How to Decorate Your Home to Reflect Your Zodiac Sign

Spring has sprung my friends! Are you excited? Or are you groaning about the thought of spring cleaning? Well, groan no more. Today we are going to talk about how to engage and activate your spring cleaning in a way that makes it fun and creates a space all your own.

Every decorating and decluttering TV show that you will ever see is all about making your home personalized and your space a reflection of you. Those are great tips. Today you are going to get some unique tips that take your home decorating up a notch.

We are going to show you how to make your personal space, no matter how big or how small it is, all your very own by applying some very simple Feng Shui principles tailor made to your own zodiac sign and element. This takes the groan out of spring cleaning and decorating. It will get you excited about this brand new season and a brand new room or space. You’ll feel like a brand new you! So let’s get to it.

Earth Signs: It’s All About Security

There are no signs that do the warm, fuzzy, and comfy the way earth signs do. When a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn are creating their space, you look for earthy tones and hues, and a system that works well for you. Most importantly, you look for elements that match your Earth Sign element of Earth, and increase your sense of overall security.

In Feng Shui principles, Earth elements are easy to incorporate into your décor. Think stylish but relaxed. Square shapes with flat and uncluttered surfaces combine with Feng Shui earth symbols. Choose accessories that are natural and Earthy, like pottery, nature shots in frames or artwork, and rugs and floor mats that are earth tone or brown to simulate the earth as the floor in your home.

Taurus: You love your green in every shade. Ruled by Venus, you also love your pretty and artistic things. The more accessories that you actually create yourself, the more you will feel secure in your home. Nobody else will replicate your personal art.

Virgo: You like your grounded earth tones like charcoal browns, but you also have a high-end taste. Navy blue adds a regal flair to your space that uplifts the overall look to reflect your sophistication and high standards. The more organized, the better. I know a organizes her fridge alphabetically. Sound a litte overboard? Maybe. But when we are having lunch it’s very easy to find the French salad dressing!

Capricorn: Grey and dark hunter green are your colors, Capricorn. You also like clean lines, or traditional elements in your home like antiques, or pieces that have been handed down by loved ones from days gone by. Incorporate your favorite pieces of history, like pictures and old frames in your thinking space to increase productivity.

Fire Signs: Energize Your Personal Space

You always have more energy than anyone else in the crowd, and a fire sign’s personal space embodies that. For Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius to incorporate Feng Shui principles into your home, you want to bring this energy into your space through vibrant colors.

Include touches of the Sun in your home. Put down floor mats that symbolize the Sun shining into your space. Triangles and stars are your Feng Shui shapes to go with the element of Fire, embodied by the starry shaped Sun. Candles and any touch of fire you can bring into your home or space will also give you a daily boost.

Aries: Red is your color, Aries. A pop of this shade will get your blood running for success every single morning. A little goes a long way, though. Use red as an accent color. Red pillows or curtains would fire you up; a red room will make you feel angry! All the time.

Leo: You love your luxury, Leo, but don’t need to break the bank to create a regal space that makes you feel like royalty. Add a pop of sun-colored items (mats, curtains, towels, accessories) in yellow and gold here and there, and you will feel like the Lion King every day.

Sagittarius: Deep purple is your color, Sag, and big spaces bring out the inner Jupiter in you. You want your space touched with little pieces of the world all around you. Vacation photos, or even framed pics of the places in the world you dream about make your space your own.

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Water Signs: The Ocean Calls You

As a water sign, you love the ocean and anything related to water. So Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio people want to include the element of the ocean or water into every room in the home. Fountains are great touches for your decorating and a key Feng Shui principle.

Mirrors are also another wonderful Feng Shui accessory for the water element, as mirrors provide reflections like your favorite lake or sea. Blue rugs will bring the ocean floors right into any space you create. Your Feng Shui shapes are unique like you, and you want to include the shape of curves and waves, like the ocean, in any corner of your home.

Cancer: You are all about a secure and comfortable home. Big overstuffed furniture is just your thing. You also like clean lines but comfortable pieces. If you add touches of the color silver throughout your home, it will make you feel like the simple, but maternal, goddess or god that you are.

Scorpio: Ruled by Pluto the planet of transformation, your space will transform anyone who enters and reminds everyone you are just a little bit different than the rest of the pack. Burgundies even in Spring are gorgeous touches for you, Scorpio.

Pisces: Ruled by Neptune, you want to include sea green colors to symbolize the god of the sea. You are also the creative zodiac sign, and want to include your own artistic expressions in every corner of your home. So if you have artistic talent, show it off in your decorating.

Air Signs: It’s All About Logic

As the thinkers of the zodiac, air signs like to have a space that is clear cut and as straightforward as they are. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius prefer clean lines and don’t like to have extra things they don’t need cluttering up their home. You need a look that is clean, and flexible with your wide-ranging thought processes.

Round shapes are your Feng Shui shapes, as circles and ovals symbolize the circles you use to open and close logical thought processes. White rugs or floor mats symbolize the purity and open mind you have and help you keep clarity and logical thought a running theme in your day. Metal is your Feng Shui element, so metal photo frames, headboards, and accessories are great for your personal space.

Gemini – You need clean lines for logical thinking, but also flexibility with the seasons. A neutral background with accessories you can switch out will work for you. Use your color on elements like pillows, throws, and artwork. Since you are a mutable sign, your favorite color changes every day. For Spring, the brighter the better. Buy pillows in a rainbow array and you won’t be stuck with one color all season.

Libra – Ruled by Venus, Libras like to have a pretty soft space to be in and work in. Even the men! Pastels like pink and soft purples, or pale greens and baby blues are your hues. Your best accessories are ones that show off your accomplishments. My son, a Libra, has a Wall of Fame for his medals and certificates showing off his awesomeness. You should too!

Aquarius – Turquoise is the color for you this spring, and you like your look unconventional. You can get away with a turquoise room, or heavy turquoise accents. For your favorite part of the house or space, or your dream element, is your library. Whether it’s a full room, or just a bookshelf, add your own personal library so that anyone that enters can see your inner Einstein without having to ask a single question.

Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts for all Zodiac Signs

While using Feng Shui principles with your zodiac sign for spring cleaning and decorating purposes, there are a few things to keep in mind, for all of us.

• Keep your furniture away from the wall, arrange it to facilitate communication and empathy.

• Remember to keep a balance of all elements in every room, no matter what your zodiac sign. Too many water elements in one room, for example, will make you overly emotional and overly sensitive. Too few, on the other hand, will make you feel lonely and isolated. Balance is key.

• Keep the things you love and the people you love in your high traffic areas. A stairwell with all of your family photos or a Wall of Fame type of space perfectly accomplishes this.


When it comes to bringing spring fever into your own personal space, make it your own by matching Feng Shui elements with your zodiac sign. Use their characteristic colors and shapes, and your own unique and personal touches, in every room.

Adding creative touches to your home doesn’t have to break the bank, you just need to break the mold! Experiment with the tips provided here, and you’ll never stress about cleaning or decor again and your home will represent you and your zodiac sign in all its glory this spring.

How will you make your home more comfortable for your zodiac element this spring?

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