Your Weekly Astrology Overview: March 9-15, 2020

Welcome to your astrology forecast for the week of March 9-15, beautiful souls!

Last week was time to plan and prepare, and this week starts out with the Super Full Moon in Virgo on the same day that Mercury stations direct. We are highly likely to see forward movement in regards to our goals (finally). You may feel like everything is happening at once because everyone can now perceive the way forward as if the fog has lifted. Being a Supermoon, which appears larger because it is closer to the Earth, we can expect those wishes you made on the New Moon to really come to fruition and we may be able to release even bigger negative energetic weights that have been in our mind than on a usual Full Moon. You may find yourself finally able to make an important life decision or simply de-clutter your house with the earthy Virgo energy.

A Full Moon in an Earth sign will often mean we release actual physical things from our life, so perhaps it’s time for an online yard sale. You may also want to physically detox your body with a juice cleanse or take all those empty wrappers out of your car. This can bring some love into your life as well as some good news about what you’ve been diligently asking the Universe to help you manifest. Watch as people get new jobs, finally go on that date, or decide to release a toxic relationship.

Moving into the week, as the post shadow of Mercury Retrograde fades, we will begin to start to see an even more clear path forward. Mercury stations direct in the Air sign of Aquarius which can help us focus on big-picture ideas that will help change the world. So all in all, you’re likely to be taking some risks, wanting to travel, and seeking connection with the global community in some way.

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We still have the Sun moving through watery and imaginative Pisces which can make us feel overwhelmed emotionally. The best way to handle the urge that lots of emotions may give you to escape into a fantasy world is to moderate your indulges or creative outlets. That means give yourself some time to draw or paint, but don’t go into a three-day painting binge. For that matter, try not to binge on anything whether it’s food, TV, or love.

On a positive note, Venus is still moving through loving and steady Taurus grounding our desires into the physical world to help us appreciate what we can see and touch. Now that Mercury Retrograde is over, we may be seeing the apple of our eye and able to really engage in loving partnerships that have staying power. The main events in this week’s astrology overview happen right at the beginning of the week and we expect a smooth week after that with no major upsets.

Planetary Locations During March 9-15, 2020

Sun: Pisces (February 18, 2020 – March 20, 2020)

Mercury: Aquarius (March 4, 2020 – March 16, 2020)

Venus: Taurus (March 4, 2020 – April 3, 2020)

Mars: Capricorn (February 16, 2020 – March 29, 2020)

Jupiter: Capricorn (December 2, 2019 – December 19, 2020)

Saturn: Capricorn (September 17, 2019 – March 22, 2020)

Uranus: Taurus (January 10, 2020 – August 14, 2020)

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024)

Daily Snapshots for March 9-15, 2020

Monday, March 9

Sun: Pisces – We have a strong imagination and find it easier to meditate or think abstractly. We find artistic topics more appealing at this time and do not want to feel confined to a set schedule.

Moon: Virgo – We are able to focus with more precision and have a desire to do things thoroughly. We are likely to feel anxious if there is clutter or messes and want to fix problems.

Transit: Mercury stations direct in Aquarius. Instead of looking to the past and our patterns of behavior, we can now implement what we have learned in the retrograde period over the last three weeks. With the messenger planet in the Air sign of Aquarius, it’s a good time to work on writing projects or propose humanitarian ideas.

Tuesday, March 10

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Libra – We become more social and playful while also willing to strike up a debate. We are looking for ways to balance our work and play. It’s easy to get caught up in other people’s drama.

Wednesday, March 11

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Libra


  • Sun (Pisces) sextile Jupiter (Capricorn). Harmonious energy joins the planet of luck and fortune with the planet of imagination, spirituality, and intuition making it a good time to work on creative projects and gain success in the arts.

Thursday, March 12

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Scorpio – We want to talk about feelings or investigate the true motives of our loved ones. We are more focused on intimacy and attraction now and willing to be vulnerable.

Friday, March 13

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Scorpio

Saturday, March 14

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Sagittarius – We yearn to be outdoors and enjoy the company of animals under this influence. We want to try new things and meet people who have refreshing viewpoints.


  • Mars (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces). The planet of passion in the hardworking sign of Capricorn aligns harmoniously with the planet of imagination bringing persistence into our creative projects and a great aspect for those looking to make headway work through creative solutions.
  • Sun (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn). We also have energy helping us see where our subconscious (governed by Pluto), is blocking us in our work which Pluto is highlighting as it sits in industrious Capricorn. This could also lead to uncovering secrets at work.

Sunday, March 15

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Sagittarius

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