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Dreaming about gifts has a special meaning, highlighting the give and take aspects of your life.

To dream of gifts often suggests there are opportunities or blessings in your life, in front of you, or on their way to you. This will often mean that they are on their way to you, or that you may have to do some work to go and get them.

Dreaming About An Unopened Gift

There may be a gift in your dream that is unopened, or just resting on its own somewhere. The message here is that there is an opportunity around you that you are missing out on and leaving unattended. The details in the dream around this gift or any people that are associated with it will highlight what opportunities are being missed.

Dreaming About Giving A Gift To Someone

Are you the person bearing a gift in your dream?

The message here then is that you should be offering a piece of yourself to someone in your life. Who are you bringing the gift to? A gift or act of love or random kindness in your waking life will make this dream turn into reality.

If there are many gifts, and you are the one bearing gifts, the message could be that you are being a little overbearing or pushy with someone around you.

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Dreaming About Opening A Gift

If the gift in your dream is opened by you, and you do not like it, the dream could be foretelling of disappointments on their way to you.

The message is the same about someone else if you are being overloaded with unwanted presents. Very often gifts in a dream simply symbolize generosity. Giving gifts to others indicates a desire to express your love for another.

Dreaming of Unexpected Gifts

Dreaming about unexpected gifts has a number of different meanings.

If you are the one giving someone an unexpected gift then it is an indication that you need to be more open and direct with others.

If you are receiving an unexpected gift from someone else, it may highlight that someone’s advances towards you in waking life is unwelcome and it is time to take action on it.

A dream about receiving a gift that is actually empty may mean that things are not as good as they appear on the surface in your waking world. A relationship may look splendid on the outside, but how does it make you feel when all the eyes have gone to sleep? A career may look fancy to others, but do you feel a sense of strong happiness and satisfaction when the lights go out?

If you receive a gift you don’t like in a nice gift box it could indicate that someone around you may have selfish motives but is hiding it by appearing pleasant on the surface. This dream is a warning to be watchful of those around you and not to take things at face value.

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