Your Weekly Tarotscope for April 24 – 30, 2023

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Although we love it when the stars and planets have some magical surprises in store for us, there’s a time and a place for relaxing and resting.

This week is likely one of the best weeks for that, as this final week of April is surprisingly calmed down when it comes to astrological transits.

We see the First Quarter Moon in Leo on the 27th, a good time for getting creative with new plans and ideas. But overall, this is a time for adjusting to what already exists, especially as eclipses and retrogrades have been shaking up our lives in other ways.

So, what will you use this time of calmer waters for? We’re about to find out the best way you can… using the help of the Tarot!

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for April 24 – 30, 2023


5 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Aries isn’t interested in wallowing in their previous losses right now.

The 5 of Pentacles reversed acknowledges that you may have faced some hiccups and disappointments, especially within the realm of career, work, finances, and the home.

Not everything has panned out as you wanted, and some of you may have suffered serious losses there. But right now, the reversal asks that you look forward, not backward, to move on.

It’s not guaranteed that the future holds something brighter, but there’s nothing left for you back there.


Death (Reversed)

Taurus is known for a stubborn streak every now and again.

Presently, Death reversed hints that you may stubbornly resist change, even if you know it’s good for you.

It may be time to step into a bolder, braver new version of yourself or accept more from life than you presently have — but even though these things sound positive, it can still be scary to make the necessary changes to achieve them.

Your desire for comfort is understandable, but sometimes a greater form of comfort lies on the other side of more significant changes.


9 of Pentacles

If you weren’t ready to indulge a little in the finer things in life, you might want to prepare yourself, Gemini!

Sometimes, you get so caught up in your own mind and the curiosities of the Universe that you miss out on what’s right in front of you. The 9 of Pentacles asks that you come back to the center.

It’s time to recognize that good things are waiting for the taking in your life right now and the “what if’s” can wait until later.

Even if it’s not extravagant, it could be just a little extra “me time” or some small gifts from the Universe — and it still wouldn’t be worth missing!


4 of Cups (Reversed)

Cancer may be a creature of habit to some degree, but this week is about breaking the cycle of repetition.

The 4 of Cups reversed spotlights that you may be holding yourself back in the realm of emotion, intuition, and spiritual growth. You may have even been feeling a little bored lately — and no, it’s not just you being ungrateful.

You’re not in a bad place, but you’re ready to advance a bit farther than where you are right now.

What familiar routines, habits, ideals, and ideas will you let go of to make a change?


10 of Cups (Reversed)

Leo isn’t feeling connected to their long-term vision right now.

The 10 of Cups reversed foretells difficulties regarding your emotional contentment and fulfillment.

At heart, Leos are visionaries and creatives, and it’s frustrating for you when you cannot see how your current path connects with that long-term vision. Now is just one of those “off” periods where that’s the case.

Set aside time this week to remind yourself that progress isn’t always linear, and schedule some activities that help you feel in control and fulfilled in the present moment.


3 of Wands

After a series of difficult cards over the past few weeks, Virgo is finally catching a break.

The 3 of Wands brings a much more optimistic, expansive energy onto the scene. A feeling of trust re-enters the picture as it feels more certain that the Universe will offer some return on your investments.

But it’s not all so serious either, as this energy is still about spark, passion, and lighting up your current path.

Enjoy, and have a little faith that you’re on the right path now.


Queen of Swords

Libra is feeling themselves, especially regarding the mind and intellect.

With the Queen of Swords up your sleeve, you’re in a no-nonsense frame of mind right now, but you’re also equipped to help and assist others in a way that is truly most ideal and helpful.

And this helpful goes for making decisions in your own life, too; this week, you’re level-headed and dedicated, and the mind is the clearest that it has been in a while.

Take advantage of this clarity in the way that best suits you, Libra.


2 of Swords

Scorpio isn’t exactly in the most productive zone this week.

On the contrary, it may feel like you’re stuck at an eternal crossroads. The 2 of Swords complicates everything within your headspace and makes overthinking quite likely.

It may feel like it’s you against the world, and it’s uncertain which path is best for you now. But remember — you’re an intuitive being, and not all problems need to be solved with perfect logic and reasoning.

Go with your gut and listen to your heart, Scorpio.


3 of Swords

Sagittarius may be struggling with a difficult wave of emotions this week.

Some Sagittarius may find themselves a little heartbroken over present disappointments, while others may be revisiting past hurt.

Whichever it is, the 3 of Swords illuminate the wounds that rest within your heart and demands that you make space for their healing. Now is not the time to avoid your emotions or pretend everything is fine.

Whether it’s a mild setback or something deeply impactful, don’t downplay what your heart has to say this week.


10 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Capricorn is known for its hardworking and devoted attitude in day-to-day life.

However, the 10 of Pentacles reversed shakes up your core foundation and long-term goals this week, which is kind of… your usual territory. For you, hiccups in long-term stability and routine are like personal setbacks too.

Ultimately, this feeling of disconnect between your present path and long-term stability is a normal human experience, and you aren’t immune to it just because you may work a little harder than most.

It’s time to be a little flexible and adapt to the unpredictabilities of the Universe, and use this as a time of self-reflection in the face of something difficult.


2 of Cups

This week is all about making connections for sociable yet independent Aquarius.

Despite being deeply attuned to the needs of the wider collective, your eclectic nature and a strong sense of independence sometimes can disconnect you from the very people you wish to help.

The 2 of Cups recenters your focus back on what really matters — heart-to-heart communication and experiences. This week is great for love, conversations, and the flow of affection.

But remember: it’s also here to remind you of what’s really important.


8 of Cups

Pisces, you need to trust your intuition this week.

Of course, it’s best if we can trust our intuition all the time. But this week, it’s even more essential for you with the 8 of Cups on the table.

You will have to ask yourself if what is in front of you is ideal or just familiar and comfortable. Sometimes we want to pursue things because they keep our hearts steady… but may not prompt them to grow.

Are you ready to take a risk and make a change?

Remember This Important Insight…

Congratulations! The insight of your Tarotscope is now sitting within your toolkit, and you’re a little more well-informed than you were before. Perhaps you even feel a bit more spiritually connected too.

However, you may need one other insight to ensure your Tarotscope works best for you. And it’s that at the end of the day, your Tarotscope is a roadmap, and you are the navigator.

In other words, the Tarot can help guide you and illuminate your path, but if there were blessings that it foretold, you’d still have to be the one to grab onto them. If there were obstacles, it’s not all gloom and doom — you still have the personal freedom to make choices that can help you avoid or overcome them.

And now you’re really equipped to take on the week ahead!

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