THIS Intense Transit is FINALLY Turning Direct

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Have you been metaphorically wringing your hands and pulling out your hair during the challenging, often stressful Mercury retrograde period we are experiencing?

While every astrological transit serves its purposes and teaches us a certain lesson, Mercury retrograde can be one of the most frustrating times of the year—and it happens three or four times each and every year at that!

Fortunately, on May 14th, 2023, Mercury is finally moving direct once more, back into the sign of Taurus for the time being. Mercury direct in Taurus can mean quite a few things, but it will affect each of us individually, based on our signs.

So, if you want to find out the meaning of this transit and what it means for your sign, keep reading!

Mercury Direct in Taurus Meaning

While Mercury was retrograde, it was moving so slowly that it actually appeared to be moving backward to the untrained eye.

Because Mercury rules over fundamental aspects of our lives – like communication, the sharing of information, short-distance travel, and even technology – our lives can feel pretty hectic when this fast-paced planet slows down for a bit.

When Mercury goes direct, it is moving back towards its regular speed and motion, and our lives similarly seem to gain a sense of clarity and smooth action.

In Taurus, Mercury is grounded and calm. This transit infuses our minds with the calm, collected nature of Taurus, making conversations and interactions flow with patience and pleasant energy.

What Does Mercury Direct Mean For Your Zodiac Sign?

Each Sun sign is likely to feel this transit differently, yet we will all experience the collective sigh of relief that accompanies Mercury’s direct periods.


Mercury in Taurus energy grounds you, Aries, helping you turn your passionate ideas into creative projects. Your social batteries last much longer now, making it a great time to collaborate or brainstorm with others!

To make the most of this transit, begin each day with a quick meditation to clear any negativity from the mind.


Mercury is in your sign Taurus, helping you feel right at home when it comes to communication and your ideas. Take advantage of this transit by paying special attention to the ideas that come to you now—especially the creative ones.

You may receive flashes of creative insight now, so take note of your brilliant ideas now!


Mercury is your ruling planet, Gemini, meaning that you may have felt that retrograde period more intensely than most. It might even feel strange to witness your mind slowing down to the speed of cool, collected Taurus, but try to sink into that mellow feeling.

Physical exercise is a great way to get out of your head and connect with your body now.


If you experienced any misunderstandings with friends or loved ones during this Mercury retrograde period, Mercury direct in Taurus gives you the perfect opportunity to smooth things over, Cancer. Taurus brings a sense of peace to conversations now.

Don’t be afraid to talk about the hard things now. Just remember to speak with love.


You may have felt held back by the tense energy of Mercury retrograde, and it’s time to let your light shine on the world again, Leo! If you felt like you couldn’t be yourself these past few weeks, it’s time to slip back into that sunny, friendly personality of yours!

Spend time outdoors to benefit from Mother Nature’s healing energy to get your groove back.


It was probably hard to slow down for you during Mercury retrograde, as Mercury is your ruling planet, so you can take pleasure in the fact that Taurus is a hard-working Earth sign just like yours, Virgo! It’s time to get back to business, as long as you remember to balance that with a little play.

Chakra work is one of the best ways to center yourself and find that balance now.


Mercury retrograde is an inherently unbalanced transit, which probably makes your skin crawl, Libra. But the balance has been restored, and you can finally speak your mind and share your creative thoughts as usual.

Working with clear quartz helps you release any negativity that Mercury retrograde might have caused, helping you find that balance faster.


You are direct in your communication, Scorpio, making Mercury direct in Taurus a valuable transit for you. If you felt tongue-tied recently, rejoice because your sharp wit is back in full effect. Just remember to infuse your word with compassion.

Focus on balancing and healing the Throat chakra to promote effective, loving communication.


You aren’t one to slow down, Sagittarius, so you’ll be excited to know that Mercury direct in Taurus helps you resume chasing your goals at full speed. Taurus also reminds you to stay grounded and centered in your fanciful pursuits.

Yoga is one of the easiest and most effective ways to stay grounded now; bonus point for practicing outside!


Mercury direct in Earthy Taurus is a godsend for you, Capricorn, as it allows you to get back to business and focus on your career and business negotiations. But it’s important to remember that your relationships are crucial and work on maintaining them.

Connect to your heart center by working with rose quartz to promote unconditional love.


Communication is one of your greatest skills, Aquarius, making Mercury retrograde particularly painful for you. Your mind gains clarity and finds a sense of calm with Mercury direct in Taurus, helping you find your voice once more.

Aquamarine connects both to your sign and your Throat chakra, enhancing communication even further.


Mercury direct in Taurus highlights your love for creative self-expression, Pisces. If you’ve had creative blocks recently, it’s time to get your art tools out and let your muse speak to you once again – they’ve missed you just as much as you’ve missed them.

Make time each day for creative self-expression to make the most of this transit.

Take Advantage of Mercury’s Direct Motion in Grounded Taurus

Mercury retrograde brought plenty of lessons, but it’s time to get back to business and clear communication with Mercury direct in Taurus.

Peaceful Taurus helps us get our ideas across with a sense of harmony and compassion – don’t shy away from conversations and interactions now!

Meditate to clear the mind and ground yourself outdoors frequently now for the ultimate Mercury direct in Taurus experience!

Are you excited to get back to a sense of peace and calm?

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