10 Comforting Virgo Season Affirmations for Your Zodiac Sign

Love it or hate it, we’ve officially entered well into Virgo season, and the responses may be… mixed.

Whether you’re anxious or feeling organized and motivated to get to work, there is no doubt a series of ups and downs to handling this September’s Virgo season and perhaps even a learning curve.

Aside from the abundance of other methods, you could use — crystal healing, some self-care, or whatever else! — affirmations are a simple and Virgo season-friendly way of grounding yourself and harnessing the power of Virgo energy. While they are always a relevant and powerful tool at our disposal, they may be even more potent during this zodiac season!

We will dive into what healing affirmations can grant us power during this Virgo season and gain some deeper insights into why we may experience this most interesting time in the way that we do.

Get up close and personal with the Virgo zodiac sign right now!

What is Virgo Energy?

Ruled by the communicative and cerebral planet Mercury, Virgo energy can grant us the intelligence, detail-oriented mindset, and organizational motivations that we’ve been looking for. Both an Earth sign and Mutable, Virgo energy desires structure but still demands flexibility, which can be an asset or a serious challenge.

On the other hand, it can also lend to overthinking, anxiety, and stress if not handled with open arms and slight caution. Like anything, it needs to be balanced out.

You don’t have to be a Virgo to experience classic Virgo tendencies. Especially in Virgo season, we all tend to fall into Virgo energy, so these affirmations can help you manifest, relax, or be empowered in your best self regardless of zodiac sign!

10 Comforting Virgo Season Affirmations to Support & Empower You

1. I Create My Own Opportunities With Ease

What’s a common anxiety that you usually stumble into? For many, the idea of what comes next in your life — whether a romantic partner, the next job opportunity, or something else entirely — can be a daunting thought.

This affirmation reminds you that you have the power to change, create, and forge your own path while harnessing all of Virgo season’s powers.

2. I Release Stress With Every Breath

One of Virgo season’s greatest difficulties can be grappling with your own inner world and the anxieties that await you within there. This affirmation will allow you to let go of it all in the simplest way.

By breathing simply and slowly, we remember that we have control over our own bodies and how we choose to relax, no matter where we are or what we are doing.

3. My Insights Are Assets to Myself & Others

The keen eye and mind of Virgo are not just limited to Virgos themselves! In Virgo season, we may feel more inclined to share our ideas with others.

With this affirmation, we validate our insights and empower ourselves to share what is on our minds, knowing with confidence it offers value.

4. I Receive Back the Energy I Give

This simple affirmation reminds you to hold onto your boundaries and establish them clearly.

Virgo energy can implore us to give to others very freely as it catches weak spots and designs solutions, but we must remember to allow ourselves to receive too.

5. I Find Power Through Routine

In Virgo season, you’ll likely find yourself needing organization and routine, even if it’s not initially desired.

This affirmation allows you to be empowered by, rather than restricted by, routine and structure. Using it frequently and incorporating it into a routine itself can be even more powerful!

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6. I Am Intelligent & Capable

In true Virgo fashion, communication, thought, and the general functions of our mind will all be heightened this season.

This affirmation bolsters and takes advantage of these facts and allows you to make the most out of your quick-thinking mind during this time.

7. I Carry My Plans Through & Accomplish My Goals

Sometimes, we might feel as though we’ve bitten off more than we can chew. Especially now, there can be a million plans and ideas we’ve had floating around and just never got around to.

Repeat this affirmation when you need the confidence that you can do what you set your mind to, and watch as you prove yourself right!

8. I Branch Out & Attract New Beginnings

Despite its communicative nature, there actually is quite a bit of shyness to the energy of Virgo!

If you’re feeling locked inside your own mind and can’t quite seem to break free of inner anxieties, this is another affirmation that will open you up to new possibilities and help you speak with eloquence — and attract greatness.

9. I Am Adapatable & Brave

It takes a lot of guts to be able to roll with the punches and make up new plans of action on the spot when things go awry.

But with Virgo season supporting us in this, we only need the confidence and occasional slight reminder that we are more than capable of handling it all. Repeat this affirmation when you’ve hit a seemingly immovable obstacle, and channel the strength within that already exists.

10. I Readily Accept Recognition & Reward

Virgo or not, we all offer something incredible to the world and often wish to share our unique gifts and talents with others in the best way that we can. Sometimes, especially with Virgo energy at play, we can fall into the trap of desiring to share so much that we forget to ask for reward in return or forget that we were always worthy of it in the first place.

This affirmation empowers you to recognize what is yours immediately and claim it with confidence and strength.

Taking Advantage of Affirmations

Both Virgo season and the tool of affirmations are more than meets the eye, and it may feel, especially now, like you have to take upon more than you might usually.

In reality, the lesson of Virgo season, and the point of affirmations, both serve to remind us that we are capable of keeping things simple and smart. As intelligent beings, we are more than able to handle what sits in front of us and use any tool — like affirmations — or grapple with any obstacle with ease and grace.

That is to say that ultimately, how you use these affirmations is up to you! Remember that it’s only about empowering what already exists within, and watch as you witness your own power and greatness unfold with ease.

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