Read Your Jupiter Retrograde Forecast As This Transit Moves Into Pisces

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Jupiter, the largest and most majestic of the planets went retrograde on July 28th, 2022, in the sign of Aries.

The energy of Jupiter retrograde lasts around four months. As a result, we can expect a time of deep, reflective, spiritual, and philosophical growth and development, individually and collectively.

Jupiter retrograde is now entering the mystic sign of Pisces on October 28th, 2022. 

Who is Jupiter?

Jupiter is one of the most beloved planets in the sky, the great benefic, the guru, life teacher, and bridge to the higher worlds. A huge source of our faith, Jupiter’s primary focus is to give us life by blending the lesser qualities of mind and heart to produce wisdom.

The ruler of Sagittarius and joint ruler of Pisces, Jupiter manifests through:

  • Abundance, faith, good luck, fame, fortune, and growth.
  • Expansion of beliefs and worldwide views beyond one’s current horizons.
  • Spirituality, philosophy, and Universal wisdom.
  • Cross-cultural experiences.
  • Religious beliefs and doctrines.
  • Long-distance travel.
  • Mantras and meditation.
  • Big business, higher education, law, and wealth.
  • Excess, greed, and overindulgence.

As commonly discussed, retrograde planets represent a period of internal transformation. And whether direct or retrograde, Jupiter is a lucky planet you want on your side.

Due to Jupiter’s extensive and expansive orbit, the jovial planet enters the retrograde phase every nine months for around four months.

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What to Know About Jupiter Retrograde 2022

First, it’s essential to know that in the natal chart, Jupiter points toward where you experience true luck and expansion in life, but not effortless luck. Long-term luck and potential manifest through challenges and tests that transform an individual’s psyche and overall perspective on life.

Jupiter began its retrograde in Aries and is moving into Pisces on October 28th, where it will remain for one final trip until December. During this time, you find yourself dealing with challenges in your belief system and ability to manifest abundance.

The great teacher provides lessons of expansion that require us all to review the darker side of indulgence and excess.

If you rewind to December 2021, Jupiter took a deep dive into dreamy Pisces and emphasized major sore spots in our lives. Whether it be family, business, belief system, health, or romantic, Jupiter grabbed us by the hand to show us what we need to change and ultimately helped connect us with our inner truth and Soul’s purpose.

Then, Jupiter entered bold Aries on May 10th and took us on a new path of taking more daring risks, turning our dreams into reality, and providing us courage, enthusiasm, leadership, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Now retrograde, Jupiter provides sufficient protection as the full development of consciousness occurs and your true potential is understood and accepted. You’ll need to wrap up loose ends and do away with outdated dreams or habits that prevent you from moving forward. Since Jupiter expands everything it touches, it will allow you to see a greater perspective and deeper truth to current situations.

There is much abundance and wisdom to gain when you travel outside your comfort zone and uncover your truth. You can expect this to be a significant time of deep introspective inner work and Soul searching.

It may feel like some of your abundance or efforts have stalled or aren’t progressing as fast as you’d hoped. Therefore, it would be best to zoom in, shift your mindset, and adopt a more optimistic attitude toward life.

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Do’s & Don’ts For Jupiter Retrograde


  • Look at the big picture of your life and correct the course when necessary.
  • Reassess where your energy is going and notice if you’ve been giving away too much of your energy.
  • Review feelings of greediness or acting forcefully.
  • Recognize if you’ve been ungrounded.
  • Start better caring for your mental health and emotional needs.
  • Reflect and give thanks for all you have.
  • Ask yourself if you are comfortable with change and ready for the rewards of the future.
  • Study a new culture or subjects such as metaphysics, spirituality, philosophy, and ancient teachings throughout the ages.


  • Use escapism to deal with everyday stressors.
  • Take on more than you can handle due to fears of scarcity.
  • Take the lazy route and not tap into your full potential.
  • Do not make a serious commitment to your spiritual practice or other personal goals.
  • Be too rigid or stuck in attitudes, beliefs, and thoughts about the world.

Joyous Jupiter always outweighs the negative and shifts reality into a higher perspective. Even when it seems like all odds are against Jupiter when in a challenging aspect, the lucky planet finds a way to come out on top.

We will finally catch a break when Jupiter stations direct on November 23rd, during a New Moon in Sagittarius. Overall, providing a clearer vision of our true potential.

Keeping faith is key to making your vision come alive!

What Does Jupiter Retrograde Mean for Your Sign?


Jupiter emphasizes moving beyond your comfort zone to embrace stormy cycles as a catalyst for profound spiritual growth. As a result, your identity and health may come into question.

There may be delays in opportunities and luck, and you may find yourself doing some heavy Soul searching to ensure you are on the right track. Whatever the case, Jupiter offers abundance and protection once you work through the lessons to attain higher wisdom.


Taurus, you are moving through a transformational period of growth and expansion. There’s a lot of magic because of this retrograde, yet you may experience delays in fulfilling your desires, or the outcome of your goals may be smaller than you hoped.

In addition, issues with friend groups may arise, asking you to reevaluate your social circle.

Overall, this is a time of introspection, going within, and connecting with your divine nature. Avoid becoming frustrated when things don’t work out, and give thanks for everything that is working out.


Jupiter’s backward dance in the skies expands your focus on friendship, long-term wishes, and receiving recognition in your current career focus or social groups. Gemini, there is no telling how far you will go with the right people on your side.

But on the other hand, with the wrong people on your side, you may find yourself back at the starting point. So, use this retrograde to get clear on your desires.


Jupiter retrograde causes slight delays in career and business goals; whether it be a promotion or that major break you’ve been waiting for, you can expect more time to fulfill your dreams. Or perhaps you lack the enthusiasm you once had for an important project and find yourself lacking motivation.

Either way, Cancer, you’ll need to reassess your professional game plan and take it one step at a time.

First, you will be required to engage in heavy Soul searching regarding the legacy you want to leave behind and your belief system.


Jupiter’s been moving through your expansive ninth house, which is home to the “great benefic.”

Leo, it’s a wonderful time to develop greater cultural and spiritual awareness.

During this transit, you can expect past live themes to come into play and new opportunities for study and travel. Although they may be some delays, the overall energy of this transit is beneficial for approaching everything with faith and optimism.


Jupiter retrograde bestows spiritual growth in your intimacy and transformation sector. Whether it be family, mates, or friends with whom you have a deep connection, it’s an excellent time to work through trust issues and strengthen bonds with others.

Virgo is not afraid to face the darkness and open up to new emotional heights. No matter how intense change may seem, Jupiter offers safety, support, and guidance to make it out in a positive light.


Jupiter’s backward dance in the skies magnifies all romantic, business, or platonic relationships. As a result, you gain an opportunity to reassess how you are showing up in your relationships and how others show up for you.

Libra, is there an even energy exchange in your relationships because reciprocity and loyalty are crucial?

Expect to learn a lot about yourself through your connections with others, which will influence growth and expansion in your one-on-one relationships.


During this Jupiter retrograde, attention focuses on your day-to-day routine, health, and work life. Scorpio, perhaps it is time to review uncompleted tasks and revamp your self-care regime to promote happiness and a healthier lifestyle.

Physical well-being may become an issue, so you will want to take time out for your mental health. Jupiter invokes a desire to improve your life and reminds you to prioritize self-reflection.

It’s also an excellent time to focus on how you can be more creative.


You can expect to experience a reversal in romance that pushes you on a path of Soul searching and connecting with your inner child.

Themes of children, education, investments, stocks, and sports are at play. Issues with real estate may arise, or an outcome is not in your favor.

Avoid high-risk investments.


You are likely to be focused on your inner world and sense of security this Jupiter retrograde. Improvements to your home, family, and psychological foundation are in focus, calling for balance.

Opportunities for educational growth may present themselves. However, there are slight delays in contracts. Capricorn, focus on expanding your roots and connecting with your emotional word.


Dear Aquarius, new life and opportunities to expand your inner world and creativity are alive and present this Jupiter retrograde. Perhaps it is time to receive training in a new field that will increase cash flow.

Communication, writing, and media will be a focus, as well as relationships with relatives, neighbors, friends, and siblings.


Jupiter retrograde ushers in a significant expansion of resources and values, boosting your sense of security and personality.

It’s a beautiful time to get serious about personal goals that deserve your energy. Identity and health are primary focuses, and you will want to avoid limited thinking.

Jupiter retrograde is entering your sign on October 28th, upgrading your self-confidence and approach to life.

Important Jupiter Retrograde Aspects in 2022

November 15th: Venus in Scorpio trine Jupiter RX in Pisces

The willingness to choose love as the default setting in all circumstances and situations. Expect uplifting energy as a result of this Influence.

November 16th: Mercury in Scorpio trine Jupiter RX in Pisces

Shedding light on the subconscious and releasing old mental attachments.

November 20th: Sun in Scorpio trine Jupiter RX in Pisces

Consciously manifesting from our most authentic expression.

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