The Best Mother’s Day Gift for Mom, Based on Her Zodiac Sign

Mother’s Day is coming up, and many of us might be stressing over what to get our mothers to adequately show our appreciation. After all, what do you get for the person who gave you life? Sometimes it seems like no gift will be good enough, especially for those who might be struggling financially right now – and there’s no shame in that.

While you may have some good ideas, you might also feel stuck in the timeless gift wrap – what can I possibly do to show my mom how much I appreciate the sacrifices she made to shape and inform me?

Fortunately, astrology can help us make this decision. Astrology can point us in the right direction and show us what our mothers might most appreciate based on the eternal map of the stars.

Someone’s Sun or Star sign – the sign most frequently referred to in astrology – can illustrate their preferences and sensitivities, showing us what might mean the most to them. Whether it’s a useful, pragmatic gift or something more sentimental, astrology can show us the way.

Obviously, it helps to discover and understand more about your own mother, as no two moms are the same. This guide, along with your own relationship with your mom, can at least give you a head-start in the right direction, based on your mom’s sign.

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for Mom, According to Her Zodiac Sign:


Aries mamas exude a youthfulness that never seems to age – they are a bit wild, and always fun to be around. Aries moms want to be reminded that age is just a number and that their carefree persona is appreciated for the joy it brings to others.

Try to find something that speaks to your mother’s enthusiastic nature, perhaps related to newer technologies. A fun playlist on a USB (or go a little vintage and burn a CD if you can) would be a great idea for those who are budget-conscious.


Taureans are ruled by Venus and enjoy the finer pleasure. The Taurus mom understands life’s pleasures and knows how to enjoy them. Is your mom a fantastic cook or interested in tastings of any kind? Her refined palate is likely to be your best ally when it comes to choosing a gift for Mother’s Day.

A cooking class or a trip to the local vineyard might spark her interest, as well as a box of fine chocolates or a rare truffle oil. She’s sure to appreciate the opportunity to indulge.


Gemini moms are intelligent and thoughtful; they spend a lot of time in their heads. These moms sometimes need a nudge to step out of the mental zone and into the physical realm, meaning that physical activities might delight their senses.

A trip to the massage therapist or an acupuncture visit might help them feel present in their body and appreciate the physical sensations they’re experiencing. Even a long walk through a beautiful park might present the perfect opportunity to express your appreciation for everything they do for you.


Cancer moms are likely maternal by nature, as Cancer is ruled by the Moon – our protective, lunar mother. Cancers are likely to appreciate most any gift that recognizes their familial efforts and sacrifices. But Cancer mom would probably do anything for you, and you want to show your gratitude.

This might be a perfect opportunity to write your mom a letter telling her that you acknowledge and adore everything she does for you, included with the gift of your choice. This mom will appreciate a hand-crafted painting or something hand-made that shows you took the time to think of her.


Leo moms are a lot of fun and usually the life of the party. But no matter how confident Leo mom might seem, she still struggles with insecurities like the rest of us. This mom could use a reminder of her beauty and brilliance.

Thinking of your mother’s personal style, try finding her an item of clothing or an accessory that will add to it and remind her that she is a beautiful gem worth decorating and showing off. If this sounds intimidating, make sure to get a gift receipt; even if it isn’t mom’s style, she’ll appreciate the effort and probably enjoy the chance to go and shop for herself.


Virgo moms are hard-working and practical; they enjoy gifts that they can actually make use of and that make their lives function more effectively. While this is a good start, you’ll have to do some work thinking about what your own mom might actually find useful.

Is your mother an avid gardener? Perhaps new heirloom seeds or a shiny new gardening tool might suit her needs. Think about a hobby or activity that your mom finds peaceful and entertaining and try adding to her collection of tools.


These moms have style and they love to be surrounded by beautiful, aesthetically pleasing things. However, they are also balanced and enjoy pragmatic objects. For Libra moms both esoteric and conservative, crystals make an excellent gift; they are beautiful, magical and functional.

Does your mom struggle with anxiety? Amethyst or tiger’s eye might help her find confidence and security. Is your mother constantly busy or overwhelmed? Rose quartz can help her take time for herself to relax. Try to find a personalized stone that will bring your mom beneficial, uplifting energy.


Scorpio moms are mysterious and charismatic. It’s hard to know what’s going on inside the mind of a Scorpio, which can make shopping for one seem rather intimidating. You want to find something that represents this mother’s intriguing, beguiling nature.

An intoxicating perfume or a lusciously heavy essential oil blend might just bring a sparkle to your mom’s eyes. Think of Earthy, Watery fragrances that bring forth energies of ancient wisdom and hidden desires.


These moms are bubbly, with an open, honest personality. Sag moms have so many brilliant plans and ideas that they sometimes don’t know where to start. With a birthday that occupies the end-of-the-year feelings of closure and the fresh ideas of the new year, this mom might benefit from a personalized planner or journal to capture her intentions.

Most art supply stores and chains have myriad options when it comes to planners and journals, making this an extremely customizable gift. Try including some fun stickers and pens that will get mom excited about making plans for projects and self-care. You can even include a loving note!


Capricorn moms are all about family. She would do anything for you and she basically acts as the glue of the family unit. With her family being of utmost importance to her, she likes to know that her efforts are appreciated. This mom appreciates gifts that represent the strong family she’s contributed her all to.

Personalized jewelry that includes the gemstones of her children is an excellent idea for showing this mom how much you mean to her. A scrapbook or a family photo album would also be excellent mediums for expressing your appreciation, just let her know her hard work has not gone undetected.


Aquarians are social and innovative, but they often forget to take time out to care for or treat themselves. The Aquarian mom is go-go-go, and it’s usually benefiting someone besides herself. She probably needs to be reminded that she can and should indulge every once in a while.

A gift card for a shopping trip might be a good idea, as well as a mother-daughter spa day. And if a trip to the spa is out-of-budget, create a spa day at home! Pamper mom with a pedicure and a relaxing facial while sipping mimosas from the comfort of your own living room and be sure to include her favorite album.


Piscean moms are natural healers, intuitive and connected to their emotions. Naturally empathic, these moms can get overwhelmed by the rollercoaster emotions of global life and family politics. They dream of peace and relaxation, but often are too busy helping others to heal themselves.

This mom would benefit from a peace-inducing tincture or a healing extract of some kind. Motherwort is a particularly useful herb that assists in womanly issues of all kinds. Remind mom that she needs to heal herself before she takes care of everyone else.

Eternal, Universal Appreciation for Moms

Without our mothers, not only would we not be here, but we wouldn’t be who we are today. Our mothers are the life source from which we sprang, and there is little we feel we can do to show our eternal gratitude for all they do. But with a little help from astrology and the information we know and love about our moms, we can make this Mother’s Day more special than ever.

One final tip: Get into your Mom’s head by reading a few of her sign’s daily horoscopes this month for extra inspiration!

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