What Will This Month’s Moon Energy Do to You?

Have you ever thought about planning your month in accordance with the Moon? The Moon has an intense effect on our emotions, as well as on the ocean’s tides and even crops! And while you may be familiar with the two biggest Moon transits each month – the New Moon and the Full Moon – there are quite a few energetically influential Moon phases in between!

For instance, did you know that a haircut during a waning Moon will result in hair that grows more slowly? On the other hand, a haircut during the waxing Moon will help your hair grow faster than ever!

If you’re ready to learn about the upcoming lunar phases this month to incorporate them into your planner, keep reading! With a little lunar help, the remainder of your Scorpio season will feel more healing and transformative than ever before.

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This Month’s Moon Energy & Phases

We have already experienced a New Moon in Scorpio on November 4th, meaning that the Moon is now growing (or waxing) towards a Full Moon and Lunar eclipse. The New Moon was a time to manifest our desires for this lunar cycle, whereas the Full Moon signals a time to release and let things go.

Let’s take a look at the most influential lunar phases taking place this month and how they will affect you.

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius

On November 11th, we’ll experience a First Quarter Moon in the sign of Aquarius. This lunar phase occurs between the New and Full Moons, as the Moon is waxing. While it’s called a quarter Moon, it actually looks more like a half circle from here on Earth.

This phase brings a sense of motivation and a desire for individuality. Coupled with the eccentric energy of Aquarius, this transit will heighten your desire to express your genuine spirit more authentically, making it difficult to face any situations where you feel like you must “fit in.”

The First Quarter Moon represents self-expression, action, transformation, and release. Take advantage of this energy by being true to yourself, expressing your feelings and ideas, and acting on your intuition.

Aquarius also amplifies creativity and innovative thought, making it a fantastic transit for creativity and connecting to your imagination. Think outside the box, try new creative forms, new artistic mediums. You may discover something new about yourself during this lunar phase, especially when you let your mind explore new ideas!

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Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

Our most influential lunar phase this month comes on November 19th, when we’ll experience not only a Full Moon in the sign of Gemini but also a Lunar eclipse. During this transit, you’ll feel the energy shining down on you not only from the Full Moon and Lunar eclipse but the stimulating, intellectual energy of Gemini.

While Full Moons are typically emotional – and further intensified by the energy of a simultaneous eclipse – Gemini is a thoughtful Air sign, making it easier to work through these big emotions with a bit of rationality and objectivity. And because we’re currently in transformative, illuminating Scorpio season, you can expect this transit to shine a light on hidden information or buried emotions.

Fortunately, that Gemini energy will help you see these revelations with a certain neutral approach, but it may also create difficulty when making decisions.

Full Moons represent the end of the lunar cycle, the process of death and rebirth that the Moon is constantly repeating. That makes this a time to practice gratitude – think: “My cup runneth over.” – and to release those things which no longer serve you, from bad habits to toxic relationships and everything in between.

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And while the Full Moon on its own is rather intense, that energy is only intensified by the Lunar eclipse accompanying this phase. Unlike a Solar eclipse, which takes place during the day, a Lunar eclipse occurs at night, only during a Full Moon.

One thing to keep in mind during this transit is that change is inevitable. These changes may be necessary to help propel you towards your biggest goals and dreams, so try to trust the Universe and ride the wave.

This transit asks you to take a mental inventory of that which needs to be released, whether it’s a pattern of negative thinking or a coping mechanism that no longer serves you. Once you are free from the weight of these burdens, you’ll notice new doors of opportunity opening all around you.

With the right planning and an open heart, this Full Moon and Lunar eclipse combination may be one of the most influential, beneficial lunar phases of 2021.

To learn even more about eclipses and how they affect you, read the Ultimate Guide to Lunar & Solar Eclipses.

Last Quarter Moon in Virgo

This phase occurs about a week after the Full Moon, on November 27th. Also referred to as the Third Quarter Moon, the Last Quarter Moon is associated with responsibility, spiritual activation, and heightened intuition. This is a great time to reevaluate your goals and desires, ensuring they’re aligned and ready for the next New Moon phase.

This is a time to take a closer look at the goals you’ve set for yourself, which will only be made easier by the critical lens of Virgo. Virgo helps you pay attention to detail, allowing you to go through your desires with a fine-tooth comb to determine which wants are no longer aligned with your spirit.

It’s also crucial that you work on cleansing your energy right now, as blocked energy can stand in the way of your plans.

You might want to try these tools to rid your body of any negativity or blocked energy:

Virgo energy also greatly benefits from time spent outdoors, so try taking a stroll and letting the healing energy of Mother Nature soothe your soul.

This lunar transit also seeks change in surprising ways. It is easier for you to take note of any areas of your life that cause feelings of discontent or disconnection. And when you recognize these problem areas, it becomes much easier to create a solution.

There may be a tendency to be overly critical with yourself during this phase, so positive affirmations and mantras are essential. We’re building up to the New Moon, the best time of the month for manifestation work, and positive, confident energy is key.

New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

We begin the last month of the year with a sense of fresh energy and new beginnings, as the New Moon and Solar eclipse in Sagittarius occur on December 4th. As the beginning of a new lunar cycle, the New Moon tends to indicate a chance to regroup, refresh, and start over.

The New Moon is also the most powerful time of the month for manifestation work. This lunar phase is all about gathering energy and collecting experiences – and the energy of the New Moon lasts for about 48 hours before and after the transit occurs, giving you plenty of time to perform a New Moon ritual.

The Solar eclipse kicks things up a notch, highlighting the expansive nature of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a Fire sign with big, passionate feelings, meaning that explosive emotions are possible during this eclipse. But Sagittarius’ passion also encourages you to set goals, make plans, and manifest your deepest desires.

Further, Sagittarius is ruled by generous Jupiter, the pleasant, wealthy Uncle of the zodiac that wants to shower you with gifts. This shines a fortunate spotlight directly on your desires and amplifies your ability to manifest!

Be sure to make a New Moon list filled with desires big and small, and find your own unique way to celebrate this transit.

Use the Moon Phases to Plan the Month Ahead

Learning about the Moon’s phases and how they affect our lives can seem intimidating at first. But once you become more acquainted with these phases and their meaning, it becomes a breeze to incorporate that knowledge into your life, using it to make life easier on yourself.

Simple awareness of the potential energy a particular lunar phase can bring helps you get through the more emotional phases with a calmer spirit. Think of astrology like an emotional weather report: While it may not rain, it’s always better to take an umbrella on those cloudy days.

Similarly, while a particular Moon phase may not affect everyone the same way, it’s nice to be prepared.

Mark these lunar phases in your calendar and do what you can to get the most from them! You may find lunar planning to be your favorite new way to organize your planner!

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