Your Weekly Tarotscope May 1 – 7, 2023

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Hello, Pluto retrograde… we’ve been waiting for you!

And if you haven’t been, here’s all you need to know to catch up. This transformative event will take place on the 1st, literally setting the whole tone for this week. It’ll also help us adjust to the transformations Pluto in Aquarius has been set into motion, as we’re still getting the hang of that.

This week, you’ll also see a Lunar eclipse in equally transformative Scorpio, so we’re well on our way to embracing changes offered by the Universe — and yes, a little chaos too.

So, there’s the down low on our astrological madness of the week. Now let’s see what the Tarot has recommended!

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for May 1 – 7, 2023


Page of Wands

Aries finally has more Fiery energy to light up their week with the Page of Wands.

All the drabness and seriousness of the previous weeks can finally fade away with this card re-introducing themes of adventure, whimsy, and trying new things.

Mostly, you’re the one who still has to seize this energy, though. The Universe is offering it to you as something that can fuel your tank this week, but you’ll have to actually use that engine if you want to have fun with it.

So do something spontaneous, initiate a mini-adventure, or just finally get cracking on those projects or ideas you’ve been putting off.


3 of Wands

Taurus can sense that more positive things are on their way but have yet to fully come to fruition.

With the 3 of Wands, you’re waiting for some of your rewards, even if in a small form. Mostly, you’re trying to gauge if your ideas and plans have any real potential and looking for signs that it’s worth continuing with what you’ve started.

So, this isn’t about a grand harvest or celebrating the end of something… yet.

You recognize this time as one of expansion still — you’re also just anticipating that the Universe will respond to your efforts a little so that you know you’re on the right track.


6 of Wands (Reversed)

It can sting when the world doesn’t seem to recognize the beauty that is Gemini!

Unfortunately, the 6 of Wands reversed hints that this week’s main struggle is likely feeling disconnected from people around you, whether it’s friends or your peers at work.

You’ve been having a hard time, and sometimes all you need is the words and acknowledgment of someone else to lift your spirits. But it seems like people don’t want to give you credit where credit is due, or for some, you may even feel invisible in the sea of faces.

That confidence and acknowledgment is still the recipe to coming out on the other side of this, but you’ll have to find it within yourself, Gemini.


King of Swords

Cancer is swinging a bolder sword than usual this week.

Acting within the role of the King of Swords, communication, and playing a leading role are more within your rights at this time. It’s also a good time to re-organize your thoughts and make important personal decisions.

Something in the air is just allowing your mind to feel much clearer than usual, and you should be able to trust that you know what you’re doing right now.

Trust your expertise, and point the sword in the direction you feel is best, Cancer!


9 of Cups (Reversed)

Leo has been feeling disconnected from their vision of success for a hot minute now.

The 9 of Cups reversed indicates that you’re not feeling satisfied and well-attuned to what intuitively draws you to your dreams. Lately, it may even seem like your life is getting farther away from what you seek.

For ambitious Leo, this is no good. It’s important for you to feel confident that your dreams are within reach — or at least that you’re capable of bringing them closer to that reach of yours.

Confidence is key. It’s time to reconnect with your sense of inner faith. You’ve got this.


8 of Cups

Virgo, you may not be ready to move on, but the Universe is asking you to.

The 8 of Cups questions whether or not your current circumstances are truly serving you, even if they’re good “on paper.” That relationship that seems stable but doesn’t light up your heart? That job that drains your spirit but looks good on a resume?

These are things that are being brought into question right now. You don’t need to drop everything immediately — that may be just as irrational.

But it’s also not “practical” to hold yourself back in areas where you could be doing better, Virgo.


Queen of Cups

Libra is embracing one of their greatest assets this week: their heart.

With the Queen of Cups on the table for you, it’s obvious that this week is all about welcoming your creativity, intuition, and depths of your heart into your world again, especially if you’ve been moving more logically or robotically lately.

For some, it’s also likely that people will be seeking your aid as a shoulder to lean on, and your intuitive, emotionally-attuned insight are what they really need.

Respond with empathy and compassion… and put your heart on your sleeve a little!


9 of Swords (Reversed)

Scorpio has been mentally stuck and stagnant for a hot minute now, so you’re ready to shake all that junk off.

The 9 of Swords reversed acknowledges that you’ve been dealing with some overthinking, anxiety, and repeating (unhelpful) thought patterns and questions.

However, its reversal also adds that this week is likely more about shaking that energy away and stepping back into the light.

Remember: it starts with facing what’s been holding you back bravely and then cutting away at it piece by piece. Baby steps!


2 of Cups

Sagittarius is finally catching a break from all the chaos this week.

Mostly, the 2 of Cups points to your connections with others. The world may be in a frenzy, but you can find peace and contentment with others right now.

While this doesn’t necessarily just have to be all about romance, it can also be a good sign for deepening romantic commitments during this time for some Sagittarians.

Overall, it’s important to remain communicative and open-hearted to embrace this week’s blessings.


The Emperor

Capricorn is finally in control in the way that matters.

The Emperor shows you putting your foot down, perhaps setting boundaries, asserting certain expectations, or even just feeling more confident in the actions you plan to take.

This card also is aware that a good kingdom isn’t built overnight with a leader alone but requires cooperation and commitment from everyone involved. You may be holding the steering wheel, but you’ll also need to delegate and ask for help where necessary.

Use your voice to lead well, Capricorn. It’s not just you who needs that right now.


The Chariot

Congraulations, Aquarius. This week is all about your wins.

The Chariot spotlights every area where you could possibly succeed this week. You’re on track to achieving what you want, and in some areas, you may already see the fruits of your labor blossoming.

The best part about the wins of The Chariot is that they are often all self-initiated. They come from your internal growth and awareness and emphasize how you are the one who brought yourself here.

You’ve stepped into a version of yourself that is authentic and ready to take on the world. What’s your next big move, Aquarius?


2 of Wands (Reversed)

Pisces is known for its wild imagination… but may feel particularly uninspired this week.

The 2 of Wands reversed casts a shadow on new ideas, setting off on new adventures and expanding your world to the next natural step. Lately, it feels like there’s nothing more to do, or you’re simply unsure what makes sense for the next steps.

For some of you, you may even have some of the ideas but are doubting that this is the right next step.

While there’s no rush to jet-set off to the next big thing, you should still be open to reflecting upon whether or not you’re not moving forward due to true exhaustion…or just fear.

Ready for the Real Recipe to Success?

When was the last time you felt so confident in the next steps that you had no worries in the world?

The truth is tools like astrology, and the Tarot can provide us some insight, plans of action, and inner illumination, but they’re not foolproof methods of success. In fact, making mistakes is a part of being human.

So… where does that confidence come from? And how can you channel it in such chaotic, transformative times such as these? (Eclipse season is no joke, after all).

It sounds cheesy, but it’s true: the answer is you. You need to have faith in yourself to carry you through — that confidence beams out of your soul.

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