Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for September 4 – 10, 2023

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This week, it’s time to reconnect with who you really are (and what you really want).

Jupiter in Taurus will begin retrograde on the 4th, slowing us down and demanding that we pay attention closely to what may be holding us back from acquiring new opportunities.

This is the main event on the table astrologically, and we can use this week to adjust to the newness and funkiness that may arise because of it. Thankfully, we also can check in with the Tarot to see what else might be in store for you on a more personal level.

And maybe the voice of the cards also has some wisdom or special insight that you can pocket for the week too!

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for September 4 – 10, 2023


The Chariot (Reversed)

Aries is gearing up and getting ready for takeoff… but the engine is running on empty.

The Chariot reversed asks you to pause. What plans, ideas, and goals are you trying to pursue at this moment? Are all parts of your life (mind, body, spirit, and heart) zoned in on that?

Right now, this card flipped upside-down is your opportunity to identify any imbalances and red flags before proceeding with any big decisions or actions.

It’s time to recalibrate.



Taurus, this week is your week to see everything clearly and call the right shots.

Judgement is a positive omen for your sense of the world around you, your self-awareness, and your general perspective on how things are working right now.

Of course, we can’t know everything. But Judgement is pretty darn close! This week is a solid one for putting plans in order and carefully considering your options.

Your mind and intuition are on board, crystal clear, and ready to help you make some decisions.


The Fool

Maybe you’re not ready for the world, but the world is ready for you, Gemini!

Ready or not, The Fool opens up your world with bright, bold, and fantastically new energy. A fresh start awaits you. This may mean feeling like you’re out of your element lately, like suddenly you don’t know much about anything anymore.

It seems that a bundle of opportunities also may mean a bundle of learning. 

Embrace the beauty of not knowing, and you’ll find that the world embraces you much more kindly in turn.


The Hanged Man (Reversed)

Cancer certainly wants to get up off their feet and do something different.

But it’s often easier said than done. With The Hanged Man reversed, you’re feeling the urge to step outside of just thinking and self-reflecting and planning.

You want to actually do something, to break outside of any stagnant loops. Doing this may come with some achiness and initial discomfort, like waking up your foot after it’s fallen asleep.

But if you can push through, the energy afterward will be worth the initial uncomfortableness.


Knight of Cups

Leo is getting in touch with their romantic, intuitive, and creative senses this week.

The Knight of Cups is a positive signal for creative pursuits, romantic opportunities, and pursuing spiritual practices intentionally. While the Universe can’t do anything for you, it can open up the right path for you to do what you need to do.

That’s essentially what this energy is for this week. The path is clear for these kinds of pursuits, although ultimately, you still have to be the one to seize them for yourself.


3 of Swords (Reversed)

Virgo is working through their wounds.

Although the 3 of Swords is generally not a pretty sight, the reversal of this card indicates that you’re doing the work to find healing and personal progress.

Heartache, past losses, and disappointments are still lingering in your present day.

However, this week is about honestly approaching all of these experiences for what they are and opening yourself up to self-forgiveness and compassion in order to move on.


Queen of Cups (Reversed)

Libra may be struggling with matters of the heart lately.

With the Queen of Cups reversed it may feel like you no longer have control over your feelings. Every method you usually use for self-reflection and patching up your heart may suddenly feel unfamiliar and unusable.

But the truth is that we aren’t actually able to control our hearts or our intuition.

Remember that finding your way will look like making peace with the unknown and what you can’t control… not just forcing yourself into an illusion to feel like you’re in control.


10 of Cups

Scorpio is reconnecting with the vision of a life of their dreams.

With the 10 of Cups coming into focus, it’s time to envision what you want in the long term. What truly fulfills you? What brings you genuine contentment and joy?

Short-term thrills and rewards have their time and place. But right now is about remembering what this is all for.

Zone in on the parts of your life that currently feel fulfilling and ask yourself how you can bring more of that energy into your life.


6 of Cups

Feeling a little nostalgic, Sagittarius?

As the 6 of Cups brings an air of whimsy, nostalgia, and memories of the past bubbling back to the surface, it’s time to reflect upon anything that you might have missed.

Believe it or not, peeling through past memories can actually be productive as long as you don’t get stuck back there. There may be people and repeating events from the past that are coming back again, but don’t be alarmed.

Ask yourself what they might have to teach you!


The Empress (Reversed)

Lately, Capricorn has been having trouble manifesting the beginnings of what they actually want to create.

Last week, the Ace of Wands reversed, made it difficult to want to get things going. This week, The Empress reversed shows practical difficulties in getting things done (especially in the home, career, and finances).

Although this is technically a very un-fun period of stagnation, you shouldn’t get down on yourself and assume that you’re doing something wrong. 

Sometimes, our environments just don’t jive with our creative and entrepreneurial visions for the time being.


9 of Cups (Reversed)

Suddenly feeling unfulfilled, Aquarius?

The 9 of Cups reversed indicates that you’re suddenly feeling very far and distant from what you truly want. Alternatively, you may be quite close to what you thought you wanted, only now discovering that you’re not feeling fulfilled.

Sometimes what we want “on paper” isn’t actually our authentic inner dream.

It might be time to reflect upon how your current routines and plans are aligned with your real dream within.


4 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Pisces — are you lacking something that you need, or does it just feel that way?

With the 4 of Pentacles reversed, you may be clinging onto routines, habits, and ideas surrounding finances or your career that are actually holding you back.

A “lack” mindset, feeling like there’s only “one right way,” or second-guessing your choices are all indicative of this card upside-down at play.

This is a bit of a wake-up call. What might you need to release? Only then can you actually gain what is truly necessary?

How to Use the Tarot Next

It may be easy to think that the Tarot is an inaccessible, unknown art that is closed off to a select few.

That assumption is understandable because this age-old practice can seem shrouded in mysticism and mystery! However, we’re actually all capable of diving into this special divinatory craft — after all, we’re all intuitive beings in our own way.

Beyond just your Tarotscope, there are a variety of ways you can dive into this craft for yourself.

Here are some resources to help you get started:

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