You Need to Read Your Chinese Zodiac’s July 2022 Forecast

Welcome to your monthly Chinese Zodiac forecast!

If you have been wondering how the upcoming month will affect you based on your Chinese Zodiac sign, look no further. The Universe has got many ways of guiding us and lending a helping hand, and Chinese astrology is one way of assisting you as you navigate the spiritual waters.

The Chinese Zodiac consists of 12 animals, each one representing a year. The Chinese Zodiac animal that represents you is based on the year you were born.

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The Chinese Zodiac & the Lunar Cycles

The Moon plays an important part in Chinese astrology because this type of astrology is based on the lunar calendar. Each Chinese New Year begins on the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice.

Therefore, the Moon is a powerful and appreciated part of this astrology, and when we look at monthly forecasts, we pay special attention to the position of the Moon.

Your Chinese Zodiac Sign’s July Forecast

Summer is here, and July represents the peak of this vibrant season for many. This is emphasized by the fact that this is the Year of the Tiger. For many, this is a rollercoaster year with lots of unexpected surprises!

For certain signs, like Tigers and Horses, there are a few shocking moments and probably quite a few love affairs heating up!

For other signs, like Monkeys and Rats, some degree of caution is necessary. Tiger years are impulsive, and like the Tiger itself, there is a lot of “leaping before you look” going on. But as impulsive and unpredictable as they are, one thing you will never feel during a Tiger year is boredom.

So read on to find out your monthly forecast for July based on your Chinese Zodiac sign!


There is good potential for progress in July, Rat, and chances are you will find yourself presented with new business opportunities that could be very profitable. However, be wary of scammers making their way toward you this month—always check and double-check everything.

Be careful of emails that reach your inbox encouraging you to click links, no matter how authentic they seem, and watch out for seemingly genuine phone calls. Basically, use that famous Rat wit of yours!

Mid-month brings the perfect opportunity for solid grounding as the Full Moon has plenty of Ox energy attached to it, and this brings greater clarity and a sense of stability. You will have the opportunity on the 20th of July to release emotions that are holding you back.

Don’t be surprised if an intense or heated discussion occurs, which leads to this release of emotions—always stay positive because everything that happens is ultimately to your benefit in the long-term, Rat.


You’ve got a distinct advantage this month, Ox, as your potential for manifestation during the Full Moon mid-month is especially powerful.

It looks like someone is going to make a proposition to you, and the most important thing is to trust your instincts and try not to overthink. This has been an emotional time for you, but things are going to slow down a little for you this month and give you some breathing space!

So it’s the perfect opportunity to arrange a little weekend away or book yourself in for a spa treatment. The chaotic aspects of everything will reach their peak very soon, and then you will be able to take some time to chill! So long as you stay focused on your goals, you can’t go wrong.

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This is your year, Tiger, and you may already feel blown away by the events that have unfolded. Things have been up and down, and some unexpected encounters have occurred.

This is also the year that your Jupiter Returns in western astrology, so it’s a double-whammy for you. You can feel the karmic aspect of this year hitting you quite hard!

It looks like the surprising encounters are going to continue into July, and the possibility of exciting new love affairs is also strong, as is spicing up an existing relationship if already in one.

You might meet someone who you’ll end up long-term with, but for now, you’re mostly about keeping things light and going with the flow. Keep that attitude as that’s the best way to maneuver right now.

Just keep an eye out for admirers who may not have your best interests at heart. They may make a beeline for you this month, so just keep your wits about you!


You struggled at the start of this year, especially emotionally, Rabbit, but things are beginning to fall into place now. The more you go with the flow and learn to accept the changes coming your way, the easier things will be.

Mid-month, we are seeing a grounded and stable Full Moon appear to remind you of your overall aims, so if you have found yourself veering off course or slipping off the bandwagon, this Moon will kick you back into gear.

A new hobby or interest is likely to get your attention this month so go for it, Rabbit! It’s all designed to help you break out of your comfort zone, which can become a prison if it is not carefully cultivated and maintained by you.

Meeting new people is on the agenda for you this summer, so follow your instincts and let your intuition guide you.

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The last two weeks of the month are going to be quite intense for you, Dragon, so prepare for some emotional outbursts or even a surge in sexual energy that finds you involved in some passionate and unforgettable moments!

You may need to let off some steam if things have been getting too hectic for you, so during the Full Moon mid-month, take time to unwind as this is a Moon that brings grounding, stability, and a chance to see things from a clearer perspective.

The end of the month brings the chance to launch a new creative project or even begin a new love affair. But take time during the Full Moon to really think about the changes you wish to see and how you can implement them.


This is a busy, busy month for you, Snake!

Life-changing events are going on, and you may feel so overwhelmed by everything that you don’t know what to do with yourself. The first couple of weeks include some exciting changes to your personal life, including your love life, and mid-month brings the chance to take a step back and view everything from a more dispassionate perspective.

That will be the time to get everything in order, so ride the winds of change at first and try not to fight against the tide! Remember, you can’t control everything that happens, but you can certainly control the way you choose to react to what happens around you.


This is an emotional month for you, Horse, and important discussions are on the agenda. A few unexpected encounters are likely, and you may receive a message from someone from your past out of the blue.

If you find yourself caught at a crossroads, take time during the Full Moon energy mid-month to analyze everything from a detached perspective.

Don’t try to rush anything!

The worst thing you can do is leap in before thinking carefully about your decision! The more you exercise caution this month, the more beneficial this month’s energies will be for you.

Be prepared for exciting developments in the realm of love and romance—you may be surprised by what transpires!


It’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for you this year, Goat, and you’ve really been giving it your all! It’s one thing after another, and it just doesn’t seem to stop! That’s why prioritizing some deep relaxation time this July is important.

The first two weeks are likely to be pretty hectic and demanding but come mid-month, you’ll have the chance to unwind and see things from a new perspective.

Balance is key for you this month, whether in relationships, work, hobbies, or anything else you involve yourself with—the more you are able to set a routine to find balance and structure, the better you will feel.

The Full Moon mid-month brings the opportunity to do this, so focusing on your specific daily routines is quite essential for you during this lunar energy.

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This is an intense month for you, Monkey, and you’ll find yourself very busy with quite a lot of demands being made of you! Friends may come to you more often for advice, a love affair may reach a breaking point, or unexpected encounters may sweep you off your feet!

Whatever happens, try to ride the winds of change with a good balance between head and heart. This month is a karmic one for you and has a lot to do with breaking you out of your comfort zone—if there’s something you should be doing that you are not doing, the Universe is going to let you know!

Prepare for a few unexpected conversations—you have a goal in mind, but the route to get there may not be quite what you expected!


This Full Moon mid-month is a powerful one for you because it will bring a greater sense of structure to your life, Rooster if indeed you are willing to work with its energy. Things are likely to come to a head, and you may find yourself at an important crossroads. A decision has to be made and can no longer be avoided.

Whatever decision you make, July’s New Moon at the end of the month brings new opportunities for creativity and romance if this is something you would like to branch out to.

The decisions are ultimately yours but remember that our potential to grow often depends on how willing we are to step outside of our comfort zones and embrace the unknown.


You’ve been feeling the effects of the Year of the Tiger all through the first half of this year, Dog, and it’s been challenging in some ways but rewarding in others!

Doing what is right and living by your principles are important to you, and this month you will have the chance to put them into practice. You may find yourself having to take a stand, and it may not be easy, but as long as you follow your heart, you will make the best decision possible.

There is the potential for launching new and exciting creative projects from mid-months onwards, and someone may come to you with a unique proposition. Just be sure to always do your research before committing yourself to anything!


Plenty of planning and preparation is underway for you this month, Pig, and you’re probably going to find yourself exhausted before it’s completed!

There is a special need to place emphasis on your inner balance this July so that you can keep up, so grounding yourself on the Earth as well as practices such as meditation and yoga are a must.

Mid-month brings a Full Moon that detaches you from heavy emotions for a while and brings a more analytical perspective.

Anything that requires practical attention or a solid plan going forward will be highlighted this month so you can breathe easy as everything is going to steady out. Just don’t let negative thinking get the better of you.

Remember, taking time for yourself is just as important as the time you take for everything else!

What Will Summertime Bring for Your Sign?

The lunar events of July will largely inform the theme for all of the Chinese zodiac signs. While the Full Moon brings its manifestation power to you, the New Moon is there to help you realize what you might be missing in your life right now.

We are still navigating the Year of the Water Tiger, a topsy-turvy time for emotions, so if you are looking for more guidance, be sure to check out your free daily Chinese zodiac horoscope to help navigate the day-to-day.

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