How Will Your Energy Be Affected By Scorpio Season?

Scorpio season is upon us, and you may find yourself wondering – how will this sultry, mysterious sign and its corresponding season, full of depth, affect me and my sign?

Scorpio is one of the signs with the most infamous, yet misunderstood, reputations of them all! Scorpio is typically associated with one of two things – sex and the stinger of a scorpion’s tail. But this sign, and its season, is comprised of so much more, and that’s what we’re here to talk about today.

And while Scorpio season, just like each astrological season, has an influence on all of the zodiac signs, it does affect some more and others less. So, if you want to learn what Scorpio season is all about and how it might affect your sign, keep reading!

What Does Scorpio Season Mean?

There are 12 signs in the zodiac, and correspondingly there are 12 astrological seasons we experience each year. A new season occurs when the Sun moves into a new sign, which happens once a month. And while the dates are typically in the same range, the Sun does enter a sign on different days each year.

For instance, this year, the Sun enters Scorpio on October 23rd, where it remains until December 21st when it enters Sagittarius. Yet, there are some years when Scorpio season begins on October 22nd, which is why some horoscopes might have dates that seem wrong.

When a new astrological season begins, it brings a shift in energy that reflects that of the sign that it’s in. And Scorpio has a few ruling forces contributing to its unique charisma, the first of which is its ruling planet, Pluto. Pluto is associated with the psyche, the underworld, and transformation, meaning all this intense energy will likely lead to emotional breakthroughs.

Secondly, Scorpio is a Water sign – along with Cancer and Pisces – and this element is known for its intuition, creativity, and depth of emotion. This contributes to Scorpio’s deep, nearly psychic intuition, emotional sensitivities (even when they don’t show it,) and creative prowess.

Next, we’ve got Scorpio’s Fixed nature, meaning that it acts as a fastener and easily attaches to ideas, connections, or curiosities. Once Scorpio fixates on something, it doesn’t easily let go, which is why this sign is often accused of holding grudges.

Finally, this sign is associated with the 8th house – the house of rebirth, sex, and the cycle of life and death, which are all themes strongly evident in Scorpio’s nature. This is also one of the sources of Scorpio’s correlation with all things sexual.

All of these aspects combine during Scorpio season to bring intense, passionate emotions; transformation; sensuality and romance; mystery and curiosity; and superior intuition.

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The Zodiac Signs Most Affected by Scorpio Season

1. Scorpio

This one might seem obvious, but there’s an even bigger reason that Scorpio will feel this sultry energy most palpably, and that’s the fact that both Mars and Mercury will be in your sign for most of this season as well. All of that Scorpio energy brings intense conversations, intuition-driven motivation, and stronger impulses.

If you haven’t been paying attention to your intuition lately, it’s crucial that you listen to it now.

2. Pisces

As a fellow Water sign, you’ll be feeling pretty intense this Scorpio season as well, Pisces, especially because of the spiritual and metaphysical undertones of this season. You may feel drawn to astrology, Tarot cards, and rituals more than ever right now, which are perfect tools for dealing with the big emotions that might be headed your way.

3. Capricorn

While yours is a grounded Earth sign, Venus – Scorpio’s ruling planet – is moving into your sign this month, meaning that you might be feeling some conflicting emotions this season. While Scorpio is encouraging you to feel things more deeply and sensually, Venus in Capricorn makes it harder to commit romantically. Try opening your Heart chakra to let more love in.

4. Taurus

You’re next up, Taurus, and that’s because your ruling planet, Venus, is naturally sensual and intense.

And as an added influence, Venus is in a fellow Earth sign like yours, meaning that you may feel a combination of emotional intensity paired with a desire to get serious in your relationships. If there’s someone you want to be with, you’ll feel that pull even stronger now.

5. Cancer

Your watery nature also makes Scorpio season more palpable for you, Cancer. Your intuition is on fire, and you’ll be feeling more creative during the month. But this may also lead to increased sensitivity, so work on affirmations and self-care that help you feel confident and worthy of love.

Creativity is an excellent way to let go of unprocessed emotions.

6. Sagittarius

Scorpio shares a certain kind of intensity with your sign, Sagittarius, and the curiosity and metaphysical nature of Scorpio season perfectly match your expansive mindset. You want to expand your world at all opportunities, and you may feel more spiritually inclined than ever. Just don’t forget your self-care rituals to avoid becoming too aggressive or impulsive.

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The Zodiac Signs Least Affected by Scorpio Season

1. Virgo

While you may feel a bit more intense than usual, you’re so focused on your own projects right now that you may not even notice the shift, Virgo. However, you can expect to feel more passionately about the things you enjoy and the projects you’re driven to work on. Try opening your heart and connecting to your loved ones this Scorpio season.

2. Libra

While your season just ended, you may still be riding that airy high of it, Libra. Your lighthearted, thought-driven nature may not suddenly feel like the emotional weight of the world is on your shoulders, but you might experience a deeper sense of commitment to your creative projects. Surround yourself with beauty during this time to draw out creativity.

3. Gemini

Yours is another Air sign that may be too busy with your artistic endeavors to feel the sensual heat of Scorpio season. Yet, you may feel more curious than ever about the world around you. This is a fantastic time to take a deep dive into your birth chart and get to know your Tarot cards even better, Gemini. These practices will also help you sharpen your intuition.

4. Aries

Your energy is always intense, Aries, so this may feel like just another month to you. But it is a great time to let your internal passion heat up and come to a boil because your creativity will indeed be heightened during this Scorpio season. Try to follow your instincts and see where they lead, especially when it comes to your creative passions.

5. Aquarius

The most significant shift you’ll feel is a desire to get to the bottom of life’s mysteries on an even deeper level than usual, Aquarius. You may feel more connected to humanitarian efforts during this time as well, as all that Water energy tugs on your heartstrings. As the Water Bearer, it’s a good time to surround yourself with water and see what emotions it evokes.

6. Leo

Your fire always burns bright, Leo, so a slight shift in your intensity or sense of passion might not feel all that different for you. But this is a great time to take advantage of the creative, intuitive energy, nonetheless. It’s also a fantastic season to get in deeper touch with your psyche and hidden emotions to process and release them.

Are You Ready for Scorpio Season?

Each astrological season brings something new and exciting to the table, and this time around, it’s time to get deep, sultry, and metaphysical. Break out the Tarot cards, cleanse your crystals, and let the mystical energy of Scorpio take over.

What’s your favorite thing about Scorpio Season?

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