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A table in a dream often symbolizes the social connection that you share with others. It is a sign of how you react to situations in your waking life and the quality of your relationships with other people.

In some cases, this is a simple symbol that all things in your life are unified and connected and your hard work has paid off.

It could also mean that you need to bring some people together to put an issue on the table and discuss it as a group. Or, if you are dealing with a problem and feel like you are on your own, talking it out with a third party or several may help you see some clarity on the situation at hand.

Dreaming about a Wobbly or Broken Table

You may see a table in your dream that is wobbly or is not completely functional. This type of dream often highlights teamwork with others. This could indicate that one of the “legs” of your table – your family, your work team – could not be putting in their complete effort.

This dream could also mean that the person has health problems, or will soon be leaving your group.

Pay very close attention to any additional people that appear in your dream, and the condition of the table, and you will receive more clarity on what that table in your dream means.

Conversely, this dream can highlight problems with a negative self-image that exists within yourself. This is mostly true if the table is of high-quality or expensive.

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Dreaming About a Bare Table

If you dream that the table is bare it indicates that you are not giving much of yourself.

Others may be putting in the effort into your relationships but you may have an unwillingness to do the same. The bareness of the table highlights the lack of contribution you are making to your relationships, or it may indicate the lack of effort you are making to network with others and can also highlight issues of loneliness that exist within.

Dreaming About a Table of Good Quality

If the table is of high quality or very expensive it is a sign of your self-image. This is a positive dream and indicates that you have healthy self-confidence and positive self-esteem.

If, however, the high-quality table is broken or damaged in some way, it can highlight problems with self-confidence and insecurities which are affecting your relationships and social life. You may struggle to communicate with others or be afraid of forging deeper connections.

Dreaming About a Dressing Table/Bathroom Counter

If you dream about a dressing table in particular it can highlight the need to cultivate a positive social image. You are willing to put in the hard work to do this and overall this is a positive dream to get.

If your dressing table is overflowing with objects, such as make-up, hairbrushes, or other toiletries, you may be overly concerned about your social image or placing too much emphasis on how you look as opposed to what you do.

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