How To Harness Crystal Energy

The power of crystals is something that more and more people are beginning to turn to as a method of healing, de-stressing and finding their true purpose. The emergence of the New Age has brought with it an array of ancient methods that are slowly working their way into mainstream society and among the most prominent of them are our glittering, shiny friends – crystals!

Crystals can certainly be appealing to look at, but they are far more than just pretty stones. But how do crystals work?

Each crystal possesses its own unique energy, designed to help and guide us so we can become the very best of ourselves and live a life of happiness and well-being. The energy inside the crystal is the same energy that exists in each of us (and animals and plants too). When we are able to tap into this energy, we are able to work with the hidden, energetic forces that can help improve our lives and heal us on a number of levels.

But how to use crystals? This can be quite daunting for some people. After all, there is no button to press on the crystal to make it work, nor – usually – a booklet of instructions that come with choosing a crystal from the colorful selection in store. Instead, harnessing crystals is very much about using the powerful instinct and intuition that lies within each of us, as well as a little knowledge to help us along the way.

Read on to find out different methods on how to use crystal energy!

Setting Intention

The most important thing to remember about crystals is that they work with intent. If you are a bit befuddled by what this means, it simply means that the crystal works for you based on your thought process and what you want it to do for you.

Let’s say I have a labradorite crystal in my hands. I close my eyes and project my thoughts onto the crystal. Labradorite is particularly good at helping to open the Third-Eye chakra and connect to the subconscious, so I would think very hard, directing my thoughts into the Labradorite with the following:

Labradorite, help me open my Third-Eye and access information from my subconscious mind so I can improve my world and the world of those around me.

A short sentence such as this is enough to activate the crystal’s power. Imagining what it is you want and allowing your mind to be clear enough to let the crystal’s energy in is the best way to harness it.

Wearing Your Crystal

Crystal jewellery is extremely popular and not just for the aesthetic effects. When you wear a crystal, you are able to tap into its energy through the touching sensation. Wearing them around the neck as pendants or necklaces, around the wrist as bracelets or even as earrings are good ways to have the crystal energy with you everywhere you go.

Note: It is said that protective crystals such as black tourmaline and amethyst are particularly good for wearing around the neck, able to protect the Heart chakra from psychic attacks.

Under the Pillow

Placing crystals under your pillow can be highly beneficial. When we sleep, our subconscious mind is more powerful than ever as the conscious mind takes a break. It’s during sleep that we experience dreams, odd experiences at times and ‘messages’ that need to be told to us. Crystals can help enhance the subconscious so the messages and dreams are clearer.

For example, the lepidolite crystal is particularly good for revealing trauma that is hidden in the subconscious. Placing a piece under your pillow can help drive out the trauma, making it clear to you what the problem is and what needs healing in your waking life.

Crystal Grid

This is the act of lying down and placing various crystals in a particular arrangement on a surface like an altar, or on your body.

You could have an amethyst on your forehead, a rose quartz on your chest near the heart, a couple of selenites on your thighs. Tumblestones are particularly good for this type of work.

Once comfortable with your crystals on you, close your eyes and breathe deeply several times. Visualize what you want each crystal to do and send yourself into a deep, meditative state. This method is particularly powerful because several crystals are working at once and this can result in a deep cleansing session, removing negative energies from the mind and body.

Crystal Rituals

The ritual method is particularly helpful for those looking to heal themselves. This requires the use of a quiet, darkened room with candles preferably present and perhaps even some background meditation music softly on in the background. A few selenite wands or pieces would be beneficial for have on the floor surrounding you. Here you can whisper or chant your intent with the crystal of your choice, focusing on the aspects of you that you feel need healing.

Note: Opalite is particularly good for rituals. It is a man-made stone but opalite has the special ability to delve deep into you and possesses a rather unique tactic in regard to exposing your vulnerabilities and recognize what needs healing. Lepidolite is the same, but the lepidolite crystal is far more straightforward in exposing the issues. The opalite crystal will usually do it in a much more abstract way. For example, there may be no obvious results during the ritual, but a couple of days later an experience may occur that gives you a sudden “Aha!” moment.

Concluding Thoughts…

Crystals can be incredibly helpful in healing, helping and guiding us. Learning to harness their powers correctly can make life easier on the whole and help us feel more fulfilled and invigorated. There are crystals out there for everyone and for every issue you could possibly imagine.

And remember, when choosing a crystal, the crystal usually chooses you!

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