Here’s Why THESE 6 Zodiac Signs Need to Watch Out for Venus Direct

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The planet of love, Venus, is about to start moving forward again! Venus direct is set to occur on September 3rd, 2023, after about six weeks of Venus retrograde.

Venus retrogrades roughly every 1 1/2 years for about 1 1/2 months at a time and likes to throw off our relationships and connections, but that is ending now. 

Which six zodiac signs are going to be impacted most by Venus direct? Those will be Taurus, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

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About the Term “Direct” in Astrology

In astrology, a planet or body is called retrograde when it appears to move backward through the zodiac. It isn’t actually moving backward but just appears that way, and normal motion is forward for most planets and bodies, so this tends to throw the energy of the planet or body off.

When the planet or body is no longer moving backward and begins to go forward, this is called turning direct. The planet or body will resume its normal motion, which can help get back on track for anything that came unglued during the retrograde period.

It’s not always sunshine and roses, though. If the turn direct is at harsh angles for your sign, you might have some challenges to work through before making things right.

About Venus in Astrology

Venus is the planet of love in astrology. It governs all of our connections and relationships, the people in our lives, and those we deal with. In your natal chart shows who you attract, what you want and need in a relationship, and how you are in relationships.

In transit, Venus brings pleasant energy to the mix and makes things a little easier with whatever it’s touching. We can work well together, create partnerships, and act diplomatically.

When Venus is retrograde, we can struggle with this, and we have a hard time coming together. There can be lots of breakups, fights, and any existing relationship issues become amplified.

With Venus direct, we can slowly start to see how all of this has unfolded in the previous few weeks and begin to get an idea of what we’ve missed. We can work to make improvements now and bring in better energy.

Venus is the natural ruling planet for Taurus and Libra, so when Venus is retrograde, these signs can feel off in a subtle way. 

About the 2023 Venus Direct

Venus has been retrograde since July 22nd, 2023, and this retrograde came to us entirely in Leo, and well, if you’ve had to deal with your fair share of drama queens, this has been to blame!

Love has been a challenge, along with anything involving celebrities, entertainment, creativity, children, and enjoyment. A little bit of a fun-sucker!

With Venus turning direct, we can get a clearer view of what we’ve been dealing with, how we can properly go about improving matters, and start getting to work. We can strive to be more productive and focused.

Oh, but wait, yes, there are some difficulties, like Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrograde started August 23rd and lasts until September 15th, and the retrograde comes entirely in Virgo. This can stall our productivity, so we may have to wait a few more weeks before we can actually take action to fix things.

Not only that, but Jupiter also turns retrograde the day after Venus direct (so September 4th, 2023), and Jupiter retrograde is square Venus direct. Squares are challenging aspects putting the two bodies’ 3 zodiac signs apart, and they generally don’t work very well together.

With both Venus and Jupiter being beneficial planets and both linking to laziness when under duress, this aspect amplifies laziness. We likely lack the motivation to get moving and don’t see the point in doing so.

The Mercury retrograde in Virgo combined with Venus direct square Jupiter retrograde means energy slows to a crawl, and we’re probably quite frustrated over this. Venus direct lifts the curtain a little, giving us a glimpse of what we need to do, but we’re not doing it yet.

Patience is very important during this time, and having healthy outlets for frustration can help with anything irritating. With all of this forward and backward movement, we may feel stuck but try to use this period to get more understanding, do more research, and take care of yourself.

Get breaks where and when you can, and show yourself some kindness. You don’t always have to push yourself to go-go-go. There are moments when pausing is good, and this is likely one of them.

With these retrogrades, know that karmic energy is likely to be quite high now as well, so maybe take the slow period to work on letting go of karmic baggage or coming to some understanding of karmic ties and events. It can also help to strengthen your intuition now and have a more solid connection to your inner guide.

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The 6 Zodiac Signs Most Impacted by the 2023 Venus Direct


Venus is your ruler, Taurus, so whenever Venus is retrograde, you likely experience the transit as feeling off in a subtle but always present way. This retrograde came in Leo, which is square your sign, so you likely have had some extra challenges (though mainly internal) during this retrograde.

With the Venus direct, you can feel more like your usual self again. You can feel less off and more in tune, and as you move forward, you can get more opportunities to take action.

Jupiter is in your sign, so you’re the one being targeted for opportunities now, anyway. This does mean, though, that you do have to be more mindful of laziness, indulgence, and being prone to excess right now.

If you feel really good, use that to your advantage. Don’t let the opportunities pass you by.


Venus retrograde occurred entirely in your sign, Leo, so this has likely made you feel way off, have lots of troubles with other people, and you may have felt like you were being targeted in some way. 

As you go forward, this can lessen, and you can reconnect with your charm, your pleasant nature, and your ability to win people over. You can be friendlier and a better partner.

Jupiter in Taurus is square your sign, though, so you do need to watch out for giving in to super laziness. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself internally, and you can be less likely to be a sloth.


Venus is your ruler, Libra, so Venus retrograde can be a period where you feel off in a subtle way throughout. Little things may pop up and annoy you, and you may have extra frustrations with the people in your life.

With Venus direct, you can start to feel normal again, like your old self, and you can make use of the energy available to you to work on helpful changes and bring hope back to your life.

Jupiter may require you to be flexible and quick on your toes, so make sure you stay open to thinking outside the box.


Venus retrograde targeted your goals and direction in life, Scorpio, so you may have felt you were on the right path, had extra blocks, or experienced outright failure. This might’ve been disheartening, and with Venus in Leo square your sign, it led to a lot of internal torment.

Venus direct helps you get back on the right track, and you can learn how to remove the blocks that have held you back or focus on finding a new way around.

Jupiter in Taurus opposes your sign, which can require you to work well with things that are outside of your control. If you can do that, anything you succeed with can go quite far.


The Venus direct can be important for you because of the square to Jupiter, your ruler, Sagittarius. You may feel like there is something blocking you, something in your way, and this may not be obvious, yet you can feel it.

You may need to get in touch with your intuition to figure this out if you’re having trouble. There can be something karmic in the mix as well, and eliminating that can help.

Your overall mood and outlook can improve with Venus direct, no matter what, and that can help you feel more like a typical Sagittarius.


Venus retrograde in Leo was opposite your sign, Aquarius, bringing extra attention to your relationships and any of the problems you’ve been avoiding. You’ve likely had to deal with some challenging people that you’d rather run away from but couldn’t.

Since Venus in Leo is opposite your sign, this has probably felt out of your control, and that might be true. That provides an opportunity for you to work on your talents to adjust on the fly.

With Venus direct, you can work on improving your connections, and this can be easier to do if you’ve embraced being able to adjust to anything outside of your control. That makes you less controlling with others and lessens your frustrations.

Good luck With Venus Direct

This Venus direct may be slow, and we may not feel completely out of it until Mercury retrograde ends in a couple of weeks, but we can still start to feel better, which can be welcome.

When we start feeling better, our connections improve, our outlooks grow brighter, and we can open up to new opportunities that we’ve been closed off to.

We’re almost there, so keep going!

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