How Reiki Works: The 5 Outstanding Benefits of Reiki Healing

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Reiki healing before, as it continues to grow in popularity alongside practices like meditation, yoga, and chakra work. But you may have also found yourself wondering just what Reiki healing is.

The word “Reiki” is combined from the Japanese words, “Rei” – which means supernatural – and the Chinese word, “ki,” meaning energy. Most of us realize that our bodies are made up of energy, but what you might not yet know is that when that energy is misaligned or out of whack, you may feel emotionally, physically, or mentally drained.

Reiki is a practice that redistributes energy throughout the body, aligning your energy centers and wheels (or chakras) to help them heal and restore healing in the body.

It’s a personal experience that can be customized to your liking. For instance, many Reiki practitioners employ the use of Reiki stones to represent their connection to crystal healing and their desire to work with their hands.

And beyond the healing powers of Reiki, you can relax knowing that this practice is regulated by The International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) who establish the uniformity among evolving practices, procedures, policies, and ethical standards of Reiki healing.

This organization functions upon the science of Reiki healing, as well as the spiritual aspects of this practice. The IARP defines Reiki as a “subtle and effective form of energy healing using spiritually-guided energy practices in every country of the world.”

So, if you’ve ever wanted to know more about Reiki healing, or if you’re feeling curious in this moment, keep reading to find out more about the science behind and benefits of this practice.

Reiki is Actually Backed by Science

There are many healing practices that some people might overlook due to a lack of scientific evidence. Reiki, however, is not one of these practices, because it is actually backed by science. While Reiki shouldn’t be the only healing practice you employ on your healing journey, it is a supplemental method of healing known, recognized, and utilized in medical fields the world over.

One of the most magical elements of Reiki healing is the fact that it is used worldwide, meaning that there are no language barriers preventing this practice from being employed by anyone in the world.

If you’ve ever found yourself hesitant about a new form of energetic healing due to a lack of scientific evidence, you can relax into your newfound appreciation for Reiki, knowing that the wonderful benefits of Reiki are constantly being researched and observed.

The Center for Reiki Research – which has been around for decades – studies the art of Reiki exclusively to educate the public on its many benefits and effectiveness. This is where you can find primary, peer-reviewed, public resources on the benefits of Reiki. In fact, a recent study shows that the Touchstone Process has undergone rigorous testing with academically acclaimed results, showing both Reiki and the Center for Reiki Research as the “best practices for scientific review.”

5 Benefits of Reiki Healing


Before we dive into the many healing benefits of Reiki, it’s important to realize that you don’t need to be a certified Reiki practitioner to experience these long-term benefits. Even utilizing something as simple as Reiki stones can provide amazing benefits, as they combine your own energy with the spiritual energy of the Universe.

Let’s take a look at even more awesome benefits of Reiki healing, and working with Reiki stones.

Relaxation & Wellbeing

Both Reiki healing and the use of Reiki stones promote relaxation by reducing the stress in your body and mind. While this is a New Age method, it is also used by scientists around the world. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of working with Reiki stones is that they work immediately to clear and heal energy within in the body.

Reiki stones work to redistribute energy in the body more effectively, and the benefits are felt instantly. Imagine the sense of peace and relaxation you experience after a deep-tissue massage – working with Reiki stones has a similar effect.

Working with Reiki stones allows the energy in your body to realign, cleansing and healing the chakras. These stones naturally bring more energy to the chakras that need it, and they help overactive chakras calm down and find balance.

There is a wide body of evidence that Reiki – a manipulation of the body’s energy using hands and stones – can reduce stress and promote relaxation. And while the effects can be felt immediately, they are not momentary. The healing effects of Reiki stay with you long after you’ve completed the practice.

If you feel tension in a certain part of your body, try to determine which of the seven major chakras in the body is closest to this source of tension. Place a Reiki stone over this chakra and breathe deeply to allow this chakra to heal and blossom, reducing stress instantly.

Pain Management & Relief

If you are experiencing medical problems or follow a specific medical routine, remember that Reiki will not replace these practices – but it can be used as an additional, supplemental practice to help ease pain and reduce tension in the body. Furthermore, nothing mentioned in this article is a substitute for professional medical advice, and you should always talk to your doctor before employing any alternative methods or practices, including Reiki, and working with Reiki stones.

All of that being said, Reiki is gentle, non-invasive, and it complements many modern medical practices for pain management and relief. Most physicians are even supportive of the addition of Reiki practices into your routine. That’s because Reiki works in conjunction with your current treatment plan, amplifying relief and healing. Both Reiki and Reiki stones help the body relax and the mind unwind, giving your physical and spiritual self a chance to heal and repair.

A wide body of evidence shows that pain relief is both a short-term and long-term benefit of practicing Reiki. Evidence shows that migraine relief, surgical relief, arthritis, asthma, menopause, premenstrual issues, insomnia, and fatigue are all address by practicing Reiki, and working with Reiki stones.

In fact, a study found in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine shows that Reiki helps with chronic pain, and can be used to provide relief for cancer patients, women undergoing hysterectomies, and even provide relaxation for patients enduring colonoscopies.

If you’ve ever experienced these types of pain, including headaches and migraines, it’s time to start learning more about how to make Reiki healing work for you!

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Physiological Relaxation


Because Reiki triggers and heals actual energy channels within the body, it can also create physiological changes when used regularly over a significant period of time. These physiological changes lead to stress reduction and relaxation within the body. When you incorporate Reiki into your self-care routine, you can expect long-term benefits such as less overall stress, and increased physical health.

Evidence suggests that regular Reiki practice can slow your heart rate, decrease blood pressure, and help the body release harmful toxins or negative energy. Therefore, it makes sense that those who practice Reiki might have healthier hearts. When you experience less stress, more relaxation, and increased stability of your body’s vitals, it is more likely that you also have a healthy heart.

While this may seem like common sense, there is actually evidence to back this up.

In 2011, a group of Yale doctors curious about the effect of Reiki on heart attack patients conducted a study. In a sample group of patients who had just undergone open heart surgery, half of the patients were treated with Reiki while the other half were not. It was revealed three years later that the patients who received Reiki treatment had recovered more quickly, and maintained their healthy heart rates.

Mental Clarity

One of the most amazing benefits of Reiki healing is the mental clarity that accompanies this practice. There are quite a few physical conditions that can lead to emotional or mental disturbances in the body. And while there are medical treatments that can improve emotional imbalances, many of us would rather seek out more natural or alternative treatments. If you’ve had issues in the past regarding anti-anxiety or anti-depression medication, it might be time to talk to your doctor about employing Reiki healing as an alternative treatment.

There are myriad stressors involved in our daily lives that can wear on us, or cause imbalances within the body and the mind. And when we face this imbalance, it can be hard to approach challenging situations from a place of clarity. When you can’t see a situation clearly, it’s hard to find your way beyond it.

Most of us are experiencing more stress than usual this year, causing cloudiness, or difficulty maintaining mental clarity and emotional equilibrium. Working with Reiki stones or practicing Reiki healing can clear your mind of any fog that might be holding you back. Reiki and Reiki stones allow you to let go of any energy, thoughts, or feelings that are no longer serving you – or even holding you back.

Becoming overwhelmed can happen quickly and seemingly out of nowhere. Incorporating Reiki and Reiki stones into your self-care routine can help you feel more capable and courageous, allowing you to face any challenges head-on.

Improved Sleep

One of the main sources of stress for adults is sleep-related anxiety. When you aren’t getting deep, restful sleep, it’s harder to focus throughout the day, harder to concentrate on work, and harder to share your energy and ideas with the world.

Do you find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night? Whether it’s difficult for you to fall asleep initially or stay asleep throughout the night, Reiki can help. Reiki healing works to clear and unblock energetic pathways, training your mind and body to relax more fully. And when the mind and body are relaxed, it’s much easier to enjoy your slumber.

Restful sleep not only reduces your overall stress levels, it also helps you have a better day in general!

Because Reiki healing and working with Reiki stones helps to clear and unblock energetic pathways in the body, it can work to relax the body and encourage a deep sleep that will leave you feel refreshed and alert throughout the day.

While we haven’t yet figured out how to add more hours to the day, a regular Reiki practice can help you feel like you have more time to get things done than ever because you’re well-rested and re-energized.

Using a Healing Wand? Get The Most Out Of Your Reiki Healing Wand.

Will You Try Reiki?

As you can see, there are many benefits of practicing Reiki and working with Reiki stones. This healing treatment is even more beneficial when combined with the self-care routine that you’ve already established. When you focus on chakra work, Reiki healing, meditation, yoga, and crystal or Reiki stone healing, your body will feel more relaxed and revitalized than ever.

While Reiki should never replace medical treatments recommended by your doctor, including the practice in your routine can improve physical pain, heart health, mental clarity, and encourage restful sleep – among other things.

So, if you’ve been feeling like your healing routine could use a bit of razzle dazzle, try adding Reiki and Reiki stones into your healing practices!

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