10 Strange & Untrue Myths About Scorpio

Chances are, you’ve heard a great many things about the mysterious, sensual, and enigmatic zodiac sign of Scorpio. But just how many of these things are actually true?

With such a sense of mystique and mystery already shrouding Scorpio, it’s unsurprising that there are a great many myths and misunderstandings about them as well. Scorpio themselves may even perpetuate some of these misunderstandings as they work to maintain that air of mystery!

Nonetheless, there are a few wild and unfair misunderstandings about Scorpio that need to be clarified, as a Scorpio can easily be your best friend and ally if you get to know them on a deeper level.

Things You Need to Understand About Scorpio

Like their other fellow Water elementals, Scorpios are emotional, intuitive, empathetic, and feel comfortable with the occult, spiritual, and psychic topics and gifts. However, with a Fixed quality, Scorpios are more inclined to fixate on things for prolonged periods of time and are stable and trustworthy companions.

The interesting thing about Scorpio, however, is that a ruling planet for this sign in modern astrological understandings is Pluto, the planet of change and rebirth.

Additionally, in traditional astrology, Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the planet of war and passion. This double whammy makes for an extremely complex and understandably enigmatic public understanding of Scorpio.

Both passionate initiators of change and constant rebirth, but simultaneously stable Fixed energies, Scorpios arguably take the cake for being a slight mystery. However, while figuring out what the truth is behind this sign can be difficult, we can surely still unpack what is decidedly untrue.

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10 Strange & Untrue Myths About Scorpio

1. They Are Emotionally Detached

Because of their introverted and sometimes loner tendencies, Scorpios give off the impression to some that they are emotionally detached from relationships, projects, work, and more.

The “too cool for school” vibe is actually just a misunderstanding that stems from Scorpio’s desire to keep their emotions private. In reality, this Water sign is extremely devoted and passionate, even more so than most of their zodiac counterparts. Their Fixed quality contributes to this and adds to their innate desire to go after what they want with a ferocity and vigor.

Just because they don’t show, it doesn’t mean they aren’t feeling it!

2. They Are Hard To Talk To

On some level, Scorpios can seem hard to read. They may not always initiate a conversation, and their piercing gaze can make one feel like they’re gazing right into their soul!

But for those who are willing to give talks with a Scorpio a chance, you’ll find that Scorpios are simply more inclined to discuss topics that relate to deeper, philosophical, or more spiritual matters. Additionally, Scorpios make great listeners, and you’ll likely feel intuitively understood.

3. They Are Judgmental

As an intimidating sign, it’s not that surprising that one may feel slightly judged or off-put by Scorpio’s intense stare or silence in a conversation.

However, Scorpios rarely actually judge. On the contrary, as they deeply love exploring new veins of knowledge, discovering something new, and any darker, occult, or taboo topic, a Scorpio is probably the first to jump at the chance of talking about something more “out there.”

There are few things that you could say to a Scorpio that would truly off-put them, and fewer that would push them to judge you for your interests.

4. They Cannot Be Trusted With Information

This myth is untrue as Scorpios are often loyal to a fault to those they care about, being Fixed and thus quite reliable, and under the Water element, thus quite emotional and understanding.

However, there is a slight caveat, and this myth may exist for a reason. Scorpios do hold a grudge, and they won’t wield your information against you… unless you give them a reason to.

So long as you’re equally as loyal, reliable, and understanding, however, a Scorpio has no reason to break your trust.

5. They Are Stuck In Their Ways

It’s true that Scorpio is Fixed and tends to obsess and fixate on people, routines, hobbies, and work that piques their interest.

However, Scorpio is still ruled by Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth, and transformation. Plain and simple, this myth is just untrue! By their very nature, they are inclined towards change and constantly reinvent themselves, even if you can’t always see the progress.


6. They Are Non-Committal In Love

Seemingly having a hard time getting a Scorpio to commit? You’re not alone, which is why this misconception exists.

However, the truth is that Scorpio is highly devoted, loves love, and experiences great emotional depths, so a relationship is never really off the table if it can provide them with the same energy that they are willing to give.

The catch is that Scorpio may take much longer to figure out whether or not the situation at hand is something that they really wish to commit to — because once they commit, they truly commit!

7. They Are Nosy

Scorpios can be a little obsessed with getting to the bottom of information, but they’re also not the kind of sign to poke around where they aren’t wanted — they’ll probably try to intuit the information on their own first.

However, if a boundary is ultimately set, a healthy Scorpio placement will know how to respect this. Scorpios themselves value privacy and generally enjoy keeping the public’s eye off of them, so this is a value that they can respect, relate to, and understand.

If you ask them to keep their paws off your business, a Scorpio is not usually one to push much further!

8. They Are Snobs

Again, this myth comes from a misreading of Scorpio’s public presentation.

Although they are often quiet, withdrawn, and mysterious, this doesn’t always mean that a Scorpio is looking down upon everyone else.

Introverted Scorpio doesn’t necessarily believe that they are “too good” for a conversation. Still, it’s not always their favorite thing in the world, and they may simply prefer to absorb the words of others than contribute something of their own, especially if the public setting is large and contains many people.

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9. They Have Trust Issues

If you’ve ever had a conversation with a Scorpio, you may know that it would be a shocking feat to get them to open up to you about something serious upon the first meeting.

As extremely private people, Scorpios prefer not to kiss and tell, especially if they aren’t sure about you quite yet. They wait things out to figure out whether or not someone is trustworthy, and even longer to decide if it’s worth it for them to invest more energy into a relationship or friendship.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have trust issues — after all, they won’t refuse to trust you off the bat. It’s simply that they will take more time than most to give you their trust.

10. They Are Always Deep, Dark, & Brooding

Finally, you can’t let the mystery and mystique of Scorpio fool you — there’s so much more to them than the veil of deep, dark, and brooding. They’ll make for a great companion, whether as a lover or friend or even a study buddy.

At the end of the day, a Scorpio is interested in experiencing all the vast depths of human emotion, including the range of positivity, optimism, and joy that humans experience as well. As quirky and cultured individuals, they can have the best sense of humor, and they know how to have a good time because they’re not afraid to try things that are taboo or “off-limits.”

Plus — making a Scorpio smile is a sweeter present than anything you’ll receive as a gift that year, guaranteed!

Don’t Judge a Scorpio By Its Cover

You can’t always judge a book by its cover, as this judgment may be particularly wrong with such an enigmatic sign like Scorpio!

If you give them a chance to prove your misconceptions wrong, there is little doubt that they would surprise you, as you truly never know what a Scorpio may have up their sleeve. At the end of the day, this is also true for many other signs of the zodiac, as you may not always have the full picture of what is going on.

Check out our other myth-busting articles on Leo, Taurus, or Cancer, for example, to see what you might have been missing about other signs!

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