Use Astrology to Inspire Your Creativity

Creativity is a fundamental aspect of expressing yourself. Being creative can benefit your mind, body and spirit by allowing your truest self to blossom and show its beauty to the world. There are those for whom creativity springs forth with abundance and ease, but creativity can be an elusive mistress. Sometimes we might feel stuck or block, other times we might feel distracted by painful emotions or upsets. The fact is, pushing through this blockage and urging self-expression will help you deal with unpleasant and difficult times.

If you’re reading this, you might feel creatively blocked yourself. Fortunately, like with so many other things, astrology can help guide us toward the part of ourselves where creativity roams free and undisturbed. Keep reading to see how the stars can help you open up and unleash your imagination.

What Kind of Creative is Your Zodiac Sign?


Fiery Aries typically display a nearly unparalleled amount of confidence; they are wistful and even intense. Your brand of creativity is personal: it reflects your style and your essence. You need to make art that reflects who you are at your core, harkening back to the Aries key statement, “I am.”

Your ideal medium varies, and you are likely drawn to state-of-the-art ideas that mirror your stylish presence. You may find mixed-media inspirational, or even creating your own unique style of art. While you might feel the need to become successful in your artistic endeavors, remember that creation is about unleashing your spirit, not trying to turn a profit.


Taurus, a sensual Earth sign, is ruled by the planet of beauty, Venus. Taureans are known for their refined taste and appreciation for polished, beautiful things of all kinds – whether it be an elegant meal or a melodic symphony. Your artistic style reflects this appreciation for the finer things, and when you create, you do so with passion and a keen eye.

Your Earthy nature draws you toward grounded, traditional mediums, such as painting or drawing. But don’t be afraid to branch out – just because you’ve found an artistic style, don’t avoid trying new things. Make sure your creative surroundings are well-lit, aesthetically pleasing, and put on your favorite music to really get into your groove.


Gemini is the twin sign; ruled by intellectual Mercury, this Air sign is quick-witted and clever. Your mind is constantly brimming with ideas – so much so that you may find it difficult to stick with one or decide which path will ultimately lead to your bliss. The truth is, any amount or quality of creativity is excellent, so don’t weigh yourself down with the false dichotomy of artistic decisions – you can do it all, in time.

Whether you prefer writing, drawing, or singing, just set aside time throughout your day and do it. Try getting into the flow of any creative activity, and you’ll soon find yourself inspired and ready to take on all of your brilliant ideas.


Cancer is a Water sign ruled by the fluid Moon. You are sensitive and intuitive, and you have an urge to connect deeply with your emotions. When you aren’t expressing yourself creatively, your emotions can become overwhelming. When you allow your feelings to flow through the channel of creative endeavors, you feel open, expressive, and at peace with your inner world.

Your perceptive nature might urge you toward painting or writing songs; it doesn’t matter how you communicate your creativity to the world, just that you do it. Be gentle with yourself and allow your heart to open up and convey its deepest feelings and desires.


Leos are fiery, feisty and confident. Ruled by the Sun, these bright personalities love the spotlight. But this propensity toward confidence does not mean that the Leo never suffers from bouts of insecurity. In fact, when you feel unassured, you feel it deeply. Expressing yourself creatively allows you to connect with your spirit, reviving your faith in yourself and reminding you of all of your amazing qualities.

You might be especially successful in expressing your creativity on a stage, such as performing stand-up comedy or an original song at a local open-mic night. Seeing, hearing, and feeling the audience connect with you will revitalize your energy and boost your confidence – but don’t be afraid to express yourself on your own either.


This complex sign is ruled by the Earth element and the planet Mercury, creating a personality that encompasses tradition, stability, and creativity. While communicative, you may not be entirely comfortable with expressing your deeper emotions, even creatively. Although confident, you may prefer to focus your efforts on the upsets and problems of others.

You should try exploring different mediums and see what sparks an interest in your soul. Perhaps the painting is your favorite way to express your inner emotions or writing a short story. It doesn’t matter how you choose to be creative, as long as you allow yourself to be expressive without judgment.


An Airy, balanced sign, Libra is ruled by Venus and adores beautiful, aesthetically pleasing surroundings. You have a nature that tries to remain centered, but a lack of expression can cause your pendulum to swing from one side to the other, avoiding the balanced middle. Your artistic style is likely to involve bright, beautiful colors or mellifluous music.

You are a social butterfly and you get along very well with others, so you might benefit from some kind of creative group activity, such as improv comedy or playing in a band. You have so many wonderful, creative ideas that are just waiting to be heard, so go out and share them!


Mysterious Water sign Scorpios are emotional and yet do not appear so. Scorpios are not as likely to express themselves openly as other signs, preferring to remain the strong, silent type. You might prefer to work alone, relegating your creativity to an isolated corner. While this may feel natural, you should push yourself to slink outside of your comfort zone and let people in on your rich, inner world.

If you continue to hold your creativity and emotions to yourself, you might miss out on wonderful connections that will brighten the spirit. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, Scorpio – people are more receptive and eager to engage with your work than you might think.


Bubbly Sagittarius is ruled by the element of Fire and Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Sags are drawn toward optimism and usually have a handful of concurrent projects that they plan on working on. When you forget to sit down and focus on one creative activity, you might feel torn between your ideas and ultimately stuck.

Try to manifest the confidence in yourself and your ideas to really focus on one project at a time, with faith that it will turn out wonderfully. Whether you prefer collage, mixed-media, drawing, writing, or something too quirky to appear in this list, make time to actually follow through and then sit back and enjoy your beautiful creations.


Earthy Capricorn is typically rooted and stable, focused on family and tradition, and maybe even a bit anachronistic. You seem as though you’re from another era, Capricorn, and your artistic expression reflects this otherworldly presence. While you might tend to seek approval from your loved ones, you must avoid this tendency when it comes to your creativity.

Let your freak flag fly and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. You are likely to find your voice after you’ve found a balance between total self-acceptance and a desire for affirmation from those around you. Art forms such as watercolor paint and pastels or writing may allow you to truly express yourself, openly and honestly.


Airy Aquarians are modern, social, and innovative. Aquarian minds are always brimming with new, creative, and unique ideas that inspire those around them. You do not need permission from anyone and your confidence is palpable, but you can sometimes come off as aloof. And indeed, you may not spend much time connecting with your deep emotions.

Use your creativity to let your feelings flow outward, allowing yourself to blossom while finding a brand of self-expression that makes you feel comfortable. You would benefit from collaborative endeavors, as long as you are willing to let others in on your inventive world.


Dreamy Pisces is a Water sign that is deeply connected to the artistic world. Your hazy, whimsical mental space is a veritable playground for creative ideas. As touched as you are by beautiful songs or pastoral paintings is as deep as your work can move others. You are so connected to the creative world, that your only disconnect is likely between yourself and your emotions.

It can be difficult to truly tap into the deep well of sometimes painful feelings and experienced that you have to draw from, but this is also your well of artistic ideas. Dive in with faith and trust that the experience will only bring you closer to your creative center.

A Creative Calling

It doesn’t matter whether you are naturally creative or if you have to work a bit harder at artistic forms of expression. It doesn’t matter whether you think your art or your work is good or not. Expression is a human right and a necessity that keeps us balanced and connected to our spirit. Don’t deny yourself the gift of creative self-expression for any reason. Don’t compare your creativity to others, because we all play a distinct, yet important artistic role in the Universe.

Just be yourself, love yourself and express yourself in any creative way you desire.

Open your heart to the possibility that your art has the ability to change the world for the better.

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