THIS is the Luckiest Day of the Week, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Luck is a somewhat divisive topic—some people leave it up to fate, and others believe that you create your own luck.

While luck cannot be scientifically observed or studied, most people have felt what they believed to be “lucky moments” in their lives, but did you know that throughout the week, there are days that are luckiest to you and you alone?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which day of the week to schedule that interview for a better job or what days are better to pitch your new ideas for an upcoming project?

On your luckiest day of the week, things are simply more likely to go your way. Astrology affects nearly every aspect of our lives, and luck is no exception.

Each zodiac sign is ruled by one or more planets, which means that that planet strongly influences that sign. For instance, Aries is ruled by Mars. Mars concerns itself with willpower, wildness, impulse, passion, and even violence. It is no wonder, then, that those born under the star sign Aries are prone to these characteristics.

Similarly, each day of the week is ruled by a planet. The energy of each day is affected by the planet ruling over it, making them luckier for certain zodiac signs!

Your Lucky Day, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Aries & Tuesday

Aries is ruled by Mars, which is a planet that promotes passion, determination, and drive.

Tuesday is also ruled by Mars, giving this day a potent quality for Aries.

This day gives Aries a sense of resolution and the ability to carry out a task to its final and successful completion. This is a good day to commit to new adventures, complete a project, or have a difficult conversation that allows you to speak your truth.

Taurus & Friday

Taurus is ruled by the sensual and seductive Venus, who also rules over Friday.

Friday is a celebratory day that causes most people to rejoice in its presence.

Venus is a planet that promotes feelings of love and joviality, which further influences the joyous feelings that Fridays tend to encourage. This is an excellent day for Taureans to throw a fabulous party, plan an extravagant meal, or find the perfect new outfit you’ve been searching for.

Gemini & Wednesday

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication.

Mercury also rules over Wednesday, making your communication skills particularly keen around the middle of the week. This is a great day to catch up, so to speak, to the present week.

Geminis, thoughtful and intellectual, would benefit especially from written or verbal communication, travel, or public speaking on this day.

Cancer & Monday

Cancers are emotionally intuitive and caring. They are ruled by the Moon, a planet that is dreamy and mysterious.

Cancer rules over Monday, a day that sees little celebration. But not for you, Cancer!

Mondays are your luckiest day of the week, heightening your senses. This is an excellent day to work on your upcoming schedule, do something creative, or invest your time and money into something new.

Leo & Sunday

Feisty and bubbly, Leos are ruled by the Sun.

As you might imagine, the Sun’s energies are bright and warm and rule over Sunday as well. This is a day that seems to be bursting with energy and gratitude for life.

The influence of Sunday’s energy stimulates Leos and urges them toward self-expression. This is a fabulous day to do something self-indulgent, adventurous, or some activity that puts your boisterous personality in the center of the limelight.

Virgo & Wednesday

Like Gemini, Virgos are ruled by Mercury. However, its influence manifests in a slightly more grounded and work-oriented manner than it does over Geminis. The energy from Mercury to Virgo is stable, responsible, and social.

Mercury rules over Wednesday, making the hump day the most fruitful day of the week for Virgos. Try focusing on communication, physical work, or exercise, or going over legal paperwork to benefit from the success-promoting qualities of this energy.

Libra & Friday

Libras, like Taureans, are ruled by the loving planet Venus. Libras are an Air sign, so the Venusian energy reveals itself in a more intellectual, mental manner.

Venus rules over Friday, the gregarious day of love and celebration. Libras will experience intense balance and clarity on this day, and it is the perfect day for creating or decorating.

Scorpio & Tuesday

Scorpios, like Aries, are ruled by Mars, but being a Water sign means that Mars’ energy affects Scorpios in a more fluid, emotional manner than it does Aries.

Mars rules over Tuesdays, which possess a quality of completion.

Scorpios, not lacking in determination, will find this is an excellent day to accomplish any task. Organizing, communication, innovation, and project-oriented tasks will particularly benefit from this energy.

Sagittarius & Thursday

Sagittarius is an optimistic sign, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of benevolence. Jupiter is a generous planet that promotes expansion and rules of Thursday.

Sagittarians will find Thursdays to be an especially lucky day that encourages personal growth. This is a great day for Sagittarians to crystallize a business deal, travel for business, or work with money in any way.

Capricorn & Saturday

Capricorns are responsible and hard-working, and they are ruled by the stern, fatherly planet Saturn.

No wonder Capricorns are so grounded. Saturn rules over Saturday, a day that might otherwise seem relaxing and even lazy.

For Capricorns, this is the day to get things done and do it successfully. This is an excellent day for Capricorns to finish a project, do physical work, balance, or otherwise tend to your checkbook.

Aquarius & Saturday

Aquarius is traditionally ruled by Saturn, like Capricorn, but its Airy qualities manifest in a more intellectual manner. Aquarians are natural inventors, and Saturn only intensifies this quality.

Saturday is also ruled by Saturn and promotes luck and success for Aquarians as well as Capricorns, albeit more for matters of thought and innovation.

Try creating new ideas, coming up with new inventions, or keeping up with a previous commitment.

Pisces & Thursday

Pisces, like Sagittarians, are ruled by Jupiter, making Thursday their lucky day.

Pisces are dreamy and imaginative, and the energy provided on Jupiter-ruled Thursday turns this energy into action. This day encourages feelings of self-confidence and connection to internal wisdom.

This is a fabulous day for Pisceans to turn dreams into reality, tend to an herbal garden, or write a song.

Is Today Your Sign’s Lucky Day?

Luck can present itself as a new job, a beautiful art creation, a delicious meal, a fascinating conversation, or even a moment of gratitude. Find your own definition of luck and utilize your luckiest days for successful endeavors.

The more you learn about astrology, the more luck you will be able to create. Following the movements of the planets also helps us see larger cycles of time and know what energy is available to us so we can see how people will be feeling and work with the cosmic tides instead of against them.

Is today a lucky day for you? Check out your Daily Horoscope to find out more!

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