Your Checklist For Venus in Cancer: 7 Ways to Watch Love Grow

With Venus as the planet of love and Cancer as the sign of nurture, we have a very caring and cozy form of love when these two pair up!

Venus, ruler of Libra and Taurus, is comfortable in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign, a sign of intense feelings, protectiveness and swirling emotions. When Venus and Cancer meet each other, there is a soft and nurturing love and a strong sense of comfort between two people.

It is the cozy sort of love, the type depicted in the Tarot 10 of Pentacles! Love astrology is particularly fascinating with Venus in Cancer because this is a combination where love really does express itself in a beautiful way.

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What is Venus in Cancer?

Venus is on the move every 3 or 4 weeks, spending almost a month in each sign. It takes Venus an entire year to visit all of them. Of course, whatever sign Venus is in at any given time will have an impact one way or another on our romantic lives.

When she is in Scorpio, we’ll usually experience very intense, up-and-down relationships; when she is in Virgo, we’ll experience stable and practical times in our relationships with others; when she is in Libra, we’ll enjoy creature comforts with one another and seek harmony and balance together; and so forth.

When Venus enters a Water sign, there is always special emphasis on our feelings and relationships with others. Venus in Cancer is one of the most powerful placements for love and relationships because it gets to the very core of our emotions and encourages us to assess how our relationships with others make us feel.

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How Venus in Cancer Affects You

If you are a woman with Venus in Cancer in your birth chart you will be sentimental, nurturing and loving. This is a feminine and mothering energy. Love relationships will be on the basis of you being the caregiver. There is powerful Yin energy with Venus in Cancer and you will come across as the type of person that others will turn to for a cup of hot cocoa and a shoulder to cry on.

If you are a man with Venus in Cancer you will have the same qualities as a Venus in Cancer female, but you may express it in a less motherly way. You may feel drawn to doing little things around the home to express your affection – thoughtfully hanging up the washing or making your other half breakfast in bed. You will be sensitive and caring and you enjoy giving plenty of hugs.

When Venus is in the sign of Cancer, everyone will feel the effect of this transit. No matter whether it is a love relationship, a friend relationship, a work relationship or any other type of relationship, everyone is feeling the depth of emotion this transit brings. Relationships that bring meaning to our lives will be given more attention, while relationships that don’t will be weeded out.

How to Use Venus in Cancer Wisely: 7 Ways to Watch Love Grow

Thrive in the Cozy Energy

Venus in Cancer brings that cozy feeling – the same one you feel sniffing grandma’s pot roast on the stove or the feeling you get when you smell freshly mown grass. You can thrive in this energy by curling up on the sofa and reading a good book or taking a trip down memory lane by remembering all the fond memories you can. This transit also sees a return of an old flame for some, so let your heart be your guide.

Look After Loved Ones

This is a transit that makes us want to take care of our loved ones and make them a home-cooked meal. So if you’ve been in the mood to make some fluffy muffins for those you care for, now is the time to do this. Or maybe someone needs a hug – have a hugging day where you lounge together and embrace one another. This is a wonderful way to harness the energy of Venus in Cancer. Sometimes, all we need is a little TLC.

Take Action to Curate Love

Venus in Cancer is a time when we are able to act in service of others, such as volunteering for a worthy cause or demonstrating our affection for loved ones. It’s not a transit to just sit and daydream; it is one where we have the power to show our love and best of ourselves to its fullest extent.

Harness this energy through nurturing those you care for and watch your relationships with them blossom. Embrace the energy through volunteering for a charity that means a lot to you and letting others know how much you care. Depending on your Venus in Cancer compatibility with other signs, the degree of your expression will vary. Hence it is a good idea to know where your own Venus falls in your chart.

Focus on Self-Love: Take Care of Yourself

Cancer is a loving and nurturing sign, but it is also a very protective one. There’s a reason there’s a hard shell on the crab’s back! This energy also brings a desire to protect you and your loved ones and we run the risk of becoming smothering under this energy.

Therefore, it is a good idea to direct some of that nurturing energy towards ourselves so we don’t end up directing too much to others. You can embrace this energy by treating yourself to a pampering session, such as a hot bath with essential oils (mixed with carrier oil), or making yourself your favorite meal as a treat!

Indulge in Your Passions

As the most sensual planet, Venus likes to indulge in all things that make one feel good. In Venus in Cancer, it’s time to indulge in all the things that Cancer represents: emotions, creative projects, the home, nurturing others.

What are you most passionate about? Spending time meditating and going within can help you rediscover passions that may have been hidden for some time. Once you’ve re-engaged with your passions, start indulging in them. Venus encourages you to!

Like all Water signs, Cancer is highly creative, representing the arts, theatre, music, writing and all other forms of creative expression. Both of these together encourage you to tap into your powerful creative energy and embrace it.

Beware of Sinking into Your Emotions & Impulses

Venus in Cancer is a very emotional time. We are able to connect to our emotions with greater ease and pour our hearts out more readily.

As wonderful as our emotions are, when they become out of control they’re not quite so wonderful any more. Losing control of emotions can result in all kinds of impulsive behavior that we later regret, rages, mood swings, words being said that we can’t take back and other types of chaos.

So during this time it’s a good idea to practice some self-restraint and inner balance so our emotions don’t completely consume us. Regular meditation and also calming crystals such as selenite and moonstone are great for helping with this, so carry a piece around in your pocket with you whenever you can.

Manifesting Abundance in a New Love

Cancer is a Cardinal sign and Cardinal signs are about leadership. This means it’s a good time to make the first move when it comes to a love relationship. When Venus is in Cancer, we can let our emotions guide us when it comes to matters of the heart. We can harness this energy by being bold and taking the lead when it comes to the object of our affections.

So if there is someone you’ve had your eye on and been wanting to ask out on a date, now is the perfect time to do so. Furthermore, love those in your existing relationships as deeply as you can. Love your job and express gratitude. The more you show your love during this transit, the more the universe will reward you.

Harnessing Venus in Cancer

Those are the 7 best ways for you to harness the magic of Venus in Cancer. Remember, all you need to bear in mind is that Venus is the planet of attraction and Cancer is a leadership Cardinal sign that takes action.

Therefore, your success in love during this transit will depend on how much effort you are willing to put into action. No matter what area of your life it is, let your heart be your guide and let Venus in Cancer work its magic on you.

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