Valentine’s Day 7-Card Love Tarot Spread

Always a special time of year for lovebirds and singlebirds alike, Valentine’s Day tends to elicit a wide range of emotions within us. There’s excitement and anticipation, but also, in some cases, dullness and disappointment. But Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating love and passion – and, especially, it is also a day for contemplating the love we most want for ourselves.

Sometimes we can become stuck in a tired, dull relationship or toxic relationships that drag us down; on the other end of the spectrum, we may be single and dream of the perfect relationship, but always seem to end up kissing frogs rather than princes and princesses; because of these experiences, the idea of ‘love’ which once filled our stomachs with butterflies and had us sighing in the night then becomes disillusioned, filling us with misery rather than joy.

That’s why for this Valentine’s Day, here is a love Tarot spread focusing not only on love but getting to the core of our own ideals about love and where we might be going wrong. For anyone looking to improve their love relationship – or lack, thereof – then this is the spread for you!

Valentine’s Day 7-Card Tarot Spread

This is a 7 card spread which can help you understand your own ideals about love better and hopefully help you manifest the relationship you want! This spread can apply to an existing relationship or one that is yet to appear – either way, it can help anyone who is single or committed, for a ‘perfect relationship’ rarely exists and there is always room for improvement.

Question: How will I find true love?

  • Card 1: The status of my current relationship
  • Card 2: Positives
  • Card 3: Negatives
  • Card 4: The type of relationship I want
  • Card 5: What is holding me back from my ideal relationship
  • Card 6: What I need to do to manifest my ideal relationship
  • Card 7: What I need to work on

Below is an example spread so you can get an idea of how this spread can work. Remember, this spread can apply to both people who are committed and people who are single (and people somewhere in-between!)

Card 1: 4 of Cups

This is the card representing the status of my current relationship. One word springs to mind: boredom! The 4 of Cups is a lacklustre card, one which, in a relationship reading, indicates that things have become boring or tiresome. However, due to the passive energy of this card, I am in a state of stagnation. I am not currently taking steps to improve the relationship and it’s more a case of just putting up and shutting up.

Card 2: 10 of Pentacles

This is a strong card for stability. In a love reading, this would indicate that even though my relationship is boring, it is stable and secure. The 10 of Pentacles represents the positives of this relationship and shows that even though there is a dull element to it, there is a strong foundation between us.

Card 3: The Devil

Probably not the best card to get in a relationship reading. The Devil can mean several things in a love reading, one being exciting, wild, lustful times. But in this reading, in the negative position and due to the appearance of the 4 of Cups, I read it that The Devil represents feeling chained or tied to the relationship and seeing no way out. This may revert back to the 10 of Pentacles – there may be elements such as a joint mortgage or kids involved that tie us to one another.

Card 4: Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands is a strong card for passion. In the position of what I want in the relationship, I want more passion injected into it! The Knight of Wands also has a strong sexual element to it so there may be some of that which I am missing too.

Card 5: The Moon

The Moon is a card of imagination and creativity, but it is a card of confusion and fear too. This is the card that goes deeper into the mind as it represents what is holding me back from my ideal relationship. In this context, I would read it as representing fear – I may be afraid to approach my other half about my concerns. I may feel that I will be rejected or that my thoughts would be dismissed.

Card 6: Queen of Swords

This is a powerful card of communication and in the position of what I need to do to manifest my ideal relationship, it has a clear message: talk to your other half. The Queen of Swords knows how to express herself, clearly and succinctly. She does not beat around the bush, but she makes her feelings known and her intentions clear. This card does not indicate that I want to leave my current relationship exactly, but it does say I need to speak up about my concerns and ensure my voice is heard.

Card 7: Strength

This card in the ‘What I need to work on’ position is pretty self-explanatory. I need to work on my own inner strength and courage. In this reading, for me to express myself fully, I need to conquer my fear (The Moon) and harness my strength so my voice is heard (Queen of Swords). The reading advises that if I am able to find my voice in this relationship, then things may become much better for me and for the relationship as a whole.


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This Valentine’s Day, don’t let any negative thoughts about love bring you down! If you are one of the lucky ones who rides the waves of romance with your heart soaring, then have a wonderful time! If you are someone who yearns for a relationship or is dissatisfied in your current relationship, then remember that manifesting a relationship that makes you happy is entirely within your grasp.

This reading can help anyone who wants to see an improvement in their love life, however big or small. So whip out the cards and see what they say!

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