Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for July 24 – 30, 2023

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Have the stars told you yet that it’s time to open up your heart and say what’s on your mind?

If they haven’t just quite yet, they likely will this week. Say “hello” to the First Quarter Moon in deep and brooding Scorpio on the 25th — it’s prime time for beginning to dig deep into ourselves, connect intensely with the heart, and allow space for major personal transformations.

But it’s not just all about what’s happening inside. Mercury, the planet of communication and thought, will move into its home turf: equally clear and communicative Virgo. Prepare to express yourself and get those thoughts and ideas out to others too!

Those are our general themes for the week, but we’d be missing out on some major insights if we didn’t consult the Tarot, too, of course.

Let’s see what the cards have in store for you on a more personal level!

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for July 17 – 23, 2023


Knight of Cups (Reversed)

Aries may need to “go within” a little extra this week.

The Knight of Cups reversed indicates that your emotions are less like a calm, clear flow and more like a rollercoaster right now. You may have difficulty knowing and expressing what you’re feeling.

That’s why this week’s transits can be especially eye-opening and transformative for you, of course.

But you also need to be willing to do the work and self-reflect about what’s actually going on inside. 



Taurus is approaching life with a balanced, level-headed approach.

For you, this week’s emphasis on opening up the heart and expressing yourself is executed in a more practical, objective way.

Justice invites you to see all points of view and channels your ability to understand and empathize with positions that aren’t necessarily your own. Your feelings are important too, but you want to ensure that everything is evaluated with fairness.

As a result, this week’s insights may yield some of the most powerful, helpful ones yet capable of helping yourself and others.


King of Pentacles (Reversed)

Gemini may be struggling with a lack of mindset this week.

With the King of Pentacles reversed it can be easy to feel like everything is out of your control. Maybe your long-term plans for abundance seem really distant now. Perhaps your sense of core stability is more wobbly than ever.

The truth is that no one “has it all together” all of the time. We all have moments of instability and self-doubt, no matter what you materially possess or think you have.

These difficult insecurities are important to work through this week, as processing them can help you move forward more productively than you were before.


The Hermit

Cancer is taking the energy of the week to heart and looking inwards.

The Hermit indicates that you may be pulling back a bit more from the outside world, but you’re ready to and capable of peeling back the layers of the vivid internal realms that exist within.

Say “hello” to your innermost knowledge, reflective contemplations, and intuitive perspectives.

Life has never seemed so full of wisdom, ready for you to unveil!


4 of Swords

Leo, sit back and let your mind take a breather this week.

The 4 of Swords says that you may actually have been overthinking within yourself lately. Sometimes the wisest, most essential insight is…taking a break.

When it comes to this week’s energy of processing and digesting emotions and thoughts, you will be taking that process and seeing how a good night’s sleep affects it — for the better, of course.

There’s wisdom in letting yourself take a break, Leo.


10 of Wands

You have a lot on your plate, Virgo. Is it time to loosen the load?

The 10 of Wands describes how you probably already have many ideas, plans, and obligations you feel are on the table. This week, they’re all coming to the surface as the Universe pokes at the insides of our psyche and heart.

And you certainly have a lot going on up there!

Right now, it’s essential that you make space for self-reflection about what can stay and what needs to be cut out of your mind and heart space.


8 of Wands

Libra is charging fast and forward this week with powerful go-getter energy.

More than just about what you do with speed and confidence, the 8 of Wands also characterizes strong self-expressive energy up your sleeve as well.

Right now is a powerful time for getting your ideas out there and not hindering yourself with second-guessing and overthinking. Just move with what feels right at the moment without feeling the need to plan your next steps too deeply.

If you do so, you may find rewards come more easily this week.


4 of Wands

Scorpio, it’s time to focus on the stuff that matters.

And no, this isn’t about some deep inner truth that exists within the bottom of your soul. It’s actually about love — your friends, your family, and your community.

It’s essential for there to be space in our lives for meaningful connections, lighthearted affections, celebratory moments of joy, and easy communication. These themes are what you’re focusing on this week with the 4 of Wands.

You don’t have to go it alone, Scorpio. It’s time to see the beauty that exists around you in the form of friends and loved ones.


The Hanged Man (Reversed)

Sagittarius wants to see things clearly but is having a hard time with the steps that come with it.

You’re the wild philosopher, Sagittarius. The Hanged Man contains a lot of wisdom and expertise that appeals to you; you want to know what’s going on inside of and around you, and that thirst for worldly knowledge is what makes you special.

But with this card reversed, you may struggle with the key element of this card that is a prerequisite for all of its knowledge: quiet, steady, and stillness. You’re an adventurer, and sometimes “stillness” feels like stagnancy for you.

But working through that difficult disconnect may also unveil some of the best truths.


Page of Pentacles

Down-to-earth and reliable, Capricorn already vibes well with a lot of the key aspects of the Page of Pentacles.

However, this card actually isn’t just about sheer productivity and checking items off of your to-do list. It’s also about learning, discovering, and asking questions about the world, your resources, and what you’d like to build.

The curious aspect of this card is really the part you’re going to want to connect with here. This week is already about self-reflection and opening up the heart — what do you really want to create in this world? What do you want to leave behind for others?

This week, the best outcomes will start with the best questions.


2 of Cups (Reversed)

Unfortunately, Aquarius isn’t clicking with the people around them this week.

As the 2 of Cups reversed indicates proneness to miscommunications, incompatibility, and general feelings of disconnect and potentially even loneliness, it’s not your week regarding love and relationships.

You may want to make those connections, but the Universe prompts you to be contemplative and honest about what’s happening in your heart instead.

What do these difficult experiences teach you about your own soul? What do you truly need and expect from others?


Page of Wands (Reversed)

Pisces, your enthusiasm is beautiful, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

However, the Page of Wands reversed warns of being too scattered in your approach. You may have many ambitions you’d like to pursue, but you can’t go after everything simultaneously.

The gentle fire that emerges from this card needs to be nourished with care, not immediately turned into a wild blaze.

This week’s key to success for Pisces? Think before speaking, and reflect before acting.

The Truth About Your Tarotscope…

Pause, and sit with the feelings that may have arisen from this week’s Tarotscope. Are you feeling excited? Overwhelmed? Revved up and ready to take on the world?

Whatever the case may be for you, it’s important to remember that your Tarotscope is a tool — not an inevitable forecast of gloom and doom.

If you see something you don’t like, this is your chance to approach that situation with the most ideal approach, prepared in advance for what the Universe is throwing in your direction.

The cards have the power to give us hints about what’s to come, but we have the power to make the choices and changes that will actually help us navigate the future.

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