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mars and venus in aquarius article

Planets Venus and Mars are on the move to the same sign, Aquarius, with Venus entering Aquarius on February 16th and Mars entering three days earlier on February 13th, 2024. We’ve already got the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto in this sign, so we’ve got some supercharged Aquarius energy going on!

Venus and Mars are aligning and will actually conjunct in Aquarius on February 22nd. This is incredibly passionate, creative energy, and we’ll likely feel this as soon as they are both in Aquarius and for the rest of February!

About Mars in Astrology

Mars is the planet of energy and drive in astrology. This is the planet that takes the initiative, motivates us to act, and is willing to go down new paths no one has gone down before, making it a pioneer.

Mars is one of the war rulers, and it’s full of energy and ready to go. When this is channeled wisely, productively, and in a healthy way, Mars can inspire action that no one else can in astrology. When it isn’t, we’re frustrated and easily provoked.

Mars is the ruling planet for Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, full of enthusiasm and excitement. Mars naturally connects with the first house, ruling new beginnings and a fresh start.

About Venus in Astrology

Venus is the planet of relationships in astrology. This is the planet that wants to connect but tends to take it easy instead of pushing. Everyone comes to Venus, not the other way around.

Venus is a pleasant planet and is considered one of the more beneficial ones. Venus wants everything to come easily, effortlessly, and without too much stress or upset.

Venus is the ruling planet for two zodiac signs, Taurus and Libra. Taurus connects with resources and the physical world and wants to take it easy with everything it does, while Libra connects with commitment and wants to bring peace to everything it does.

About Aquarius in Astrology

Aquarius is an Air sign, which makes it sociable and engaging. Aquarius rules our friendships, any groups we belong to, and the masses at large.

The natural ruling planet for Aquarius is Uranus, the planet of change. Aquarius is a sign that is quite open to change in spite of being a Fixed sign. This just means that’ll see it through t whatever changes Aquarius sets out to make.

Aquarius rules the future, our hopes and dreams, and along with change, this has likely been a big focus for all of us lately, and that continues. Thanks to Pluto entering Aquarius, we’re now at the start of a whole new journey, a whole new era. 

What it means When Venus & Mars Tango

So, Venus and Mars are touring Aquarius very soon and will align in this zodiac sign. What does it mean when Venus and Mars tour the same sign and conjunct?

Whenever Venus and Mars meet up, this greatly increases passion. It’s fantastic for romance, dating, and bringing spice into your relationship, as we’re all feeling a little feistier.

Venus attracts while Mars pursues, so they’re perfect complements to one another and love to work together. In Aquarius, this can mean we’re passionate, but it might be in a more distant way, so rather than sloppy passion, it’s intellectual.

Since Aquarius rules our dreams for the future, we can also channel passionate energy into that instead of our relationships. We can throw ourselves into our dreams and feel heavily invested in the future.

Venus and Mars combined are also super creative energy, so we may focus instead on creative projects and ventures. We can feel more inspired than usual and have more energy for our work.

No matter what, it’s important to have something to channel the passionate energy into; otherwise, that passion can turn on you and make for supreme grumpiness. It can be easy to get frustrated and lash out because of it, but that doesn’t really help you, so try to focus the energy somewhere healthy and productive.

Mars & Venus in Aquarius for the Zodiac Signs


Mars and Venus in Aquarius can help you passionately work on changes in your life, Aries, and you can focus on the changes that put you on the right path to make your dreams come true. You can come up with new ideas and embrace unconventional methods to make leaps.

In relationships, you may find you’re most passionate about your friendships or any groups you belong to, and in romance, you may feel more passionate if your friendship is strong. 


Mars and Venus in Aquarius bring passionate energy for your goals and what you’re trying to achieve, Taurus, and you can be more creative in your pursuits and take action with what you want. You can take the lead and find more opportunities for progression to easily come your way.

In relationships, you may be passionate in more traditional ways and go for gold-fashioned candlelight dinners, a dozen red roses, sipping wine by a fire with your beau, that kind of thing.


Mars and Venus in Aquarius can make you more passionate about new experiences, Gemini, and you can throw yourself into new pursuits that open up your mind and world. You can enjoy travel, learning, teaching, and writing; your optimism can be strong and beneficial.

In relationships, you may be passionate about adventure in your connections and want to make it more fun and exciting. You can be daring in love and are more go-big-or-go-home in your attempts.


Mars and Venus in Aquarius stimulates big passionate energy for you, Cancer and passions have likely been running pretty high for you lately anyway. Still, it only seems to grow with Mars and Venus in Aquarius. You can use this to make major transformations and to give yourself more personal power.

In relationships, you can be passionate about strengthening intimacy with loved ones, and strong emotional bonds can be a top priority in any new flames. You can be more intense and loyal.


Mars and Venus in Aquarius bring passion into all of your relationships, Leo, and you can make the most of your passionate energy when you have a partner to help pull you in. You can enjoy having company more often and be more helpful with those you care about.

You can be more passionate about commitment and want strong commitment in your relationships. This can mean strengthening existing committed relationships and prioritizing those who are comfortable with commitment in new ones.


Mars and Venus in Aquarius bring passion to your daily life, Virgo, and you can throw yourself into your work and projects, which may even seem more intense when doing regular chores. This is fine, though; you can get so much more done and are more impressive with your work ethic and quality of work.

In relationships, you may not seem super passionate to others, but you can show how passionate you are by paying close attention to those you care about. You can be romantic in quiet ways, but it can have a big impact.


Mars and Venus in Aquarius make you more passionate about what you love, Libra, and you can focus on creative projects, hobbies, and fun ventures. Vacations and short getaways can stimulate even more passion, and you can get inspired in new ways.

In relationships, you can be extra passionate in love and go big with displays of affection. Rip scenes right out of your favorite films, shows, or books, and get in tune with your big heart.


Mars and Venus in Aquarius merge passion with what you feel, Scorpio and your emotions can be stronger, more impactful, and more inspiring. This can mean you’re extra passionate with anything you’re emotionally invested in, and you can be more passionate about things in your personal life or at home.

In relationships, this is extended to your emotional connections with others, and you can be more passionate with those you feel you have a strong emotional understanding. New flames can center around emotional bonding.


Mars and Venus in Aquarius bring passion for your ideas and opinions, Sagittarius, and you can be much more passionate in your speech and communications. You can get really excited by what you come up with and the possibilities of your ideas, and you are ready to take action with them.

In relationships, you can be more passionate with those you have a strong mental connection with. You can improve the flow of communication, and new flames can center around great conversation.


Mars and Venus in Aquarius increase passion, but in a more grounded way, Capricorn, and you can use this to bring stability and security to areas that have been chaotic in the past. You can maximize resources and feel more passionate about abundance.

In relationships, you can be more passionate about grounding your relationships, bringing them more stability. Romantic relationships can focus more on the physical connection, and new flames can burn slowly but steadily.


Mars and Venus in your sign mean you’re extra passionate and creative in all ways, Aquarius. Others gravitate toward you, yet you’re also willing to pursue what you want, and you can balance letting things come to you with taking the initiative in a smart way.

In relationships, you can feel more comfortable getting attention from others and feel confident in yourself. Others can find your passion attractive, and this can bring new flames and make existing ones stronger.


Mars and Venus in Aquarius stimulate passion for you in ways that don’t seem obvious to others, Pisces, but can be strong when you’re on your own or in the background. Then, you can channel the passionate energy into anything you do, and you may be more passionate about working on what you need to finish, focusing on the past, or tapping into your intuition or spirituality.

In relationships, you can passionately help others without looking for anything in return and feel good knowing you’re helping those you care about. You can be affectionate behind closed doors, and sparks can fly high when you’re alone with your beau.

Maximize the Passion With Mars & Venus in Aquarius!

Venus is in Aquarius from February 16th to March 11th, while Mars is in Aquarius from February 13th to March 22nd, so this passionate energy continues for a while. 

Thanks to Pluto in Aquarius, the passionate energy is extra strong and can linger even after the other planets exit this sign. But it’s going to be the biggest over the next month, so use it!

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