8 Ways to Live Fabulously Fierce When the Sun Enters Leo

Break out your dancing shoes and dust off the microphone because it’s Leo season – the time of year when you feel alive with playfulness, positivity, and a bit of pride – and that’s reason enough to celebrate!

Have you ever stopped to wonder what it is we love so much about the summertime? For many of us, our childhood school days come rushing back, reminding us of the time of year when we felt carefree and unburdened by the woes of work of all kinds–homework, housework, professional work.

But, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s also the magic of Leo season coursing through our veins that makes this time of year feel so special and bright. (And in the Southern Hemisphere, that bright Leo energy makes those colder days feel that much warmer!)

The thing is, it doesn’t really matter what the weather is like because this sign is ruled by the Sun–it’s almost impossible to avoid that blissful Fire energy that embraces you and asks you to turn up the heat on your passion, your creativity, and your capacity for socialization.

Today, we’re here to help you harness that Leo energy and help you use it to your fullest advantage. Each person who understands how to make the most of Leo season will help to make this world better and brighter with the warmth of their energy – which is something the world needs right now more than ever.

But what does Leo season mean for you?

Keep reading to learn eight ways for living fabulous and fierce this Leo season.

Your Leo Season Guide to Live Fabulously

After the emotional depth of Cancer season, many of us breathe a sigh of relief when the Sun enters Leo – often without even knowing why. While Cancer season was a time of sensitivity and Water energy, Leo is a Fire sign – those signs representing passionate creativity, warmth, and impulsive behaviors.

Leo, in particular, is all about basking in the spotlight, learning how to let yourself shine, and allowing your inner child to come out and play in the sunshine; and sometimes that playtime can prove more productive than all that hard work you’ve been focused on this year.

Look, we aren’t telling you that hard work isn’t important. Of course, it can get you far.

But, if you’re not infusing your spirit with some fun and laughter every now and then, you risk the chance of becoming emotionally or physically burnt out, which isn’t the energy you want to bring to any creative or work-related project.

Whether you’re looking for that energetic, extroverted energy of Leo season or not, it’s here to infuse your spirit with brilliance and sparkle.

Here are eight ways to further take advantage of this energy and everything it has to offer.

1. Express Yourself

It doesn’t matter if you’re not typically one to put yourself out there. You’re going to feel that push to showcase your talents to others. That’s exactly what you should do when you feel compelled to do so. But this isn’t just about an external sense of expression. It’s also about finding a way to let your internal feelings find a space in this 3D reality.

Most people have some form of creative expression that they turn to. But if you don’t, that’s all the more reason to explore new artistic and creative activities.

Whether coloring, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, or writing, this astrological energy begs you to find a form of expression that feels right to you right now.

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2. Make Time for Play

You may have big projects on your plate right now, but those will run more smoothly than you could have imagined if you just allow your spirit to have a bit of fun right now. Playtime is an excellent way to let of steam, release frustrations, and remind yourself of those joys we experienced as children.

Being an adult means doing whatever feels fun and right to you in the moment, whether that’s curling up with your favorite magazine and some sweet tea or setting up a trampoline in your own backyard.

Ask yourself: “What is it that your inner child most desperately wants?” It’s time to indulge that childlike spirit within.

3. Follow Your Instincts

Fire signs are naturally intuitive. But rather than that sensitive intuition that flows through signs ruled by Water, the intuition that comes with Fire energy is sharp and instinctual. It’s as if you know what to do immediately in any situation, without having to think it through or even feel it through.

When you get a gut feeling during this Leo season, pay attention, and when it feels right, act on it. You might be surprised how sharp your instincts are during this time.

4. Let Leo Optimism Reign

Leo is a bright sign with warm, positive energy, helping us during even the darkest of times.

If you’ve been having a hard time or feeling a deep, dark shade of blue, you will certainly benefit from the sunny vibe of Leo. All you have to do is surrender to the warmth and let the golden light shine all over your spirit.

This surrender can feel difficult, especially if you’ve been struggling lately. But if you can trust the Universe and embrace the good vibrations, they can transform your energy from murky to bright and clear.

5. Get Glam

There’s no denying that Leos love to live it up, and that often involves indulging in delicious food, boozy drinks, and all matter of the finer things in life. But that doesn’t mean you have to go broke trying to live the lavish life–just find your own way to glam it up every once in a while during Leo season.

Whether that means breaking out sequin shoes and a feather boa for a night on the town or simply stepping out in your favorite outfit, self-expression through your own personal style is a must right now.

6. Be Bold

There’s a reason that Leos are symbolized by the fierce and mighty lion, and that’s because this sign possesses a demeanor that rivals no other. Leo is strong, proud, and a little bit loud, meaning that you shouldn’t have any problems standing up for yourself or putting yourself out there right now.

Let your spirit shine free and without worry. Let your inner truth speak out. Let your intentions be known by the Universe.

Tap into that lion within and let it roar.

7. Practice Gratitude

One thing about the inner child that is set free during Leo season is that sometimes that child may feel like whining or complaining if it doesn’t get its way. But, making an effort to practice gratitude each and every day will help you avoid this pitfall.

When you wake up, think of at least three things that bring you joy. If you find yourself becoming frustrated or upset, try to soothe those reactions with a healthy dose of appreciation.

Practicing gratitude will ensure that you have the most fun and promote the most personal growth this Leo season.

8. Have Fun in Romance

Whether you’re coupled up or single, Leo’s here to encourage you to spice things up and have a little fun when it comes to romance–whether that means facilitating a saucy date night with your partner or finally working up the courage to flirt with your crush.

Harness that lion energy of the Leo, that courage that warrants Leo’s association with the Strength card in the Tarot, and be fierce with your flirty energy.

Check out your free Daily Love Horoscope to find out what fiery Leo season will bring to your love life.

The Sun in Leo is Fab & Fierce

There are plenty of ways to harness the spicy energy of this transit, but if you utilize these eight tips and tricks, you’ll be sure to make this the most refreshing Leo season ever. This sensual, fiery energy won’t be around forever, so now’s your time to take it in and let it drench your spirit in light and positivity.

What fires are you ready to stoke now?

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