Your Weekly Numerology Forecast for July 25 – 31, 2022

Are you ready for your weekly numerology forecast?

It’s all about our favorite Fixed Fire sign, Leo, this week! The solar energy moved into Leo last week, and this week we have a powerful New Moon in Leo.

So what does this mean for everyone, and above all, what does this mean for our numerology forecast?

New Moon in Leo: Listen to Your Heart

Leo is a big-hearted sign that exudes self-expression, fun, and adventure! This is the noble lion who will act boldly and live from the heart.

This New Moon is about speaking your truth and sharing your gifts and passions with the world.

In relationships, the New Moon in Leo encourages you to share your feelings, not bottle them up. It’s time to express just how passionate you truly feel. It’s also a great time to embark on new love affairs and new relationships!

Leo is an extremely creative sign and encourages you to tap into your creative spirit when the Moon is in its sign.

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Read Your Numerology Predictions this Week

When dealing with the vibrant sign of Leo, we will be looking at your Expression Number to determine your numerology forecast this week.

Your Expression number is also known as your Destiny Number. It is the number that reveals your creative capabilities and your potential in life.

Leo is the sign that brings out our creative energy and our passion for life. A Leo whose energy is restricted often lacks motivation and direction and does not have a strong sense of self.

So when we understand our Expression Number at a deeper level, we find it easier to tap into our creative potential and feel that zest that Leo so proudly expresses!

Once you have your Expression Number ready, read on below to see what your numerological forecast has in store for you during this week’s New Moon in Leo!

If you don’t know your Expression Number, use this Expression number calculator!

Expression Number 1

If your Expression Number is 1, you are bold and dynamic, which ties in wonderfully with this New Moon in Leo. 

You desire to express yourself to your fullest extent, so grasp the opportunity this week while you can! Find your inner spark of self-expression. 

If engaged in campaigning or anything that requires you to speak your truth, now is the time to do so. Self-belief is crucial at this time, so don’t doubt your own abilities.

Expression Number 2

If your Expression Number is 2, you are caring and giving, and your primary motivation this week should be self-care. 

A lot has been demanded of you lately, and this New Moon Leo energy encourages you to take care of yourself. By doing so, you balance your energies, and it becomes easier for you to listen to your heart’s calling.

Expression Number 3

If your Expression Number is 3, you are interested in spreading your truth and making your thoughts and feelings known this week. The urge to communicate may be pretty strong, so if you are active on social media, you may find yourself making surprising connections. 

This is also an excellent time to engage in some romance – so let your creative juices fly in full force!

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Expression Number 4

If your Expression Number is 4, you are someone who cares about the small details. These small details all add up to the bigger picture, so this is a time of intense planning and organizing for you. 

The New Moon in Leo encourages you to keep a good balance between work and play, however, so don’t let yourself be all “work.” Take some time out to have some fun, too!

Expression Number 5

If your Expression Number is 5, you’ll be keen on expressing your sense of freedom this week. So if you have felt trapped or been dealing with restriction, this is the time when you’re ready to let loose, mental, physical, or emotional. 

The important thing to remember this week is to believe in yourself and not let any doubts stand in your way!

Expression Number 6

There are some important issues coming up in your relationships this week, and you may find your feelings for another developing or changing quite dramatically. It is key to listen to your heart and don’t be swayed by others’ opinions. 

Essentially, this is a time of powerful transformation for you, so expressing yourself from the heart is crucial.

Expression Number 7

If your Expression Number is 7, this week encourages you to focus on listening to your heart’s calling, especially if you have felt disconnected from yourself for a while. This week is about focusing on your passion and drive. 

What makes you feel a sense of excitement? What brings you true fulfillment? 

These are the questions to ask yourself this week.

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Expression Number 8

If your Expression Number is 8, you will find yourself encountering some decisions this week which could result in dramatic changes for you. 

Listen to your heart—this New Moon in Leo is all about listening less to your brain and more to your heart’s calling! 

Try not to be too influenced by the opinions of others. You already have the answers you need deep inside of you.

Expression Number 9

If your Expression Number is 9, take time during this New Moon in Leo week to share your heartfelt gift. This is a time for letting the world hear your voice. Your sense of compassion is strong, and you feel a need to make a difference. 

This is a week where you can have a powerful influence over the hearts and minds of others, so above all, trust in yourself.

New Moon in Leo – Find Your Inner Spark!

Let the New Moon in Leo guide you this week, and let your numerology number remind you of your true authentic self and the things you wish to express to the world.

The more you connect with yourself, the more you will find inner peace and joy.

Leo is a sign that is happiest when it can be its true, vibrant, and confident self. Use the lunar energy this week to remind you of who you truly are and the wonderful things you bring to this world!

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