Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for July 25 – 31, 2022

Are you ready for a New Moon AND Jupiter Retrograde to take this week by storm?

Let’s review: on the 28th, the New Moon in Leo will initiate us fully into the bold and beautiful energy of the lion (just in case you weren’t already embracing the dramatic flair of Leo season so far).

Coupled with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, going retrograde in Aries on the same day, we’re in for a couple of Fiery events, to be sure. Our inner passions and goals are spotlighted right now, and emotions may be running high for some.

The highlights of this week may not compare, though, to the personal events and changes you have underway anyway. We’ll have to find out ourselves in this week’s Tarotscope!

What Does Your Tarotscope Have to Say?


7 of Swords

Buckle in for the ride, Aries — this week’s a bumpy one.

On the one hand, the 7 of Swords indicates that there are solutions through obstacles and difficulties and ways of achieving your goals. However… not all of them will help you get ahead in ways that necessarily align with your values.

That’s the key here: values. It’s one thing to be a little playful and mischievous or look for nontraditional solutions, but it’s another to cheat your way to the top and regret it when looking down.

Just keep it in mind, bold ram! Win, but maybe not by any means necessary.

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Justice (Reversed)

Taurus, your scales have tipped and are now a bit out of balance.

That is to say, Justice reversed hints that you may be questioning a bit of… everything? What’s right or wrong? What deserves more or less time? What’s fair to give and receive?

It’s more important to settle on a solution rather than nothing at all. It’s not possible to be objective 100% of the time, as you’re only just one person.

Try your best to tip things back into balance, and don’t sweat the details.


Ace of Pentacles

Ready to get to work, Gemini?

If not, the good news is that the Ace of Pentacles offers you opportunities and may come in the form of a “gimme” for some of you — open doors, a fresh start, and so forth.

The bad news, in this case, would be that, ultimately, you still have to put in the work to make it all last. Yes, it’s nice to catch a bit of a break, see a green light and get that job opportunity.

But at the end of the day, you still need to apply for the work in order to make it a worthwhile one!


Strength (Reversed)

Cancer is drawing from its internal reserves this week.

Potentially, you’re just a bit burnt out right now. Strength reversed indicates that you may have reached your limits, and currently, you’re drawing from your own energy and power.

Unfortunately, this means that pushing out your energy — ie, working on projects and making progress in any tangible way — is a lot harder.

In other words, rest is really important right now; don’t overexert yourself, Cancer.


9 of Wands (Reversed)

Leo is on their guard this week… perhaps a little too much.

You’ve had a tricky past week, and it’s understandable that you come into this week with reservations. The 9 of Wands is a card of caution and being on your toes, unsurprisingly.

Reversed, it’s important that you let this go. There’s no need to be on the lookout for wild enemies right now, or else you risk making your own mind and body an enemy too in overworking yourself!

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The Chariot

Big plans and ventures are on the horizon for Virgo.

And by this, we mean: The Chariot solidly confirms that you already have some plans, ambitions, and dreams underway and that they’re headed on the right track.

Continue channeling willpower and drive in a balanced manner this week, and keep your eye on the prize.

You may not get the long-term win quite exactly this week, but you’re well on your way (and some of you may receive confirmations and hints in the form of small rewards as well).


The Tower

It’s time to shake things up, Libra.

Or actually, The Tower indicates that things are more specifically about to be shaken up for you. When this happens, it’s important to roll with the punches instead of fighting the current of change.

For some, friendships may fall to the wayside, or that project you’ve been working on suddenly crashes and burns. Whatever it is, it’s not a curse — just the Universe redirecting you to a different course.

The course will look new, and it might be uncomfortable, but who said new had to be a bad thing?

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8 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Scorpio is resisting putting their foot to the gas and getting a move on.

The 8 of Pentacles is our sign to get to work and take things step-by-step, especially when it comes to finances, tangible work and career, and the skills and hobbies we hone with passion and care.

However, the reversal here may indicate you’re putting this off, or for some, it may indicate you’re more focused on working on yourself and not what’s in front of you.

Although this isn’t the end of the world, remember that sometimes coming back down to earth can be more fruitful than examining the stuff inside (even if it’s in brooding Scorpio’s nature to contemplate a little too deeply sometimes!).


Queen of Wands (Reversed)

Feeling a bit out of control, Sagittarius?

While the Queen of Wands indeed aligns with your spark and zest for adventure, the leadership and confidence that this card exudes may be misaligned with you right now.

This week you may wrestle with self-doubt and channel your strong, passionate energy into the right places. It happens to the best of us from time to time — even the confident archer.

That’s ok, but make sure to slow down instead of speeding into major choices or decisions this week!



Capricorn, it’s time to put your keen observational and intuitive skills to the test.

Judgement on the table is a fortuitous sign for any decision-making, as it’s a sign that you’ve come a long way, gathered many experiences and lessons through trial and error, and have honed your senses to the point of being ready for any “test” the Universe may now bestow upon you.

This may mean that this week comes with signing off those contracts, saying “yes” to major opportunities you’ve been eyeing, or for some, even finally walking away from that which does not serve you.


9 of Cups

Aquarius’ week is full of fun, fulfillment, and getting a refill on… whatever it is you want, really!

The 9 of Cups is a delight for sore eyes. As the “wish card,” it spotlights everything to do with your deepest desires and inclinations.

For some, it’s a great sign for these very things coming to fruition, and for others, it’s a reminder that you may need to align yourself more clearly with what it is you’re looking for.

After all, if you want a fancy new car, it’s worthwhile to learn how to drive first — sometimes you have to give a little in order to fully receive.


King of Swords (Reversed)

Don’t overthink now, Pisces — it’s not worth it.

The King of Swords reversed indicates that you may be surrounded by a lot of thought and big ego right now — headstrong plans and ideas all abound.

Some of your current perspectives on what you’re capable of may have been internalized by what overbearing authority figures have projected upon you, and overthinking or contemplating these things is not worth it for intuitive and sensitive Pisces.

You’re a sign that goes with their own intuitive, unique flow. This week, re-align yourself with that energy.

Dream Big & Take Charge

Whether or not you resonate with Leo energy or find yourself excited or intimidated by the sight of Jupiter going retrograde, now is a time to own the situations you’re dealing with and live with some ferocity, passion, and spark.

Ready or not, the stars and cards don’t necessarily wait for you to catch up — there’s change underway, and many of us are being called toward the spotlight, no longer able to ignore our innermost dreams and passions.

The approach you take in order to seize this opportune time may vary, and your weekly Tarotscope is just one tool you can use to help you along the way.

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