.

Leo brings out our wild side, no doubt, and the conflicts and harsh words of the last month have probably sent most of us into overload, requiring plenty of wind-down time as we lick our wounds and recover from the intensity of the last few weeks.

However, with the planet of love now moving into Virgo, we have the chance to view things from a more rational perspective, which can be extremely helpful when it comes to matters of the heart.

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About Venus in Virgo

Venus is in fall in Virgo. It is the opposite of its sign of exaltation, which is Pisces.

In other words, Venus struggles to express herself freely in Virgo.

Unlike in Pisces, which encompasses the energy of magical, fairytale love, Virgo is about the real, the tangible, the here-and-now, and above all, all that is practical and realistic.

It’s a bit like hoping for your other half to shower you with roses, chocolates, and passionate lovemaking on Valentine’s Day, only to find the surprise waiting for you is that they fixed your boiler instead.

The Benefits of Venus in Virgo

Of course, that’s not to say Venus in Virgo is dull!

Think of the Knight of Pentacles in the Tarot. This is your quintessential Venus in Virgo chap. He may come across as a little boring at times, but there is no one more loyal and steadfast you will meet.

In fact, this is some of the best energy for finding practical solutions.

After the wild frenzy of Venus in Leo, Venus in Virgo brings us the opportunity to sit down with a hot drink and say, “Right, how can we work through this?”

It’s that moment of calm after the storm has passed.

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Make Venus Energy Work For You

It’s time to get practical when Venus enters Virgo. So how can you make this work for you?

1. Time to Talk

As the energy of Venus in Virgo is all about finding practical resolutions, this is a time to lay everything out on the table and have calm, reasoned discussion in your relationships.

It is also a time to mend broken bridges in all of your relationships, romantic or otherwise.

Everyone is not so fiery now, and they are more willing to compromise. An open, honest conversation, text, email, or letter has the potential to result in solutions that work for all.

2. Take Things Slow

Virgo is known as the meticulously organized sign and one that never rushes into anything.

This energy slows Venus down considerably, as she is usually all about the magic and sparkle when it comes to love. However, it’s time to come back down to earth and focus on what’s tangible and achievable.

Reflect on what is best for your highest self at all times. Disengage from your fears, insecurities, and worries about your imperfections. Just be real.

3. Make Lists & Plan

It’s a perfect time to make an extensive list of all the little and big things you adore about your partner.

Look through a lens of love, not scrutiny.

To channel your need to plan your entire life (which is such a Virgo thing to do), you can harness that energy into coming up with some fun day trips, date ideas, and even exciting recipes to make together at home.

This will override the Virgo anxiety about an uncertain future which, if left untamed, could make you overreact if you don’t know where the relationship is going or when it will move into something more serious.

If single, think of practical ways you can forge connections with potential new love interests. It may be especially more difficult in this time of the pandemic, but there are ways – online connections, web forums, and joining internet groups with others that share things in common with you is a good start.

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Glowing yellow venus in space.

How Will Venus in Virgo Affect You?


Your natural fire is quenched under this earthy energy, Aries.

This energy will enable you to control intense emotions and help you push through explosive encounters, resulting in positive solutions and moments of clarity that can be very helpful in the coming future.


Venus is your ruler, and when she moves into Virgo, it’s a time to make amends with anyone you have fallen out with or come to blows with lately, Taurus.

As Venus is the planet that bestows charm to her natives, your own charm is greatly enhanced, and you are very winning with your words at this time! Just be sure not to use it for the wrong reasons– stick to the higher good.


You have the ability to empathize with others better at this time, Gemini, so this is the best time for some grounded and practical conversations that can benefit your relationships.

It’s also a good time for networking. So if you’re single, feel keen to mingle (within the necessary boundaries, of course!).


Emotions are more grounded now, Cancer, and you are able to view everything from a new perspective.

Mercury is still in your sign at this time, and this may have been causing you some communication problems. This applies to you if your Moon or Rising sign is in Cancer, too.

However, Mercury moves into Leo on July 27th, which enables you to speak from the heart in a clearer manner. Combined with Virgo’s down-to-earth energy, it’s the perfect time to find practical solutions in your relationships.


There’s a lot of realization going on for you, Leo. Under Venus in Virgo, you are now able to manifest these realizations into reality.

There is an ability to find compromise in your relationships and put everything into perspective. This paves the way for stronger relationships as this has been a time of make or break for you.


Good news for you, Virgo. With Venus entering your sign, you are more focused and dedicated than usual, and the goals you have in mind are likely to come to fruition at a faster pace.

During this time, you have a powerful influence over others. Self-healing is on the agenda, so if you have been struggling with any emotional wounds, it’s okay – the Universe is looking out for you!


You are much more practical during this time, Libra.

With Venus as your ruler, your natural flair for beauty and art is enhanced, and under Virgo energy, you’re likely to apply a practical mindset to it.

This makes it a good time to get started on a creative project, set up a new health regime, or look at new and grounded ways to stabilize your relationships.


With Venus in Leo bringing out your intense and passionate side, Venus in Virgo encourages you to crack on with projects, Scorpio.

You are able to see things from new perspectives and make relationships bloom and thrive right now, so go with your gut instinct, as this is how you will build upon what you already have.


It’s time to make amends and move on from the past now, Sagittarius.

Venus in Virgo brings you stable and practical thinking in the realms of love. If there have been commitment issues, they can be resolved under this earthy energy. You are more willing to seek compromise now.


Venus in Virgo energy makes this a terrific time to focus on the long-term, Capricorn.

Working with others comes naturally to you now. It is likely that the intensity of the last few weeks has been quite exhausting. Now is the time to build upon the groundwork and look to the future.


It’s time for some concrete action, Aquarius.

A fresh wave of enthusiasm ought to overcome you at this time. It’s a very powerful time for setting the groundwork for upcoming ideas. You’re likely thinking long-term in regard to love and relationships, so now is the time to plan for how you can make your relationship work!


Making sense of everything is on the agenda now, Pisces.

Venus in Virgo helps to stabilize your emotions and bring you a clearer perspective on the way your love and relationship life is going. Things may have been confusing lately, but the fog is about to clear!

Love Astrology Will Guide You Through Venus in Virgo

Essentially, Venus in Virgo is all about compromise. Finding the middle ground and finding a way through the rubble is Virgo’s specialty.

It comes after the wild times of Venus in Leo and precedes Venus in Libra, where this compromise finally achieves harmonious balance in the gentle air sign. Love astrology is about working with the planets to improve and thrive in your relationships.

So while Venus is in Virgo, get your thinking cap on and remember: every relationship requires a solid, form structure in order to succeed. This is the beauty of Venus in Virgo– helping to provide you with the groundwork to make this structure a reality.

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