Find Out Who to Block with August’s Full Moon in Aquarius

We have an Aquarius Full Moon coming up on August 11th.

Aquarius is the zodiac sign that rules friendships. That means this Full Moon brings extra energy to our friendships. But this time, not only can it expose who our true friends and BFFs are, but it will also allow us to figure out who we need to block from our lives!

Full Moons occur when the transit (moving) Sun and Moon exactly oppose one another in the zodiac. Typically, we usually have one each month and 12-13 each year. Full Moons are highly emotional energy and are associated with culminations and endings.

Each Full Moon can bring endings dependent on the sign it’s in and what it’s doing to your own birth chart. (And if you don’t know your birth chart yet, make sure to use the free birth chart generator now!)

Why This Aquarius Full Moon is Hard on Friendships

The Aquarius Full Moon can put our friendships on the line. We can grow closer with friends we have a positive, beneficial, healthy connection with and further apart with those we don’t. 

This lunar phase allows us to make hard decisions about our friendships—this may include walking away.

This Aquarius Full Moon is extra strong for it, though, because it comes at a hard position to Uranus, who is the natural ruling planet of Aquarius. Uranus is square this Full Moon, and squares are challenging aspects that stir up friction and make us more aware of the frustration and foundational problems.

On top of that, Uranus is gearing up to turn retrograde on August 24th in Taurus, so we’ll have this planet moving backward very soon for the rest of the year. This can bring out old problems or karma and make us more aware of subconscious issues and past baggage in our friendships.

That means this Full Moon can be make-or-break for a lot of friendships. Continuing on with a challenging friendship that doesn’t serve you anymore just doesn’t work now.

Changes in friendships may come quickly, or at least quicker than usual. It just becomes unbearable to deal with, and this can be the breaking point for many.

If you want to learn more about Full Moons, check out the Ultimate Guide to Full Moons.

The Impact of the Aquarius Full Moon by Zodiac Sign


The Aquarius Full Moon can be extra strong for your friendships, Aries, and you may need to give more attention to the friendships you haven’t had time for lately and have become too unpredictable. If you can’t count on someone, they may not be a real friend, so you can consider that.

Evaluate if you can bring stability to your friendships, and this can help you figure out which ones will continue and which ones you need to pull away from.


The friendships where you feel like you have responsibilities and it’s all one-sided can get the attention during this Full Moon for you, Taurus. If you’re doing everything, then you’re just being taken advantage of, and that isn’t good for you.

You may be more willing to make a change in your friendships quickly and can focus on entering into different, better friendships.


If any of your friendships feel like they’re stifling you, this can be where your focus is with this Moon phase, Gemini. You likely want to feel your friendships give you the space to be yourself and pursue what you want without being judged.

Old friendships may come under the microscope most, and you can see hidden issues that have become a problem and decide if you want to keep working at them or end them.


Intimacy in your friendships can be of focus with this Aquarius Full Moon, Cancer, and you likely want to feel closer with the friends you really care about. It can hurt if you don’t think they’re as committed as you, and you may feel like lashing out as a result.

Try to focus on transforming instead, either transforming the friendship itself, making it feel new again, or changing you. That may mean walking away, but you can focus on making better friends now that you know what you want.


You can be more committed to your friends with this Full Moon, Leo, and you may strive to be there for them as much as you can and cheer them on in life. This needs to go both ways, though, and you can become more aware of which friends aren’t holding up their end.

You may be tempted to take on more of the responsibilities in your friendships, but this doesn’t ease your load, only adds to it, and it may be for nothing, so think carefully before you do that.

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The Full Moon in Aquarius can help you pay closer attention to the little things in your friendships, Virgo, and you may want to do small things for the friends you have. Yet you can also be more aware of the stress and strain some friends put on you and how this negatively impacts you.

You may be more willing to walk away now, or at least put more space between you. Allow the time apart to give you the space to determine what the fate of the friendship should be.


You can be much more loving with your friends with this Aquarius Full Moon, Libra, and want to spend more time with the friends you have fun with. Any friends you don’t have fun with, you may feel less connected to and want to pull away.

The friends you have may be changing, and that can be okay. You can make room for higher-quality connections that are stronger and stand the test of time.

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Emotional connections can be of utmost importance to you with your friends during this Moon phase, Scorpio, and if you lack that, you may feel the friendship is missing something. Try to figure out what may be causing this to be missing.

If they’re not committed to changing the connection like you are, this may be a sign to let it go. Focus on the people who are most committed to a healthy, positive bond.


Open communication can be important for you with your friends during this lunar transit, Sagittarius, and you likely want to feel like you can tell your friends anything. If there are friends you can’t do that with, they may not be the right friends for you.

Pay attention to what they say, how they say it, and how they listen. This may give clues as to how important you are to them or if you aren’t at all.


Friendships that have grown boring can be of focus with this Full Moon, Capricorn, and you may want to inject some new life into them. If the other person is simply stubborn and one-sided, then this may be time to call it quits.

You likely want to have friends that remind you to have fun and reconnect with your heart, and this can be a priority right now.


This Full Moon is in your sign, Aquarius, so you may focus on the friendships where you don’t feel validated, supported, or seen. You can view them as superficial, casual, or no longer serving a positive purpose and see why you need to let them go.

You likely need friends you have a solid emotional connection with, who understand you and all your quirks, and with whom you have a solid foundation.

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There can be many endings for you with this Aquarius Full Moon, Pisces, and it can feel like it’s a long time coming. You can let friendships that haven’t been good for you fade away, and you can feel ready for it now.

Communication can be more important to you in your friendships, and you may prioritize those with whom you feel you have a good mental connection.

Be Gentle with Yourself with the Aquarius Full Moon

This energy can be a challenge, and some friends may come, while some may go, which can be emotional. No matter which you’re dealing with, make sure you’re gentle with yourself and give yourself the same kindness, support, and attention you give your beloved friends.

If you need to mourn the ending of a friendship, that’s okay. Remember all you learned from them and from the relationship, and move forward knowing you’re a better person for having known them, even if it was hard.

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