Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for November 6th – 12th, 2023

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When was the last time you engaged in a radical act of self-care?

This week, Venus (planet of love and beauty) will enter its home turf, Libra, on the 8th. There isn’t that much else astrologically of note happening this week, which means we have a lot of time on our hands to focus on this specific event.

This transit is a powerful time for making connections, but those connections don’t always have to be romantic like we sometimes expect. This can also be a powerful time for connecting with yourself and engaging in self-loving practices.

Now, with your astrological brief for the week out of the way, we can also consult the Tarot to see what insights it has to offer.

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for November 6 – 12, 2023


The Chariot

Aries, are you ready to seize success?

The Chariot calls you into a confident, successful version of yourself — but you have to believe that you’re really there.

If you’re not ready to step up to the plate, take up space, and go after what you really want, this card might just pass you by. The Chariot’s momentum and abundance are meant to align with your own clear visions and mentality.

How will you connect with its energy… and yourself?


The Hanged Man (Reversed)

Ready to make big moves, Taurus?

The Hanged Man reversed indicates that you may be frustrated with stagnant, unmoving energy and situations.

You’ve been contemplating and planning for a while, and now you just want to put those reflections into action and actually live. However, it’s often easier said than done.

If you still experience some “lag” and discomfort in trying to move forward, don’t be too harsh on yourself for it. Remember that these things take time.


7 of Cups (Reversed)

Gemini is shaking off indecision and second-guessing.

Or at least, you’re trying. The 7 of Cups reversed points to overthinking, second-guessing, and having too many options, even though you’re trying desperately to find clarity and understanding.

However… you may find that even attempting to find that clarity may be a false premise, causing that very discomfort and confusion that exists in the first place.

Remember that sometimes, there isn’t always “one right answer” or “one correct path.”


The Lovers

Cancer, this week is all about what the heart wants.

The Lovers is a famously sweet blessing for love and relationships, especially when it comes to fortifying newer relationships and making the first steps in blossoming connections.

Right now, there are many options and possibilities. You don’t have to figure out all the answers, and you’re not meant to feel like everything is secure.

Explore, ask questions, have fun, and keep an open heart!


8 of Wands

Leo, a breakthrough may be on the horizon.

The 8 of Wands is on the table for you, which means momentum is certainly in your cards (no pun intended).

This is a great card for making progress, communication, and adventure. Keeping things lighthearted and not overthinking your actions will help you make the most of this energy.

In which areas will you aim to make the most advancements?


3 of Pentacles

Virgo is in a productive zone this week.

With the 3 of Pentacles on your side, this is a great week for productive action, especially within the realm of work, career, and finances.

It’s important not to close yourself off to others, though. “Productive” does not mean “solo mission,” despite how some Virgos tend to like to operate.

In fact, you may find that teamwork really does make the dream work this week!


Page of Swords (Reversed)

Libra, this is a week where you may want to watch what you say.

The Page of Swords reversed warns that you may have a lot on your mind. There are many conversations you feel need to be had, but the timing may not be quite right.

Acting on impulse and speaking without thinking could lead to more trouble than it’s all worth.

Hold off on important conversations and making decisive calls this week.


10 of Cups

Scorpio is connecting with a bright, shining energy this week.

The 10 of Cups is a sweet omen for emotional fulfillment and things finally coming full circle.

Even if cloisn’tisn’t completely met and not all loose ends are tied up, you are still more likely to feel at peace with where you currently are and where you’re headed.

If anything, this is a great week for making future-oriented plans and setting positive intentions.


The Fool

Sagittarius, this week is one wide, open door.

The Fool brings new beginnings and powerful, fresh energy to the table whenever it arrives. You may be at a turning point in your life, ready to make headway in new areas.

Although this card also comes with growing pains and inevitable mistakes, that is the beautiful part of feeling green with something. You aren’t meant to feel super secure or all-knowing here!

Have fun… and keep an open mind.


The World (Reversed)

Capricorn, life may not always spin in the direction you desire.

Although you are known for your practical, down-to-earth spirit that mysteriously seems to always know just what to do and how this week is not one of those mysterious times where everything just clicks into place.

The World reversed indicates that, actually, you’re more likely to feel like nothing is coming together and the big-picture vision couldn’t be more far away.

However, sometimes surrendering control (rather than trying to fix problems you can’t even see) may do more than you realize.


5 of Wands (Reversed)

Aquarius is still wrestling with a whole lotta conflict.

The 5 of Wands reversed notes that you’re trying to snuff out those flames, extinguishing little fires of conflict wherever they may pop up — disagreements, chaotic misunderstandings, and petty gossip.

However, sometimes it may feel like you’re just surrounded by unending wildfires, buyou’rere the only one with an extinguisher. You may even find that now, conflict exists within your own heart.

If you need to withdraw from others and take some” “me time” to refresh, now may be the time to do so. Don’t feel obligated to play peacemaker.



Pisces, you’re well on the road to transformation.

Death can seem like a spooky omen, but it is really a powerful signal for intense personal change and growth. You’re ready to level up to the next version of yourself, which may also mean metaphorically shedding some skin in order to get there.

Be prepared to let go of anything that’s holding you back as you head into this next exciting chapter. This week, change is written all over your book.

Your Guide to Navigating Venus in Libra

Your Tarotscope has spoken, and the cards have lit up the path for you to walk upon (with a bit more awareness and insight along the way).

The Tarotscope is one tool that can arm you with that kind of preparedness. And for a well-rounded approach to the week ahead, we also like to send you on your way with more than just that one tool:

  • Learn more about Venus in Libra
  • Unpack truths behind your own Venus placement

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