Your Libra Season Money & Wealth Forecast

Are you ready to start a season of abundance? Libra season is here again to usher in themes of balance, negotiation, harmony, and social connections. But what about wealth? We’re here today to discuss the beauty of Libra season and what it’s bringing your way in terms of money and wealth.

Libra season begins on September 22nd, and we’ll experience the blissed-out vibes all the way until October 23rd, when the Sun enters Scorpio.

Those harmonized Libra vibes await!

Libra is an Air sign, meaning that it’s thoughtful, intellectual, social, and creative. Libra is represented by the symbol of the scales, shining a light on the balance and justice that this sign so earnestly strives for. You see, Libra is a master negotiator, able to see both sides of any situation and play devil’s advocate whenever necessary.

This sign is ruled by luxurious Venus, the planet traditionally associated with love and beauty. But what some don’t know is that Venus is also associated with wealth. Think of Venus as the planet that seeks the finer things, the planet most concerned with moving music, fabulous fashion, alluring art, and delicious desserts.

That means that Venus is also concerned with making sure we have the funds for such decadent treats.

But as with all-things-Libra, balance is a requirement here. You can’t walk around in a funk of negativity and imbalanced thinking and expect Libra season to shower you with abundance. Think meditation, think chakra cleansing, think crystal healing

The self-care rituals that bring you peace are more important than ever now.

If you want to follow your money and wealth energy throughout the year, make sure to read your money horoscope!

What Does All This Mean for Money & Wealth?

Libra season can be easily summed up in one word: balance

And without, you might find yourself amidst a sea of confusion or frustration. Libra season comes along to remind us that nothing great can last without a sense of balance and harmony. A winning streak at work can easily turn into turmoil if you don’t allow yourself time for rest, relaxation, and play.

On the other hand, playtime is hardly as fun if that’s all you have – if you aren’t working towards your goals and dreams, leisure can feel a lot more like torture.

A constant stream of negativity can easily overwhelm the senses, whereas blinding optimism can seem to condescend a reality filled with both good and evil. It’s all about finding the balance in any situation.

When it comes to money during Libra season, this balance is a must. 

Find the balance between apathy towards wealth and obsession with it. Look for that harmony between what we already have and what we want in the future. Try to practice gratitude for your blessings now before diving headfirst into your new desire.

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Your Money/Wealth Forecast for the 2021 Libra Season


While you might feel like jumping straight into work and creative projects right now, consider how your body and mind feel, Aries. With your ruling planet, Mars, in the sign of Libra for much of Libra season, harmony is an especially palpable theme for you.

Yoga and meditation might be particularly beneficial points of focus, as they will naturally lead you towards the balance needed to attract the wealth you seek.


You share a ruling planet with Libra, and Venus is bringing plenty of blessings your way right now, Taurus. But you may experience an overwhelming desire to participate in more playtime than hard work right now, so it’s important that you try to motivate yourself.

Physical exercise, especially outdoors, is one of the easiest and most effective ways for you to fill your spirit with passion and ambition.


Your mind is on fire with ideas right now, Gemini, but you’ll need to connect to your intuition to learn which ideas are keepers. It can be hard for you to trust yourself or make quick decisions, but your mind is far more powerful and capable than you might currently believe.

Balance the Third Eye chakra and spend lots of time feeling and expanding that connection with your intuitive center. Your instincts can guide you towards abundance.


You’re more creative and drawn to art than ever this month, Cancer, so be sure to foster your imagination and offer it plenty of opportunities for expression. You may find that surrounding yourself with beauty is the most inspired activity you can do right now.

Create a beautiful environment within your home, soak in that beauty, and see what inspiration arises. Your own creativity can help to construct your dream life!


Yours is a sign that already enjoys the finer things in life, Leo, so when Libra season comes along, you are more than ready for a good time. But remember that balance is key now, so be sure to share your time between frivolity and hard work.

Grounding exercises are perfect for you during this time, which can help create that balance that leads to abundance and new opportunities right now.


If you think we’re going to tell you to buckle down and work hard, you’re wrong, Virgo! For you, balance very likely means taking a step away from your career and focusing a bit more on the things in life that make you feel passionate and engaged.

Goof off, have fun, play hooky for a day. (We promise we won’t tell!) Engaging your inner child will help life feel brighter and more abundant in no time.


Happy birthday, dear Libra

It’s your metaphorical day in the Sun right now, and your mood is likely to feel more lighthearted and optimistic already. For dear Libra, balance right now looks like standing up for yourself even when you’d rather find a compromise or avoid conflict.

Sharing your voice – perhaps asking for that raise you know you deserve – might very well be your ticket to wealth and abundance right now. We know you like to get along, but sometimes a little confrontation is necessary for setting your boundaries and getting ahead.


It may be Libra season, but Venus is currently in your sign, Scorpio, meaning that you might be experiencing some intense emotions right now. To find the harmony that is needed to attract wealth right now, focus on ensuring that you have an outlet for these big feelings.

Write, draw, explore the world, and your emotions, through your creativity. If you express yourself in a healthy manner, you’ll be better able to focus on manifestation.

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Yours is a naturally lucky sign to begin with, Sagittarius, so if you can harness this energy, you can have quite an abundant Libra season. You might, however, feel like engaging in more play than focusing on productivity, so try to find little ways to motivate yourself right now.

Treat yourself for tackling your to-do list or make work fun by throwing on your favorite album. Finding the balance between good times and focus is the key for you.


You already know how to roll up your sleeves and get to work, Capricorn, so this Libra season is all about self-expression through creativity. You have a hard time expressing your emotions, and built-up frustration can hold you back from manifesting your greatest, most abundant life.

Pick up some paints and a canvas and let your insides spill onto the paper. When you’re free and not burdened by these hidden feelings, abundance can begin to flow into your sphere.


The airy energy is bringing some big and brilliant ideas to the forefront of your mind right now, Aquarius, and your challenge is taking advantage of this inspiration and bringing those ideas to life. You may even find yourself inventing the next big app or creating a new art form!

Your sign is all about self-expression and intellect, and sharing your big ideas is the best way to invite new opportunities into your life. Let your mind soar now!


Your intuitive prowess is sharper than ever now, Pisces, meaning that attracting wealth and abundance is as easy as listening to your gut. This requires emotional and mental balance to help you distinguish between intuition and anxiety or fear, so self-care is a must right now.

Incorporating things like chakra work or Reiki healing into your routine can help bring harmony to your internal world, which in turn brings abundance into your external reality.

Balance is the Key for Wealth During Libra Season

Yes, we’ve mentioned it a ton, but that’s only because balance truly is the cornerstone of Libra’s nature, the one thing Libra requires to be able to work its planetary magic. Look for anything that feels off-kilter or out of order right now and find a way to restore that order and harmony.

Balance also ushers in the ability to see the beauty in each moment, which in turn helps us appreciate the wealth and abundance that we already experience each day. Libra places a pair of modest rose-colored glasses over our eyes to remind us that the world is full of splendor and wonder – whether we’re dining on a five-star meal or enjoy a cup-o-noodles and a cheesy movie with someone you love.

Have a happy (and balanced!) Libra season!

If you want to follow your money and wealth energy throughout the year, make sure to read your money horoscope!

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