Will Halloween Trick or Treat You? Love Astrology by the Zodiac Sign

Who says love is only in the air at springtime? There’s plenty of opportunity to be treated to romance in the autumn, too—hayrides, bonfires, tailgating, and the spooky spirits at Halloween.

Even if you’re spending this Halloween inside, there are many opportunities for connecting to a new love in a platonic or romantic way. When the witching hour strikes and the masks come off, will your mate be a match or a monster?

Don’t be scared – let’s take a quick look at the stars to find out!


This is a great time for you to focus on home and family, Aries. Compromise is highlighted, and you may find new friendships coming your way. Romance won’t be dramatic, but it will be steady—and that applies whether you’re looking for love or in a committed relationship already. There could be some bumps, sure, but that’s just life. You’ll be able to weather them easily if you don’t overreact to them.

Jupiter is throwing good energy across the zodiac into your sign; all the same, try not to draw unnecessary attention your way. People like you for who you are, so let that be enough. If you’re already in a relationship, try something a bit outrageous to spice things up a bit. It’s not just trick-or-treaters who can wear costumes to conjure up squeals of delight!


Things have been going your way for a while now, and you’ll need to take care that you’re not overwhelmed by all the opportunities around you. Teamwork is the key, and your social life looks to be on the upswing over Halloween. You’re in a pretty good position, but watch that you don’t get too stubborn, as Taureans are known to do. Digging in your heels and wanting your own way—even if it is a good way—will not win you any favors. Don’t lose your momentum, but do learn a bit of give and take. Delays jeopardize you reaching your goals, so cultivate patience but keep moving!

Oh, Taurus, you always do have to try to do things the hard way, don’t you? Never fear. Venus is your ruling planet, and it is also the planet of love! Venus is your friend and will stay your ally throughout this season. This can help you to appear more alluring and attractive to potential partners. Things could get quite deep come mid-November. A friendship could deepen, or a current relationship evolve into the next step of commitment.

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Some may think you’re a big flirt – but there’s more to you than meets the eye. The Mercury retrograde bouncing around has not been particularly kind to you, dear Gemini, and you’re going to have to mind your manners if you want to turn things around over Halloween. You’re going to be tempted to dwell on the past: don’t. You might feel alone and vulnerable, but you aren’t. You’re just licking your wounds and nursing your hurt. Hard truths have been exposed, and it’s going to take a while to get through this bumpy period. Solitude is the clue to healing—even if you’re currently in a partnership.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and when that chappie turns retrograde, we tend to give him a hard time. Mercury will be retrograde for a majority of October. Double-check all your plans so that this trickster doesn’t leave you stranded. Be careful of your words, too, and don’t say what you don’t mean. Try to be patient with the other ghouls and goblins; they may just be having a bad Mercury! If you turn this to your advantage, though, you could have a ‘meeting of the minds’ with someone magical, so don’t let Mercury meddle with your potential for passion!


Things bode well for you as far as romance is concerned, but don’t let yourself get too distracted. Leave what’s no longer working, for it will make room for more appropriate people and situations to come into your life. Don’t get drawn into gossip or hearsay or someone else’s drama—and it will be easy for them to manipulate you into doing so if you let down your guard. You can be incredibly productive, and that applies to your relationships too. Take things steady and calm and watch for those who are envious or jealous. It’s okay to cut what’s not working from your life—in fact, this is a great month to do it.

For you, dear Cancerians, October has probably been a month of reflection, rather than dynamic action. All of that could be about to change though, as the energies of the eclipse on the 23rd can bring you a new beginning when it comes to romance.his could be an intriguing new partner, or it could be you see someone already in your life with new eyes. Venus and the Sun in close quarters mean that love is touching the very essence of who you are.

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Romance isn’t as important for Leos this season as finances are. Do not rush into any contracts, no matter how good they initially sound. It’s time for you to get second opinions. Things are set to get very confusing very fast. However, where love is concerned, they seem to just kind of plod along. Make sure that you’re not too aloof, or not too needy for attention. If you’re single, you may well meet someone who feels like it was just destined to be. The stars are aligned for ‘soul mate’ type of encounters—but remember that soul mates don’t always stack up to be life mates. Even if you’re happily committed, someone unique could bring something bewitching into your life.

Leo, we all know you’re a charmer, but your allure is even stronger as the season of spooks approaches. Your planet—the Sun—enters into Scorpio on the 23rd, so make sure that your masks are off and your charisma is glowing. You can attract all kinds of attention, and who knows where it may lead! You’re naturally charming and willing to please others, and with Jupiter transiting through your natal sign at the moment, you really could have the golden touch. Just makes sure that you only pursue what—or who—you want, and guard against complacency. Things may go so well that you feel that you can stop making the effort, when in fact, it’s time to turn up the heat!


This is a pretty calm and quiet time for you, and you’ll be able to reflect on the turmoil of the previous month and decide where you want to go next. There’s not a lot of difficulty in the skies for you, but don’t go looking for trouble or you’ll be sure to find it! When it comes to Virgos and romance, there will be some gentle nudges—whether you’re single or taken. If you’re looking for love, you’ll see some synchronicity that will lead you into the right arena to find it. If you’re with someone, your relationship can deepen. Just pay attention to the way that people treat you—actions always speak louder than words.

Venus is giving you a helping hand over Halloween, dear Virgo, opening the door for romance, perhaps with someone right in your own neighborhood, someone you’ve previously overlooked! It’s time to listen to others, and pay attention to detail—and you’re very good at doing that. Relationships are charming, now, even though they may not be long-lasting. It’s time for you just to enjoy the treats of the day, rather than worrying about what tricks might be waiting tomorrow. Keep the lines of communication open, and take a light-hearted approach to romance, at least for now.


Minor disappointments and disruptions could bring you more tricks than treats over Halloween, but the thing to keep in mind is that they’re minor. They don’t need to be huge dramas unless you lose your cool and allow them to get the better of you. A Libra’s social life is particularly full during the spooky season, but that also means that there are more opportunities for booboos, too. Don’t expect too much of others; they’re always going to have the potential to let you down. This is a time when you need to treat yourself to your own sweets, and not be a people-pleaser to others.

Your treat could be reconnecting with someone from your past. It’s very important that you stay true to the sign of the scales and keep things balanced should this occur. Your path to romance strengthens with your creative endeavors over the Halloween period, so don’t be frightened to let people see who you truly are. When you turn on that bewitching allure, you can’t help but be a treat in the eyes of your suitors. This could very well be a time for you to treat yourself to sensual pleasures!


It’s your time to shine. Scorpio! After the challenges you experienced earlier this autumn, you’ll be ready for smoother sailing, and this is just what Halloween looks to bring you. You’ll have opportunities to get closer to your goals, but don’t work too hard, or you’ll find yourself getting disillusioned again. Yes, there’s a long way to go, but look how far you’ve come! This energy favors those who are already attached more than it does single Scorpios, however, even those of you looking for love have a chance to find it. Look for an intellectual connection, and let the feeling factor follow.

The sign of the scorpion feels things deeply, passionately, and as the Sun moves into your sign on the 23rd, those feelings are very likely to intensify. Relationships—new or existing—are likely to be dramatic, ardent, and incredibly gratifying. Turn on your charm, and let people see the depth of who you truly are. You’re just the treat that someone is waiting for. It doesn’t have to get complicated unless you want it to.

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This is a season where relationships are highlighted for you, and dropping the folks who no longer serve a purpose in your life isn’t a bad idea at all. Sagittarius, you have to look at quality, not quantity. Stay focused on your long-term goals and don’t get distracted by smooth talk and empty promises. There has to be equal give and take, and if people are taking to much, then they need to be history. Be impulsive, be fun, be a bit daring. Existing relationships will be put to the test. Choose your battles wisely, and make sure that you only keep the people in your life who pass the test.

You may choose to withdraw behind your mask this Halloween, due to the Sun moves into Scorpio. Here’s a paradox: this energy could bring you the kind of relationships you’ve been seeking, but you may not be in the mood to make the effort to sustain them. This is a time for you to focus on treating yourself, let others see the goodies of your natural kindness and your optimism. Don’t force intimacy if you don’t feel up to it.


You’re in for a treat over Halloween, for the spirits see set to send some fun and frivolity into your usually reserved ways. The stars are aligned to bring you some treats and good fortune, and you’ll have a clear head with which to consider how you wish to proceed. Your love life also looks set to evolve; once again, if you’re with someone then expect things to deepen, and if you’re single, expect to meet interesting people. Of course, to meet folks you have to socialize; fortunately, the planets are positive when it comes to participating in pleasant activities.

If ever there was a time for the old goat to partake in some hilarity, it’s now. You’re not as stubborn and fixed as you would have people believe, Capricorn, and now is the time for you to indulge in a bit of mischief and merriment. You’re unique, and it’s time to celebrate that. People will notice, and are likely to be very warm and accepting of you. Relationships started over the Halloween holidays might not come to much, they have the potential to bring you great memories and lasting friendships.


Jupiter is throwing positive energy into your sign for the next year, Aquarius. If you get a chance to attend a Halloween event, do so! Networking and socializing are highlighted, and there’s a good vibe here for both love and luck. You may meet someone who can help your career, your personal life, or even a potential romantic partner. Folks gravitate to you and tend to agree with you now, but don’t get too confident because of this—no one likes a showoff!

This is not the time for the water-bearer to hide under a mask or a facade! If you want to get noticed, you have to let your light shine. Of course, originality is nothing new to you, but it’s time to celebrate that uniqueness and let others see what they’re missing. This is also a great time for you to throw yourself into plans and projects that boost your confidence. You want someone to notice you, and now is the time that it could happen. Set aside your insecurities, and open the door to romance.


Dear, dreamy Pisces, it’s going to be so easy for you to miss opportunities during the spooky season, because you get too distracted too quickly! Positive energy abounds and flows your way, but you’ll miss it if you’re head is stuck in the clouds or your heart is stuck in the past. Whether you’re single or taken, love is definitely in the air—but you mustn’t be lazy! You’re going to have to put some effort into pursuing what (and who) you want. Keep work separate, avoid office romances, and stay true to your heart’s desires. You’ll be glad you did by the time Thanksgiving rolls around!

You may want to use crystals during this time to manifest your spookiest dreams.

You always have one foot in the other realms, Pisces, and this time of year the veil is the thinnest. You’re likely to find that you feel even more intuitive than you usually do. Relax into it, and let it lead you to the sweets that await you. This is a time for you to share your philosophies and your spiritual path with others who show interest, for it could very well spark a relationship that transcends the physical.

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So, how full is your candy dish going to be this year?

Before you rush out in the quickest disguise you can create, though, remember that first impressions count. If you’re already with someone, then a well-considered couples costume could bring you closer together. If you’re single and looking, then you want to make an impact. Let your costume be an extension of who you are, and where your passion lies. Let it make a bold statement to others, and take you a little bit outside your comfort zone.

With the Sun entering into passionate Scorpio, there’s every opportunity to fill your Halloween goody bag with lots of romantic treats.

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* Editor’s note: This article was previously published on October 28th, 2014 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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