Forest Dream Meaning


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This is one of the more magical dreams, but the dream can be wondrous of frightening, depending on the experience you have while walking through dream woodland!

A forest is a symbol used in everything from ancient cultures to fairytales and folklore as a mysterious place to be. They are magical, dangerous, sacred, and contain secrets that can be very scary. You could enter a forest in real life and be terrified at the thought of bears in the woods when bears do not even live well in that geographic location giving you nothing substantial to actually be afraid of.

Feeling Excited in the Forest

If you feel excited while walking in the forest in your dream, this could suggest a new adventure or beginning is around the corner for you, or in progress for you when you have the dream.

Take note of the emotions you feel when in your dream. Excitement is a positive indication that something new and exciting is around the corner.

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Feeling Fear in the Forest

If you feel fear while walking in the forest, it indicates you are feeling lost in your waking life and it is difficult for you to find the path which can lead you to the right place.

This dream can descend into a nightmare and you may wake up feeling sweaty and anxious. This is an indication that fear is your driving force at the moment and the feelings of not knowing what direction to turn in are taking over. It is important to take action in your waking life to solve this.

If your fear is tied to an animal you see in the forest, you may want to look more into the symbolism of the animal itself instead of the setting. Some common animals you might see are bearsrabbitscats (big cats), foxes, and birds. The setting of a forest is an important context for your dream, but the focus of your dream is more telling.

Dreaming About Being Chased In a Forest

Things are out of control in your waking life if you dream you are being chased in a forest. This dream can be very frightening and indicates that there is an aspect of yourself that you are losing. Animals will relate to what part of your life is spiraling, if what is chasing you is unknown that can be a whole different thing entirely.

If you are being chased by a person, try to remember if you know them or not, as this will give context to where you feel this chaos. Analyze your relationships and how you feel about your career, and other aspects of your life. It is likely you are not facing the cause of the problem and therefore the fear is manifesting itself in your dreams.

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