Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for July 11 – 17, 2022

The ebbs and flows of sweet and nurturing Cancer season have arrived in full swing, and now is the time to enjoy its compassionate waters.

Emotional, sensitive, and in tune with the heart, we know we’re well into crab territory when we prioritize those inner callings and answer the calls from our heart-space.

Plus, with a Full Moon in Capricorn this week on the 13th, we’ll have plenty of time to explore our real values and goals, using the practical and steady nature of the wise goat to our advantage (at best).

Don’t get lost in the current.

Let’s see how the energy of this week will flow for you personally in your weekly Tarotscope!

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Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for July 11 – 17, 2022


King of Wands

It’s been a while since you’ve been feeling your own power, Aries.

The King of Wands is full of fire and spark, and it matches the expertise and flame that the bold ram has been desperately needing. Because you’ve spent a couple of weeks recuperating, now is finally the time for you to come back into your own skin and take charge.

Say what’s on your mind, initiate a big project, or open the door for opportunity yourself — you don’t have to wait for it to find you!

Luck is on your side, Aries.

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Ace of Pentacles

Taurus is staring in the face of clean slates and opportunities this week.

The Ace of Pentacles is a fortuitous sign for those who have been looking for tangible open doors — new jobs, financial opportunities, or perhaps wiggle room for passions and hobbies to come to life.

This Ace is a bit subtle, and sometimes it might take a couple of glances before you realize what you’re looking at is an opportunity. Sometimes the road to success isn’t always as glamorous or miraculous as a lottery ticket jackpot.

Thankfully, as a Taurus, you have a keen eye for these things!


The Moon

An air of mystery and intrigue envelopes Gemini’s week.

With The Moon, your week is submerged in the world of the intuitive and unknown. You may experience vivid dreams and have strange feelings come and go, having to wonder what was real and what was just a fleeting emotion.

Although all the elusiveness isn’t really Gemini’s jam (you prefer to analyze and know what to dissect with your intellectual mind), you’ll have to get comfortable rolling with this flow for the week.

If you do, you may discover some unique insights in the process anyway!


Page of Pentacles

Cancer is playing the role of the student this week — in a good way!

The Page of Pentacles asks you to put your learning hat on. It’s your season, and there’s a lot for you to take from it if you’re feeling responsible and open-minded.

This card works best when it moves steadily, open-mindedly, and reliably. Get your standard routines and work done, and take things day by day.

Trust that you’re making progress, and enjoy the process of moving forward with things slowly.


The Empress (Reversed)

Leo is not quite vibing with the current energetic landscape.

With The Empress reversed, you may be feeling desynced from your current environment and surroundings. It’s hard for you to create right now, which is a big Leo pet peeve.

The truth is that although the lack of progress is uncomfortable, sometimes it’s good to sit in silence and pause every now and then.

Spend some time tending to your own inner garden, and then come back to the wider forest when you’re ready at the end of the week.

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Ace of Wands (Reversed)

Something is just not clicking for Virgo.

Although the Ace of Wands reversed is a frustrating sight, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. You, for whatever reason, are having a hard time getting in touch with spark, passion, and new ideas (which, actually, Virgo tends to be full of, as a unique problem-solver).

However, a small block on your spark and flame isn’t going to burn you out completely. Right now just isn’t about starting anything new — you’re free to proceed with what you already have.

And even if it doesn’t get your gears turning or come with a ton of excitement, these responsibilities and tasks can be just as worthwhile.


5 of Swords

Libra, you are now seeing the 5 of Swords twice in a row, week after week.

To review: you’re basically stuck in environments and situations where you feel like others are succeeding through foul play and not playing by the rules and may feel tempted to just roll the same way.

However, especially with the repeated theme coming up again for this week, it’s increasingly obvious that this is not a passing event but a lesson that needs to be taken under your wings wholeheartedly.

Don’t give in to the temptations, Libra. Future you will thank you for not giving in to the negativity.


Wheel of Fortune

Scorpio, it’s time to lean into a little whimsy and risk. Are you feeling lucky?

The Wheel of Fortune assures you that fortune is on your side. However, the Universe is a force that works in mysterious ways, and sometimes a blessing is hiding in an obstacle or difficult emotion.

So, working with this energy involves a lot of trust. You have to trust that you’re on the right path and that there’s always going to be a light at the end of the tunnel when you take a leap into the darkness.

This week, you’re invited to take that leap, whatever it may look like for you.


The Devil

Ready to dance with the darkness, Sagittarius?

The Devil is not exactly fun energy, but the wild archer is capable of making it its own adventure if anyone!

This week is all about baggage and burdens, sifting through the deadweight, the old habits, the toxic relationships, and so forth, that have been weighing you down. You won’t be able to ignore them anymore, so it’s time to cut them loose.

This work is definitely of the difficult sort, but there can be some light, humor, and beauty in it, too, if you’re willing to see it that way!


4 of Pentacles

Capricorn is focused on their own resources and goods this week.

Understandably as we have the Full Moon in your sign this week, you may be feeling the weight of tangible goals (money, time, and effort) a little more heavily than the rest of us.

So, the 4 of Pentacles hints that you’re likely to spend your time with… only you. There’s no energy being expended from your end — you’re stocking up on what you feel you need.

It’s your right to do as you please with what you have, Capricorn. Just make sure these boundaries are coming from a reasonable place.

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The Magician

Aquarius, you’re ready to make some magic this week.

The Magician is you stepping into your creative power. You’re combining the best of all worlds here — the emotional intelligence, the creative drive, the awareness of the physical realm, and more.

Integration is key here. You’ll be most productive this week when you embrace balance and fluidity, recognizing where things overlap and align rather than conflict.

Enjoy the creative flow, Aquarius! And remember to have fun.


10 of Wands (Reversed)

Pisces is getting tired of… getting tired.

Imagine that the 10 of Wands reversed is kind of like you putting your foot down. This card represents holding the weight of a lot of burdens and baggage, and some of that energy wasn’t even yours, to begin with!

This week is the definition of “something’s gotta give.” You’re realizing that holding onto everyone’s weight isn’t sustainable for you and getting ready to let some of it go.

If you need the affirmation: this is a step in the right direction, intuitive fish.

What Next?

With a Full Moon on the horizon for the week, you may be feeling the intensity of everything coming your way with more fervor. That’s why it’s all the more important that you feel your feelings, be kind to yourself and others, and exercise some patience when it comes to your goals.

Even with your Tarotscope in mind, it’s still possible to make mistakes or not get it all right — and that’s ok!

And remember: if you’re ever in need of some guidance and validating words about your experience, you can return to read it at any time.

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