Read Your Jupiter Retrograde Forecast As This Transit Begins in Taurus

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The lucky planet, Jupiter, is about to turn retrograde on September 4th, 2023, and this will last almost the entire rest of the year until December 30th, 2023. It comes to us entirely in the sign of Taurus, where Jupiter has been since May 16th.

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Who is Jupiter?

Jupiter is the lucky planet associated with opportunities, possibilities, and growth. It governs the beliefs we’re passionate about, new experiences we can learn from, and other cultures and ways of life.

Jupiter is the natural ruling planet of Sagittarius, a Fire sign and Mutable sign. Sagittarius is supremely optimistic, always looking at the bright side, coming up with big ideas and big plans, and always believes everything will work out. Thanks to Jupiter, it often does!

Jupiter also connects with the 9th house in astrology, which is the house of higher learning and long-distance travel. Jupiter pushes the limits, wanting to break free, and the 9th house shows where we can get out and go, both mentally and physically.

In your natal chart, Jupiter can show where you need space in your life to do your own thing and where luck is on your side. The zodiac sign and house placement of your natal Jupiter can tell you how you can create opportunities for your life and what works in your favor.

In transit, Jupiter brings this expansive and optimistic energy to the areas of life ruled by the house in your natal chart it’s touring. With those areas of life, you can:

  • Have more opportunities presented to you
  • Expand on whatever you’re already working on
  • Turn your luck around
  • Put emphasis on MORE (of whatever it is!)
  • Channel passionate energy in a positive way
  • Have an optimistic outlook
  • Come up with ideas and plans that are much bigger than you usually would

Jupiter touring your Sun sign, Moon sign, or Rising sign is traditionally seen as one of the luckiest periods that you should maximize to your full advantage!

What to Know About Jupiter Retrograde 2023

Usually, Jupiter retrograde isn’t so bad, as far as retrogrades go.

The only real downside is Jupiter in transit loves opportunities and wants us to expand, but Jupiter retrograde slows this down. Hence, we’re not quite as focused on expanding and pursuing opportunities.

From our view here on Earth, a planet or body is retrograde in astrology when it appears to be moving backward through the zodiac. Normal motion is usually forward, so the planet or body operates in reverse of its normal energy.

This is why expansion and opportunity tend to slow down during Jupiter retrograde. However, this slowdown does provide a window for other Jupiter benefits, namely positive karmic energy and intuitive alignment.

Jupiter retrograde tends to be a fabulous time for connecting to karma, whether it be karmic relationships, baggage, or past lives, and working on it. This doesn’t have to be a challenge with Jupiter; instead, you can feel a boost as you work through it.

Intuition can be extra strong with Jupiter retrograde, and this is a great period for strengthening your connection to your intuitive self. Work on discerning what is your true inner guide and what is your subconscious mind getting in the way.

Jupiter has been touring Taurus for a few months now, and Taurus is a practical Earth sign and grounded Fixed sign. Jupiter in Taurus has helped us benefit from grounding ourselves, being practical and reliable, and cultivating solid self-confidence and connection to our values.

Jupiter in Taurus has been touring with Uranus in Taurus as well, and this duo has brought unexpected benefits with our resources, finances, values, and worth. Uranus also just turned retrograde in Taurus, and we’re seeing changes slow down as well, allowing us to tap into the subtle energies all around.

Do’s & Don’ts For Jupiter Retrograde


  • Tackle anything that is getting in the way of you feeling confident
  • Be honest with yourself about what may be holding you back and what the best way forward would be (healthy and positive)
  • Have an experience over again (revisit a place you’ve been to before, pick up an old subject, etc.)
  • Do more reading, writing, and journaling (or try listening to more podcasts, affirmations, and guided meditations if you prefer hearing)
  • Assess your values and make sure they align with who you are now and that you’re walking the walk with them
  • Work on plans for removing or working with a block to stabilize your life


  • Let frustration take over and make you give up
  • Be a hypocrite (not practicing what you preach)
  • Think TOO big or small (both are self-sabotaging)
  • Run as far as you can from your problems instead of facing them
  • Be overly lazy

When we come out of this retrograde at the end of the year, we’ll be in the middle of Mercury retrograde, fresh in Sagittarius. That means it’ll be important for us to work through any challenges, blocks, or baggage during the Jupiter retrograde to make the Mercury retrograde a little easier.

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What Does Jupiter Retrograde Mean for Your Sign?


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus can slow things down with your resources, finances, stability, and security, Aries. Jupiter in Taurus has been a fabulous period for you to improve those areas and ground your life, but this can be a less active period.

Instead, you want to work on tackling any subconscious issues or karmic baggage that has been in the way of you being able to pursue all of the opportunities you’ve wanted to. How can you address these blocks in a healthy way?


Jupiter has been in your sign, Taurus, which is traditionally a lucky period for you, and it still can be. However, you may feel this slow down during Jupiter retrograde. You may give more attention to areas that haven’t benefited from the expansive energy yet and work on finding why that is.

You can feel in tune with your karmic energy, so this can be a good period for you to work on understanding the past and releasing baggage that is weighing you down.


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus can be a supercharged period for intuition, spirituality, and karma for you, Gemini. You can take more time to reflect and be introspective, connect to your subconscious mind, and tap into the subtle energies around you.

This helps you lock in on what you need to be working on now to clear your path and leave room for the new. Jupiter heads to your sign in 2024, which helps you be ready for all the opportunities to come.


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus can give you a chance to better understand your future and what you dream of Cancer. Changes can slow down, and you can address blocks that have kept you from fully connecting to your dreams and allowed you to be independent.

You can work on plans for changes you want to work on after the retrograde and can put together plans that are fully attainable. Removing the blocks helps make this possible.


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus can bring attention to your goals and life path, Leo. You can work on blocks that have been in the way, keeping you from making the progress you’re capable of making, and find some understanding of the best steps forward.

There may be some karmic issues at play, something from your early life, or something subconscious that needs to be addressed, and doing so can help you reach new heights.


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus can help you focus on your opportunities for new experiences and growth, Virgo, and you can remain optimistic but may need to get in tune with your subconscious, intuition, or karma to pinpoint what’s been holding you back.

This can be strong at the start of Jupiter retrograde with your ruler, Mercury, and also retrograde in your sign for the first couple of weeks. Maximize this period to dig deep into yourself and find the baggage needing release.


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus can help you dig deeper inside yourself, Libra, and this enables you to figure out what you can do to make profound changes in your life. You’ve likely been putting in a lot of activity to make changes, but to ensure they stick, you need to get to the core of yourself.

This can give you more power and control, and you can create changes that will last many years. But, it may require facing something you’ve been running from first.


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus can help you adjust in your relationships and dealings with others, Scorpio. You’ve likely been more open with others lately, but this has made you more aware of some old baggage that needs to be worked on.

Any karmic relationships and connections can be more important during the retrograde, and better understanding and connecting to your intuition can help you figure out what to do.


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus can make you work on blocks that have kept you from fully opening up your life, Sagittarius. You can improve the connection to your work, and sifting through karmic and subconscious baggage can help you improve your overall well-being.

With Jupiter being your ruler, you may feel off subtly during this period, which can be strongest at the end, with Mercury also retrograde in your sign. Try to go easy on yourself and show yourself understanding.


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus can be a great time to focus on love baggage, Capricorn. You can get in tune with your heart and feel more aware of the baggage that is clogging up your heart energy and keeping you from experiencing full joy.

There may be karmic issues at play that you need to understand, or there may be something subconscious in the way that needs daylight. Let yourself explore and be open to healing.


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus can help you dig into emotional and familial baggage, Aquarius. There can be some familial karma to work through; as you do, you can feel more supported and connected to your emotional needs.

Working through emotional baggage may initially cause some upset, but it can help you stabilize yourself emotionally and give you a strong internal foundation.


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus can help you work through issues of expression and understanding, Pisces. You can connect to your mind and ideas, and if there are blocks in the way, you can work on removing them thoughtfully.

If insecurity gets in the way of speaking up and being confident in your ideas, this can be the time to address that. In doing so, you can maximize your mental energy and start taking action with plans.

Important Jupiter Retrograde Aspects in 2023

September 17th, 2023: Jupiter Retrograde Square Venus in Leo

This is in effect for almost all of September, as Venus retrograde ends September 3rd and Jupiter retrograde starts September 4th, with the two of them square each other. 

It’s incredibly lazy energy, so we must set aside enough time to rest, relax, and not push too hard. It can also be a challenge in our relationships, especially any karmic relationships that still have baggage to overcome.

October 28th, 2023: Jupiter Retrograde Opposite Mars in Scorpio

This is in effect October 26 – 31, 2023, and Mars hooking up with Jupiter is often a great time for making your own luck as you can take the energy and drive of Mars and utilize it with lucky Jupiter. 

The opposition can be out of control, though, so it can be difficult to actually master this to make things go the way you want. But those who can see things multiply expand so big and so fast in your favor, beyond your wildest dreams.

October 28th, 2023: Jupiter Retrograde Conjunct Taurus Lunar Eclipse

The final eclipse for the year is a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, and it’s widely conjunct Jupiter. This can help with whatever we’re ending with the eclipse, and Jupiter helps to make those endings beneficial and easy to work on.

There can be culminations that work in our favor, thanks to Jupiter. This energy can be in effect both around the eclipse and around Jupiter retrograde’s end in December.

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